Supernatural 01x03 and Little Green Army Men

Part 3 of Falling Deeper in Love With Supernatural, Episode by Episode 

Before I get going, let’s just get the shameless Dean appreciation out of the way, because yeah, this episode has one of my top ten Dean shots ever (and that is a mighty long list, so it’s really saying something).

Okay, now that that’s over, I can ramble.

Now, there are many things I absolutely love about “Dead in the Water.” For one, I sort of having a preoccupation with sacramentality in Supernatural. The relapsed Catholic in me can’t help but think about how fire and confirmation (starting a new path) are connected, how mirrors relate to the act of confession, willing or not, and how water, the material connected to baptism, often is juxtaposed with that sacrament.

In this episode, water is death (literally, that’s the title guys), which is as pretty far away from baptism as one can get. Unless one considers baptism a form of rebirth, and death a form of rebirth as well.

(Of course, because the visual storytelling is top-notch in Supernatural, the water of Lake Manitoc fluctuates from looking crystal clear to black. Sometimes in the same frame. God, this show!)

All interesting thoughts, none of which I will entertain here.

No, because what I love most about “Dead in the Water” is Dean.

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Indy to Tumblr

Hey everyone~ Now before you start strolling past this post I want to tell you something. This has been on my mind for the past hour and I want to let it out. 

I love you guys! 

Since I’ve came to tumblr, like most people, I didn’t know how it worked, I didn’t know how to talk to people or if it was even safe to do so.

@amaranth121 was the main reason I found tumblr, because of her amazing Gajevy fanfic Gold and Iron on (Totally recommend you read it). I saw she had a tumblr and I wanted to become her friend because she’s super awesome and inspirational. And from there I met @aya-eisen @fairytailpeach @ottottatertots @kiss-me-khaos and @neofeliis aka @neen-writes (from her awesome now completed Gajevy fanfic Iron Heart) and so many others

I met @makeithayle after an awesome release of @amaranth121‘s Iron and Gold chapter. (We were doing a count down and everything on tumblr, it was amazing, everyone was going crazy XD). Me and her became friends not to long after. She’s amazing and im so happy i met her. 

@levymcgarden17 was my first friend on tumblr that I started talking to regularly, ironically we came together through a friendship zodiac post (yes i still remember) and it said that our zodiac signs were meant to be best friends and now I talk to everyday (or aleast try to XD). We are such awesome friends now. She’s the one that talked me into making Shalily. Just literately one day we started talking about Shagotte and Pantherlily and about this awesome story they were in called Hard Liquor by Mugole (i know i spelled her name wrong ^^’). And everything just kicked off from there. We just started a post about Shalily and everything just feel into place. Honestly I couldn’t have gone this far with Shalily without her help. She’s awesome.

Now @emmyhippo, Let me tell you about Emmy! She is my hippotastic partner in crime (We robbed Cold Stone once XD JK JK) She makes me smile and laugh and i will love her the grave and back. She’s is one of my administrators (along with @levymcgarden17 )for @shalilyweek. She’s actualy the one that came up with the idea of having the first shalily week. She helps me a lot with it and she’a super SUPER HILARIOUS without even trying XD! She helps me a lot and she’s one of those main ppl i talk to everyday, I appreciate her a lot! 

Speaking of @shalilyweek My wonderful weird friend @goldxnfairy is the reason the blog even came to be. She suggested it and that’s the reason it’s even alive today. She’s a crazy Gajevy fan and also the writer of the amazing Gajevy  fanfic Kissed by the Sun on (she’s know as ro-blaze on there). Even though we live far away from eachother and live in different time zones, we find ways to keep in contact, we both agreed that the world needs werid ppl like us to keep it moving round XD.

@xxgajevyloverxx is one of my first friends. She is awesome and beautiful. Me and Emmy ship her with eating-iron XD! She’s so sweet and caring not to mention a PHENOMENAL artist (I couldn’t draw like her for the life of me). I love her to death and i care a lot about her. I know she has a lot of followers and im only one of the tiny ones but she is amazing and she means a lot to me. 

@rae-tan and @little-miss-heartfillia! These girls are absolutely the bomb! They have made 2 of my top favorite long one-shot fluffy shalily fanfics, Shot at Love by @rae-tan and Ink and Petals by @little-miss-heartfillia. I now talk to these 2 every day and they just are so so amazing and they are so fun to talk to!!  I’m so glad to have these 2 as my friends! 

I would just like to thank @little-miss-heartfillia for being the best writing partner ever, I know we haven’t gotten finished with our shalily fanfic Sneakers on Pointe (SoP) but just know I couldn’t have gotten nearly this far on it without her. She is AWESOME.

@peoniespoppiesandowlsohmy @nuithine are amazing artist! They made wonderfully amazing shalily fanarts for me and now i talk to them a lot and now my friends too! They are so sweet and also amazing people with @peachpurin who made is the artist of the VERY BEAUTIFUL AWESOME AMAZING Shalily fanart that is now the blog profile picture of shalilyweek and my blog cover and also my laptop and cellphone screen save. And its an amazing and inspirational and perfect replica reference for SoP. 

@gcat-enthusiast! She is also super cool awesome and beautiful and my lovely friend! She’s gives me amazing feedback when it comes to SoP and other stuff. She has helped out with songs to that could be awesome references for SoP, and also deals with me tagging her on numerous of times on aesthetics when i post them XD

@nightlockedx3 @xternel @appendsweets @aarekusandoraa @ellenhasarts @approvesport @watermelonomnom @strike-back-fairy-tail @chello8893 @teekayeh @joannaangels @sallteas @strike-back-fairy-tail SO many others

ALL THESE PEOPLE ABOVE  ALL THE WAY TO THE BEGINNING OF THIS POST IS AWESOME! Even if I didn’t tag you on anything you are still awesome!  Some of these people I don’t talk to a lot, I just started talking to, I’m just too shy to talk to, or they are super busy with stuff  and I’m not able to talk to them that much (which I completely understand) or that I talk to a lot, like the amazing @nightlockedx3 (he’s a awesome guy, wonderful to talk to).

I love you guys! You make my experience on tumblr epic! So whenever you feel like you’re not that great or ppl don’t care about you, just know that I care. You guys are the greatest. THIS IS ALSO TO THOSE I DIDN’T TAG!! YOU ARE THE BEST! AND DON’T YOU EVER FORGET IT and I hope someday we can be friends. 

Thanks for taking the time to read this. I appreciate it, A LOT

God bless you all and have an amazing rest of your day (or night)

Indy aka 


If there are any typos I truly apologize 

oh and by the way~


:3 ~~


I was tagged by @jakegyllenbae​​ to post my top 4 last shots in movies. These are the ones that popped in my head. I know I forgot others that are better. But I go blank when people want me to pick top favorites.

The Dark Knight (2008) | Black Swan (2010) | Fight Club (1999) | Inception (2010)

I tag @robertkazinsky @mattschoenaerts @communified @mcavoying @elliotalderson if you want of course :)


My 2013 Top 10! 

My shots that I am the most proud of from this year :)

It was a super exciting year - I got better at the technicalities of taking a photograph (and learned to use some of the awesome features of my camera!), and was able to do some cool macros and portraits and get into dance photography! 

Thanks to all of my followers - old and new! - for your likes and re-blogs, it means so much to me! 

Wishing you all a lovely year ahead :)


[5:17 PM] It’s hot “@RAM_RIDER: Warp from Hitachinaka to Odaiba: complete! With Kyary and Nakata-kun!“ (top left)

[5:20 PM] I’ll give UMIPOP my best shot B) (top right)

[5:23 PM] Mr. Nakata Yasutaka and I (bottom left)

[6:21 PM] Some scary-looking but nice guys and some squid and a cucumber… (bottom right)

[8:48 PM] I had fun, squid RT @ShowAyanocozey: Kyary-chan looks like CG… Her face is seriously like half the size of mine. But she eats squid and cucumber. Even Kyary Pamyu Pamyu eats squid and cucumber.

anonymous asked:

Hey Alex :) I know you have a fav one shot list, but it hasn't been updated in a while so I was wondering if you had any more you would add now (maybe more recent ones)? two shots are also great... just looking for some more fics i can read quickly as breaks while studying for finals! Hope you have a great day :)

 Ahh yes sure thing! That list was only my top ten one shots. I’m gonna do a whole list of all my fave one/two shots. Actually I’ll just do fave fics under 5k. This may take me a while but I want to okay. Some will be repeats though but just go with it :P

Things To Do In a Boring Meeting, Dare to Seize the Fire, The Double Edged Sword by chezchuckles

in this here reality, Every Move You Make, Suffusion, MomentousAdrift, Come and Find Me, CynosureBreaking Point, Lureatraxia, Tiny Suprises by ColieMacKenzie

magnification levels, The Return of Russian Beckett, i’ll allow it, more than you bargained for, ad hoc, Uncommon Vices, by Cora Clavia

Dismantle, AlightStirred, turning pageClandestine, Interlude, ease your worries, Like Real People Do, whiteout, Wildest Dreams, Bittersweet, burn away the chill, Response, keep yourself warm, between two lungs, Bubbling Over by bravevulnerability

On What We Agree and Murdercycle by FanficwriterGHC

Allure and The Gift by Oliviet

Sugar, We’re Going Down, Supply and Demand, Electric Girl, Bachelorette Number 41319Pumped Up Kicks, Lull, tumultious and new by shimmeryshine

An Toiseach Pog, Pickup Limesamantes sunt amentes, the mind ceases,  A Cupping, M-ratio, by seilleanmor

If I Had Stayed (and sequels), Black and White, Show Me, SupineEvasion, Observation, and Hearts Scraped Raw by morgangirl11

Stuck on You by International08

Drown In My Regrets, You Burn Me Up and Chocolate and Hazelnuts by dappledshadows

Adorable by ekc293

nameless and night must end by concreteskies

melt away and while you were sleeping by weightofmywords

carry your heart with me by veritas-always

Chef’s Special by Trinity Everett

In the Heat of Night by liviafan1

Insomnia, Time Saved and Independence by Kate Christie

Sweetart by caffinate-me

trails, kiss me i’m bleeding, murder calls, bloodstains on your thighs, and when the control breaks by closingdoors

Not Suitable For Children by alwayswritewithcoffee

Snap and Elektra by Griever11

Enough for now by Ky03elk

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Silent Confessions by CSM

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I just can’t stop, Longing to belong, Stained and Like I Can by kimmiesjoy

Definition, Symphonic, and Tethered by NellieRai

Ice Cubes by daphnebeauty

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Curves AheadSlippery When, Survival of the Fittest, Why Not Said She, Treasure Hunt by Cartographical

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TARDIS and Kindness Yet by Polly Lynn

in vino veritas by SparkleMouse

late night serenades and color of the night by faithsette

Burgundy C-Cup and Birthday Present by madsthenerdygirl

Simple Complication and but if stars shouldn’t shine, Getting Down by BerkieLynn

Addicted by jam821

burn with me tonight by blue252

Gotta Have You by Sandiane Carter

I Hate You by Garrae

Colors pregnancy series: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 by Liv Wilder

Laced, Contact (this is 7k but shh), Laced, and Straight Shooter by Kato Molotov

tap a message onto my skin, objects in motion, just put your lips together, that which does not bend, control, tie me up, tie me downtoys for all ages, love disarmedwe shall not cease from exploration, talk talk talk, hazy, lather rinse repeat, two bits by airbefore