8+1 cards on Valentine’s Day

It’s late and Nursey has just gotten back to his dorm, and at times like this he really hopes that he will get dibs next year; he pretty much spends most of his free time in the Haus anyway.

He rummages in his bag to find his phone so that he can charge it before faceplanting into his bed. If he forgets about that and his phone dies again, he will definitely be chirped to death - just like that time after he let his phone free fall into a cup of tea. Or that time after he cracked the monitor because he dropped it while falling down the stairs. Seriously, the SMH, specifically their beloved co-captains, are always out for blood for chirp material as if their lives depend on it.

But when he finally pulls his phone out from the mess that is his bag, there is a note firmly attached to the back of it. And on the little yellow post-it note is a familiar scrawl,

Happy birthday, jerk. Only you can manage to be born on this day while being so damn clumsy. -WP

Oh, now he gets nine cards on Valentine’s day. Well, one of them is a tiny piece of paper, but it is still being put into that drawer for important things; he is a romantic from heart afterall.

u know, the wsnack story is exclusively on twitter and its buried from it being months ago but i just want people to know about the meme that is wsnack, because its my favorite word and i use it all the time and anyone not in a specific friend group wouldnt really understand it so:

one time i was really excited about having multiple snack items instead of just one and me being the person i am, i made a post “tfw = TWO FUCKING SNACKS”

and i was like yeah man it works perfectly, the t is two, the f is fucking and the w is- wait. no. no oh no thats not

and so i sadly deleted the post… but people saw anyways + i instantly posted about it like “hey guys apparently snack starts with a w now”

and then as i described my snacks i realized i actually had 3 snacks. so the full meme is tfw = two (3) fucking wsnacks.

so yeah, if i ever use wsnack on here, u guys just need to know the origin. its important. 

a meme was born due to me being a fool. but its ok bc its my favorite meme. im the wsnack king