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Chapters: 1/?
Fandom: 終わりのセラフ | Owari no Seraph | Seraph of the End
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
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Relationships: Hyakuya Mikaela/Hyakuya Yuuichirou
Characters: Hyakuya Yuuichirou, Hyakuya Mikaela, Ichinose Guren, Hiiragi Shinya
Additional Tags: Fantasy AU, Fire Powers, Ice Powers, Curses, True Love’s Kiss, inspired by listening too much to Freeze You Out, Fairy Tales Influences, Mild Angst, Fluff, Hurt/Comfort, Slow Burn

Yuuichirou had always been known to have a fiery personally. Though his abilities made that quite literal. Adopted into royalty and carrying a dark past, he one day stumbles upon his polar opposite whose burden runs even deeper.

A bond as intense as fire and as beautiful as ice is formed.

Here I go, venturing in another multi-chapter fic instead of finishing the ones I already have going on :’) I’m not even sorry because I’M SO EXCITED FOR THIS AU <3

Collins Security AU Part 5

Five- Collins Security AU

Words: 3410 or so

Summary: Rules should never be broken…or should they?

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Warnings: swearing, triggers for stalkers, house fire.

Thank you to my betas Tif, Amanda and Kristin! 😘❤️

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Ameblo 16/08/08 - The Bestest of the Best ~ Wota Life Edition

Here’s a spin-off story!

At TIF many wota gathered and had an awesome day.

After my performance at TIF I had some time before my next job to pursue my own wota activities.

That activity is… of course! 


Yesterday and today I went to an event in Tokyo called “The 13th Bird & Small Animal Fair!”

When you step in there are tons of small birds waiting for you…

H A P P Y  R O O M 

 There were people walking around with parrots on their shoulders and all I could think of was “Ahhh this is the best.”

Pictures were allowed so most people took them with their phones, but there were some who took pictures with digital cameras. Amongst those people, there was one girl setting up her camera and looking into it seriously, which was me. Hehe.

There were booths where you could take parrots in your hands… 



It smelled nice and sweet…

My current female cockatiel, Po-chan (Popuru), absolutely hates doing that.

(Po-chan is a mommy’s girl)

When she sees me, she makes a face like “Oh no!” and runs away with all her might lol

She has the habit of pulling her hair out, so I call her Hagepo or Ohage, which might be unpleasant but I swear it’s out of love.

So today, that cockatiel surprisingly gave me a godly treatment and fished me.

Maybe Po-chan will be in a better mood soon…

With that in mind I bought my birds many gifts. 

 I’m a fanatic.

I bought a shirt I really wanted some food for the birds.

As such my bird wota activities were successful! Thank you!

With this Po-chan will cheer up and my corps of rosy-faced lovebirds will also feel very good! lol

Bird events are the best!!

The bestest of the best. 

 I want to see my children soooooooon!!!

(I’ll only get home in a week)

(Po-chan is mad at me and won’t take any pictures right now.)

Takayanagi Akane