Welp, this happened! I love this episode <3

Thank you @peterdicicco for actually giving a shit about this and doing so well with the characters.

Me I just like drawing crying faces lol, I made her tears glow just cause. Lol.

Also, these two do not have to be viewed in romance to be a pairing, you view them anyways YOU want. For me, I love to see them as best friends and a couple, but for others,its different, and thats perfectly okay. Let others see them as their own pairing. Be kind to those who view differently. :) its better that way, trust me.

TMNT Girl Power Week!

OCT 01 || Day 1: Favorites
Option B: Favorite scene(s)/moment(s)

“Leo, lean on me!”

“April … leave me. Get away if you can. This is our fight, not yours.”

Not my fight?! Look, Leo - we’re all family now! I could never run out on you!”

I think about The Shredder Strikes Back Part 2 a lot.


Kraang queen April doodles from today. Thanks for distracting me from all the art I actually intended to get done this weekend, your alien majesty.

Those head quill things are adorable though. Nobody can convince me otherwise.