Why I dislike The Fault in Our Stars

So, I’ve been getting a lot of asks over the last few months asking why I strongly dislike TFIOS by John Green as much as I do. And for the most part, all the recent askers have been surprisingly polite, considering the more aggressive ones I’ve received in the past on the subject. Anyway, I’ve answered a bunch of them separately, but I’ve decided to condense all of my theories, opinions and arguments into one succinct post.

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Goodness gracious... all of the ship-jumping right now has me so upset...

Guys…. I just watched the scene that many are referring to. More than once, actually, in order to see it in context and it is not AT ALL how a lot of people are conveying it. Have a little bit of faith in our ship, y’all. I’m putting some thoughts about the specific scene under the jump.

Ok. So.. I’m going to go through it from beginning to end and tell you what happens and include my thoughts on why I think it’s all bullshit as side-notes as I go. Okay? Okay. (shout out to my fellow TFIOS fans out there because yes, I meant to do that)

*Note: I am not going to use shipper names or even certain character names in this post as I do not want to bring hate up in here. I’m just providing my friends with the information that they are asking for along with commentary on how it came across TO ME within context.

*Also forgive me for typos. It’s almost 2am here.

- Jon wakes up on the boat, looking all weak and groggy… D is sitting beside him crying because one of her “children” croaked.

- Jon’s all “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.” He looks like he feels incredibly guilty/awful. He grabs her hand to get her attention because she won’t look at him. He says he wished that he could take it back and that they’d never gone on the dumb mission we all thought was stupid from the beginning. (Again, another call to the fact that he’s feeling super guilty)

- She says she’s glad they went because NOW she believes him. *rolls eyes*

- She says “the dragons are my children. They are the only children I will ever have. Do you understand?” He makes a reserved face, kind of looks at her strangely. Sighs. Doesn’t say anything.
*(This to me is very important. She just told him that she can’t have children. We’ve been told in the leaks that this would come out at some point on the boat and that he would be “fine” with it. He didn’t say anything about it at all in the scene. BUT… he knows now. And he’s always had a fear of having a bastard child because he didn’t want to do that to a kid. Now he knows that banging does not equal children in this scenario. This is very important, J/S shippers. Especially in regards to a widely felt theory that he is playing her in order to get through the war.)*

- She tells him that they will destroy the enemy and their army together. She uses the phrase “you have my word.” (Remember this. He gets his promise for help and an army and dragons before saying ANYTHING else. Before promising anything on his end. He is silent up until this point outside of expressing sheer regret. Which is a Jon thing to do. Honor and such.)

- He says thank you and calls her the damn nickname. She tells him that her brother who is not company you would want to keep called her that. He comes back with “Alright. Not ____. *heavy sigh* How about my queen?” He then says “I’d um.. bend the knee but…” and looks down at himself in the bed. She asks him about those who swore their allegiance to him. He says “They’re all going to see you for what you are.”
*That last part, for one, is extremely fore-shadowy. HE still has not completely seen her for what she really is. He doesn’t know of his parentage yet, he doesn’t know that she burned Sam’s family… he doesn’t know a lot. He is very quiet, however, and broody and he THINKS a lot. He knows more than he lets on.  ALSO… please remember that he was SILENT as the seven hells until she made her promises FIRST. He then offered up a nickname that was refused, offered to bend the knee but didn’t actually do it, she didn’t tell him that she was going to require it of him later and they were ALONE when it happened. No witnesses. He could later betray her (which, isn’t this something that is supposed to happen to her at some point still? A betrayal in love?), and could also still give his title to S which would require HER to give the North over to this Danonos lady. He’s also.. again… ALONE with her when this conversation takes place and nothing is forced of him. She seems surprised and doesn’t seem like she is going to require him to actually do this bend the knee thing any time seen. He is now getting his army from her, he feels GUILTY and is acting kindly toward her because he is essentially the cause of the death of one of her “children,” and again, he’s getting what he wants from her. This is what his mission to see her to begin with was about entirely. He’s getting what he and the North need from her and he is NOT ultimately being required (so far) to give anything in return. He verbally and half-heartedly offered it to her alone in the middle of a guilt-filled moment. That does not mean that he is not going to later renege on these words. That does not mean that he is not going to later betray her.

- He holds her hand again (gag me) during this conversation. She then pulls it away, tells him to get some sleep and gets ready to stand. He closes his eyes, pretends to be asleep and then opens his eyes again when she is gone. He looks very bothered/guilty then.

*End Scene*

Sorry. I know it’s painful, but I wanted to convey exactly what takes place to you all along with my thoughts. I really do believe that he’s pulling one over on her. She is supposed to be betrayed for love at some point. She is convinced that he longs for/loves her, and she is falling for him. The bang will happen and she will help him in the war. This is what we knew would happen via the leaks before. Seeing it in context however is a good thing. Kit is a great actor and a lot of the time, he conveys a lot of Jon’s feelings in a scene without ever saying a word. There were a LOT of guilty looks here. The one after he fakes sleep is the most telling one. There is no one there to watch his face and he looks like he feels bad about what he is doing. I do feel like he’s doing exactly what he did with the wildlings at this point. He is saying/doing what he needs to in order to get what HE needs for the people and the place in HIS heart, and yes, he feels guilty about it because he’s honorable like Ned, but he will do what he needs to. He has done this before. He can be JUST as cunning and sneaky as anyone else on the show. He’s good at it. He just doesn’t like to do it, which is a call back to the scene he had with D where he said that he doesn’t always like doing what he’s good at doing.

Let me also do a huge callback to his scenes with S in 7x01 & 7x02. She told him not to be stupid like Robb or Ned because she didn’t want him to get himself killed. Then they had the moment where he asked her if he should listen to her and she said “would that really be so terrible?” In the VERY NEXT EPISODE, he gave her the North in his absence, proving that he does listen to her and NO, it would not be terrible. She knows what she is doing and he knows that. Is it really that far fetched to believe that maybe he is finally listening to her in this scenario as well? While a lot of it is unnecessary because D&D like to put us through stupidity to get to the good stuff, him playing this woman the whole time in order to get what he needs would be FAR from “stupid” or “dumb.” It would do the opposite of getting him killed by her and it would get him help in the war which would in turn help the people and the place that he has said is in his heart.

I’ll leave you with a quote to remember because I feel like I’ve said ways too much. Hello novel? Also… sorry for the typos and run-on sentences. Again, it’s 2:00am here.

- “The North is my home. It is part of me, and I will NEVER stop fighting for it, no matter the odds.” - Jon SAID this only a few episodes ago. REMEMBER this. He’s playing her, y’all. I really feel it.