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a daejae fic recommendation please! :)

[ send me ask for a ff rec (bxb only) based on this list ]

this is going to be really fun because daejae is one of my ultimate otp #daejaeftw (all completed)

MERCY (10 minutes) - mafia!au PLEASE READ THIS. no matter if you ship daejae or not just read this. this fanfic fucked me up for a few days and that says a lot. i even download the pdf so i can read it whenever i want. idk what everyone thinks but i consider this as fandom classic. just to summarize: youngjae is a spy and his job is to bring down daehyun, a murderer and drug dealer. what happens when youngjae falls in love? the ending has me on the floor crying (chaptered)

A Thousand Paper Cranes - fluff daejae wherein dae gets a secret admirer who send him paper cranes everyday. this story is slow-build and might gets you boring in the middle but the ending totally makes up for it! personally i really love the ending :D (chaptered)

Start Game - a mix of One Shot and Skydive i think you can guess how this ff is. anyway this is kinda mafia!au too wherein youngjae is a spy for police and daehyun has a secret mission (just like in both mv) the ending is totally fucked up my mind okay i just want to lay on bed and cry (oneshot)

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