I was tagged by @starklinqs (thanks!) to post three characters that describe me. I feel bad cause I could only think of two people :(

I just absolutely adore my love Caitlin Snow. Both of us are the Mom Friend of our respective friend group and usually think before reacting, and we both just love helping other people. Caitlin is one of the kindest characters, and its just so nice seeing that on screen because we need more kindness in the world. We also both have a love of science and biology (i’m majoring in it). 

Of course I have to include my baby Wanda. She is just so powerful and incredible and amazing and I love her. I just relate to her because we both love our siblings so much (my sister is absolutely my best friend) and we would do anything for them and I can just imagine the amount of pain she felt when Pietro died. Her wardrobe is GOALS and if i could pull that off I would.  

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31 w/ Luke?

31) “Don’t worry about me.”

“Good morning,” Luke whispers as he snakes his arms around your waist. “How are my two favorite girls?” he asks as he reaches down to grab at your 5 month of little girl. 

“We’re doing great,” you respond, turning around to give your husband a quick peck on the cheek. “Someone decided to wake up early this morning, so I fed her and I was going to start making breakfast soon.”

“I’ll take this little one off your hands then babe,” Luke smiles, taking the little girl from your arms. “We’ll be in the living room then, I’m sure she want’s to hand out with her daddy a bit before I have to go to work.”

You watch as your husband makes his way out of the kitchen, cradling his little girl in his arms, so much love in his eyes. You smile fondly at his adoration for her as you start to make breakfast. 

Once you’re done making pancakes, you walk over to get Luke. As you reach the living room, you see Luke sitting on the floor with the baby laying down in front of him, reaching up for the little teddy bear Luke is dangling above her. A smile graces your face hearing Luke’s laugh and your little girls cheerful cries. You stand there for minute, taking in the lovely family that you have. You couldn’t ever ask for more.

“Lu, breakfast is done, come on over,” you gently speak. Your husband turns around and nods his head. He hands the teddy bear to the little girl, picking her up to bring into the kitchen. He stands and walks over with you into the kitchen, setting the little girl down into her seat. 

“Breakfast looks lovely dear,” Luke says, taking some pancakes off the plate for himself. “Our daughter has a check up today, right?”

“Thanks Lu, and yeah, it’s at 1:30,” you reply.

“Did you want me to come along? I’m sure my boss wouldn’t mind me leaving for that. I could jut use it as my lunch break. I know you hate going to those by yourself,” he replies, his face full of concern. 

“It’ll be okay Lu, don’t worry about me. I think I can handle it this time. I want to be able to handle it myself. So I’d like to try it by myself this time, if that’s okay.”

Luke smiles at this, knowing how much this is a big step for you. In all the time he’s known you, he’s learned of your hatred of being at appointments alone, so he’s always tried his hardest to come along with you to whatever he could. 

“That’s wonderful baby. Just know that i’ll be there in a heartbeat if you need me,” he responds, reaching over to take your hand. 

“Thanks Luke, I know,” you says, squeezing his hand in reassurance. “I love you so much.”


I wanted to draw my two favorite eevees from my main team. 
Say hello to Alois the Jolteon and Zenhellen  the Slyveon. 
Alois being the most happy and excited little thing ever. He looks like he just spotted a squirrel!!
Zenhellen being a real “loving” one as he’ll drain kiss the shit out of anyone. He has a dirty little secret as well. 

Hi everyone!

Below are my two favorite cuties in the world, Reeses and Chloe.

They are both old ladies. Reeses is the brown swirled kitty; she’s 15 years old and is Chloe’s mom. Chloe is the one with the white belly, and she is 13.

I’m a queer chronically ill enby. I currently work part-time at a free school for immigrants and refugees, helping them learn English, get their high school equivalency, get help finding jobs, and study for the citizenship test. I love my students so much! Unfortunately, however, I don’t make very much money at this job, and a lot of the money I do make is going towards paying off my 48,000 dollars of student loan debt. So I (and my cat friends) need help right now.

Reeses needs to have some of her teeth removed; they are causing her quite a bit of pain. If not removed they could cause a life threatening blood infection. Chloe has a MAST cell lump on her back that could cause her to become very ill and die if it isn’t removed.

Both of these procedures are going to be around 1000 dollars, totaling over 2000 dollars. I am willing to go further into debt to get these procedures done, but I would really appreciate some help with minimizing the cost.

I know many people may not have a spare dollar, but if you do, please consider donating so I can pay for Reeses and Chloe’s healthcare. I would be forever grateful.

Anyone who donates 10 dollars or more will have the option to receive either:

1) an autographed (by Reeses or Chloe) photo of one of them in their holiday costumes,

2) artwork made by Reeses and/or Chloe with cat safe paint on a postcard, or

3) a cloth patch made by me (options include: “I only work so my cat can have a better life,” “there is a universe inside me and it is not yours to take,” or a surprise patch!)

To donate, you can paypal me using by choosing the send money to friends or family option. If you want to receive one of the artworks, photographs, or patches by email or snail mail make sure to leave me an address in the notes section of the donation!

Even if you can’t donate I would really appreciate if you could share this on your blogs or other social media. It will help a lot!

Thank you so much for helping my kitties!

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what are your thoughts on Harvey Dent? Idk but i think that Bruce is in love with him.

i like harvey! it depends on how he’s written but he’s (usually) one my favorites of the rogues gallery. i lowkey prefer seeing him written in a more sympathetic light than just outright villainizing him tbh, some of my favorite two face stories are in batman: the animated series and no man’s land. also yes bruce and harvey are in love it’s complicated but u are correct in this assumption

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What is your brotp?

Hmm. I’m not sure …

When it comes to platonic relationships, I really love the Pizza sisters and how well they get along. And the Cool Kids, for sure.

Oh! I absolutely LOVE Steven and Amethyst’s friendship. Kinda biased, because they’re my two favorite gems … But I guess that would be my BROTP!

I love Garnet and Amethyst’s friendship too. But I’m on the fence with them right now, ‘cause I wanna ship Gamethyst. But it hasn’t quite clicked with me yet. Maybe they’ll have an interaction in the future that’ll make me ship it.

11 Questions

Rules: answer 11 questions, ask 11 new questions, tag 11 people. 

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1. If you could travel anywhere you want in this world, where would you want to go?

Hmmm, I guess either London or Florence. Those are my two favorite places in the world. 

2. Do you have favorite painting, sculpture, artwork?

I LOVE Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh!

3. What’s you opinion on pineapple on pizza?

Hahah! i actually am not a huge fan of pineapple. I’m more of a meat lover’s kinda girl. 

4. What’s you favorite quote?

This is sooo hard! I have a whole pint rest board devoted to quotes. But i guess my favorite right now is from Princes Diaries! 
“Why me?”
“Because you saw me when i was invisible.”

5. What the story behind your current Tumblr name?

Well when i have a bad day i always joke that i’m gonna run away to Neverland and be a lost girl. And i guess that’s just kinda how i feel in life right now. i’m kinda lost. And the 966 is the year i was born plus an extra six haha.

6. What’s your favorite season?

Fall!! i love everything about it!! The smells, the changing colors, the clothes, disney channel halloween movies! i love it all. 

7. Disregarding any scientific discourse, do you consider Pluto to be a planet?

Yes i do!

8. Do you have or want any tattoos? if yes, of what?

I don’t have any right now. But i have been seriously think about getting the semi colon symbol for suicide prevention on my wrist. except i want the top dot to be mickey ears or a cross. 

9. Chocolate cake or apple pie?

Chocolate cake all the way! Chocolate is my friend!

10. What’s your first childhood memory? 

It was probably eating chick fil a at my grand parent’s house haha. 

11. What’s your favorite kind of fandom art?

I love it all!!! I especially love the art that was made for someone. I love seeing one person make something for someone else that’s specific to them . That is so sweet! 

My Questions:

1. What do you think your spirit animal is? (fun fact mine is a polar bear)

2. Favorite restaurant?

3. Who is someone on tumblr that can always make you smile?

4. What is your love language? (physical touch, acts of service, words of affirmation, gifts or quality time)

5. Tea or coffee?

6. Whats a quote that you feel describes you?

7. What your favorite thing about you?

8. What Disney character do you relate to the most?

9. Favorite childhood memory?

10. Favorite song 

11. Favorite thing to wear?

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