One of my best achievements online was about 4 years ago when there was that massive craze of those ‘reblog/retweet in 30 seconds or _____ will happen’ pics going round and I took a really close up photo of my nostril and put some text on it like “this photo was found in the basement of an old building, reblog in 30 seconds and you’ll have good luck for the rest of your week” and it got like 1000 retweets on twitter my nostril became famous

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Um, could you maybe do a Yoongi reacts to his s/o debuting in a girl group(as leader or raper&singer if you can) IM SORRY ITS SO SPECIFIC AND IDK but if you do it, thank you so much Unnie!!

“Oops unnie! I sent the last one in with only one, so maybe the 95 line and yoongi reacting to their s/o debuting in a hiphop-ish group? A written reaction, to be specific, as well! Sorry about that unnie, i just read your updates from before :)”

Ah this sounds cute!~ But tbh, I’m like 98.3% sure I am not an unni. I amm just a mere child

Taehyung might celebrate with her by posting a video of him jamming out to her son on their twitter saying “MY JAGI IS FAMOUS NOW!” He would promote the shit out of her group. Anytime anything came out he would tell his fans. Albums, tv or radio appearance, even when dance practices would get uploaded. Since BTS has their own busy schedule he would use a lot of social media as a way to support you.

Don’t get me started on Jimin. He would show her off to everyone and everything. Social media, his members, his fans, anything. He’d be her number one fan, he’d even go to the point where he would count down to her debut. As soon as her video was up he’d be spreading it on every social media account he can think of, maybe even making an account on some sites just so he can spread it. He would do what Taehyung does and ask his fans about it. Posting things like “Oh wow! Did you see my jagi’s new video? You have to check it out!” I can see him wanting to go on WGM with her since she’s an idol now, just so he can show her off.

Yoongi would probably post some inspiring thing about how proud he was of her lyric writing skills. He might not be as crazy about it as Taehyung or Jimin, but he would still support her. I can see him wanting to write a song for her to sing with her group, or have her help out on one of their albums. Yoongi would probably ask his manager to have a collaboration between BTS and her group so he can be all cute on stage with her. Also, that way they can truly share their passion together.

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hey guys, there is this guy on twitter @/conalfrancis who is pretending to know harry so he can get young, pretty girls’ information. he contacted my somewhat twitter famous friend and she told me right away to ask if i knew anything about him. he even went as far as to make a fake account to make fans believe that he is often with harry. here is the exchange.

this is what she sent me, and i told her what to say after this, because i had never heard of him and you know how CSI this fandom is. first, i checked to see if harry followed him. he doesn’t.

conal francis harry styles was a common search on google though, and i found out he uses this on a lot of young fans who don’t know any better. 

i wanted to make sure he was lying, so i told her to ask him how he knows him.

he of course used two well-known things about harry, his love for chelsea boots and the xfactor as his “proof.” the only two female judges that year were extremely famous women who would be known by name, and he didn’t even do enough research to know that. at this point it was shady enough, but i decided to do a bit more research and found one #honal fan account. in my head, i knew it had to be this guy running it. and i was right. he was stupid enough not to delete his old tweets from when it was his personal account. i’m sorry that they’re actual pictures of the screen, i was texting her while on my laptop. you can find the tweets if you want. 

so those are his personal accounts mentioned above. because of his email being a different last name, i looked that one up on instagram, and found the same guy. he’s a nobody.

my friend is not even in the 1D fandom, so he is finding girls and using harry’s name even if it won’t work. please share this so as many young girls in the fandom as possible can see this. it’s disgusting and he needs to be called out so no more girls fall into this. 

@lads-laddylads @saracha33 @verily-i-say, please share this, a lot of the younger fans look to you guys for guidance!

I know people hate when others say this but whatever. I have been watching Big Brother for years. Every single season since 2, and I have gone back and watched the first season since then (as painful as that was). My family has looked forward to every single episode that comes on. We sit down together and watch it, even if we’re having a busy day. Everybody in the family knows that those certain nights/times in the week are for Big Brother. My Dad gets up for work at 4 am, so he would play BBAD while he was getting ready. One time something really good was happening so he woke my mom up to watch it. We just get super into it. Over the years the house has been blessed with some truly amazing game players (Will Kirby, Dan Gheesling, Janelle Pierzina, Danielle Reyes, Daniele Donato, Jun Song, Rachel Reilly, Nakomis, Ian Terry, James Rhine, Kaysar Ridha, Mike Boogie, Elissa Slater, Candice Stewart…and honestly I could truly go on for years but those are your stereotypical ones and the ones that first came to mind.) but it seems like Allison Grodner is literally trying to get the show cancelled. I get that it’s fun to root for someone off of personality (And I’m guilty of that too), but I love watching someone who respects the game and good in every facet. I love watching someone claw their way to the final. I love returning players who looked at the flaws in their previous game, improved it and was determined to do better.

Watching people who enjoy, respect the game, and play it the way you’re supposed to (whether that is socially, through being a REAL floater, competition monster, lying or a mixture of it all) is the best. So to have to sit back this season and watch this shit makes my skin crawl. It is a slap in the face to the people who have watched this show for years and have loyally bought feeds, watched BBAD, voted, blah, blah, blah. It’s also a slap in the face to those people who haven’t watched it for many years but have fell in love with the show so much that they have gown back and watched season upon season. It’s a slap in the face to all of us that we have to sit back and watch Grodner rig the show for a person who does not respect the game in any capacity. Last night was train wreck city, my friends. We had to sit back and listen to hours of the same thing getting repeated over and over. My grandpa died, I have a lot of followers on twitter, My sister is famous, I’m doing this for charity, My grandpa died remember?, I was on Mamma Mia!, etc. Not only do we have to listen to him try and get people to keep him in the house out of sympathy—we HAVE TO PUT UP WITH ALLISON GRODNER RIGGING IT FOR HIM.  

It’s ridiculous, I’m so tired of it. Frankie sat there last night and said that he was a huge Big Brother fan and that it was his favorite show ever. Aside from the fact that the truth of the matter is that he is a Survivor reject, he clearly does not love the show. Because if he did, he wouldn’t use sympathy or charity to get people to keep him in the house.