My Top 10 Authors: Jane Austen

Who doesn’t adore Jane Austen? Probably several people, but none that I speak to (YAY for an acceptable group of friends!) There isn’t much that I can say that readers don’t already know. Her writing is lovely, and Pride and Prejudice will always have a special place in my heart. 

AUTHOR: Jane Austen 
BORN: December 16, 1775 in Hampshire, England (d. July 17, 1817)
GENRE: Romance, Classics
KNOWN FOR: Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility, Mansfield Park, and Emma

Austen continues to be among the most widely read authors, and lets hope she stays that way. She possessed a unique ability to charm her readers and transport them to British countryside, and has continued to do so centuries later. Also, three cheers to this lovely lady for creating dear Mr. Darcy *swoon* 

god i just thought about this whole debacle again and as written mary’s only personality and motivation is “i love my husband and want to keep him so i’ll shoot you. i’ll shoot you again if i have to cause i can’t lose my husband. my husband who is my only defining feature and motivation” but clearly WE’RE the ones who are misogynists for hoping this is all an act and there is a twist where she gets to do stuff and be a person. O-kay. like make no mistake i KNOW i am trash and i only care about john and sherlock. the other characters could be written by a staff made of my top 10 authors and i still wouldn’t care. but i can also take a step back and realize, like, do you blame people for hoping there is more to this 

My Top 10 Authors: George R.R. Martin

Here is a prime example of a love/hate relationship between a reader and  an author. How can you love someone so much that has upset you so deeply again and again? Meet George R.R Martin. 

AUTHOR: George R.R. Martin
BORN: September 20, 1948 in Bayonne, New Jersey
SPOUSE: Parris McBride
GENRE: Science fiction, fantasy, horror
KNOWN FOR: A Song of Ice and Fire series

As most of my followers already know I adore this man’s writing. I find him absolutely brilliant, if not rather sadistic, and he has a great knack for making his readers oblivious to their own lifes and completely obsorbed in his world instead. I highly recommend reading his A Song of Ice and Fire series, especially if you have no problem being drowned in feels. 

Martin has also written a children’s novel and I’m not entirely sure how I feel about that. Does he kill off every character you learn to love in that book as well? If anyone else has read it please let me know. 

I never knew that George R.R. Martin also had a successful career in television before writing his best selling series, but to be honest I’m not surprised. I’d probably believe any outlandish claim about him. Now if only we could fastforward to the release of the next novel and all would be well. But at the same time, no rush Mr. Martin. I want an acceptable followup to A Dance with Dragons.a