So, I got a pair of sais last sunday and since I’m not gonna fight the crime with them, I guess at least I could learn how to spin them in my hand XD They are fucking heavy omg I have kinda succeeded, but sometimes they go off of my hand XD

So, I can imagine a tot Raph trying to spin them for the first time ever XD Poor Leo tho, Raph’s sais are attracted to him lol

So yeah, drawing about shit ‘n’ stuff
I totally blame raphaelrules15 for these fucking feels

All this talk about Mona appearing on the series make me doodle this~  I know her eyes aren’t like that but I improvised on my style

I think her personality  gonna be like Alopex’s, a rad rebel lizard gurl - heck yeah <3


yep reusing old drawings
Here come the fanfics!!  ヽ(๏∀๏ )ノ


Best part about the Turtle nation marathon today? Being able to see this awesome dude. Miyamoto Usagi is probably one of my favorite TMNT characters - outside of the turtles themselves. 

Also I feel bad this is like the only TMNT fanart I’ve ever done - especially considering how much I love any incarnation of TMNT. I hope they bring this guy or at least the battle nexus arc to the new series.