#AllMaleReboots was trending on twitter so I went and posted this. Enter the troll.

Is there really no understanding in the general population as to just how male dominated all media is and was historically?? Also: sense of humour ≠ having to laugh at boring stereotypical notions of gender. 

I was not being sarcastic in saying that it is ok to not fully understand oppression, because that is all very complicated. But not being able to acknowledge very obvious sides of it like this issue is having your head far up your butt of male privilege.

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OMGCP characters & the 5 love languages

Ok if you haven’t ever heard of the 5 love languages it’s basically another way of sorting personality type/action/communication styles. (It does frequently get cited by conservative christians FYI but also it makes a lot of sense to me? And a lot of other people too. But didn’t want to catch anyone by surprise.) 

So you’ve got Acts of Service, Words of Affirmation, Gifts, Quality Time, and Physical Touch. My guesses for the SMH gang below the cut. Also, because we mostly see behaviors & not internal monologues, most of these are what the characters give out rather than what they’re most receptive to. Gotta work with the narrative structure!

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