Everyone feels tremendous regret over losing you. Even after ten years. I’m sure we’ll feel it for the rest of our lives.

Orange (Jul 2016 - Sep 2016)


f u c k m e u p

“Support”. A sketch of the quartermaster John Silver and Captain Flint approaching the Maroon camp. I accidentally made it look like Flint is the one needing more (mental) support here instead of just Silver (physical support for his leg for a while). Well, they both do need each other on their dark path in many ways anyway…

Watersoluble graphite sticks and photoshop again. In the end I liked the mirrored composition more, where they are descenting to the right.  Please, do not repost elsewhere or remove the explanation :) 

More Black Sails doodles here (x).

today on why i’m a human disaster: i decided to bring myself a glass of water to my room, yknow to have something to drink when i wake up. there is a small table near my bed which is Perfect and literally only there to put a glass of water on it. the only problem is that since the table is really fucking tiny my dog often drinks the water while i’m asleep…. so my sleep deprived brain decided i just need to make sure the water is covered so that the dog can’t drink it…. and what’s a better way to cover a glass of water than with the bottom of said glass! i mean it will be protected from all sides, what a genius idea-

anyways that’s the story of how i came to my room with a glass of water and spilled it all over the table by literally turning it upside down in an attempt to protect the water from my ever thirsty pupper

good glitchy boy