As I was using a demo program when I drew this, each character ended up being on a different document and I had to trust that my mental image of what it was going to be would match up with what I was actually doing XD. These are also some of the first things I did digitally with shading and a night scene so despite all the flaws I’m pretty proud of them!


Follower giveaway prize for @starfiretheninja!! =D I have never drawn these two before, but I hope you like it! XD Also, I didn’t have anything in mind for a background, but the lack of one was kinda bugging me, so I said “frick it” and I made it transparent. XDD (I was actually having a lil trouble making it that way, so the transparency came out a little.. rough, you could say? You can click or drag it to see what I mean. Regardless, I hope you like it, and thanks for being such an awesome follower. X3)