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Someone's probably already asked this, but do you have any greaserlock or teenlock Johnlock fan fiction recommendations?

Well I haven’t read much of teenlock or greaserlock yet .So the list won’t be much long.But here ya go.

The Frost Is All Over by Chryse (148k words, Explicit) :  John was brave and clever and loyal, a commoner who longed for an exciting life. Sherlock was dashing and brilliant and passionate, an Earl’s son who longed to solve crimes.Being a Tale of Glorious Adventures, Love Letters, Treachery, Longing, Secret Identities, Deathbed Confessions, First Kisses, Daring Escapes, and True Love. (If you haven’t read this yet, I am personally begging you. Please. Start with this fic. Heed the tags. Very angsty.)

Saving Sherlock Holmes by earlgreytea68 (139 k words, Mature ) : Sherlock Holmes, schoolboy. Yeah, that basically sums it up (A classic)

Cracks in the Wall by sweetcupncakes ( 83k words, Explicit) : After losing his mother to illness, John’s family must figure out how to move on with life. John finds comfort in a place he never expected.

You’re On the Air by prettysailorsoldier : ( 20k, Mature, Rugby!John) : The Consulting Detective and The Woman dominate the airwaves of their university radio station, doling out advice on everything from meeting the parents to sexual positions. When their ratings start to dip before the holidays, however, manager Mike thinks it’s time for some fresh blood, and who better to fill in the gaps than rugby captain–and notorious flirt–John Watson?

Paper Hearts by testosterone_tea : (4k, Teen, Rugby!John)  Sherlock is the loner kid that has no friends, and is certain that his interest in popular rugby player John Watson is unrequited. One day, he starts getting hearts in his locker from a mysterious admirer and has to decide whether or not he wants to find out who fancies him.

Coup de Foudre by prettysailorsoldier : (6k, Teen )  When John and his friends decide to blow off some steam after finals with a holiday to the Swiss Alps, he’s expecting a week of roaring fires, hot chocolate, and snow as far as the eye can see. He is not expecting to fall head over heels for a fellow guest–a young Frenchman known only as “Blue Scarf”–but John’s not one to let a little language barrier get in the way, and, with the help of Google Translate, it might just be a Christmas to remember after all.

I’m Gay for Sherlock by birdie7272 : (10k , Mature)  Sherlock is a quiet nerd who pines after John from afar but one summer Sherlock grows 5 inches and his voice drops and come school year John sees him and HEARS him and realizes he may not be as straight as he thought (This one is sweet).

Are You Being Careful With Your Heart? by Mssmithlove : (12k, Explicit, Rugby!John, Bad boy John, Geek!Sherlock)  There’s a new boy in school and for quiet, shy Sherlock Holmes, that is proving to be a problem.

You Give Me Fever by michi_thekiller : (16k words, Explicit , Warning for underage sex, toplock, Greaser!Sherlock) AU, Set in 1950s. John Watson is the kind of boy Sherlock Holmes wanted to take apart.

Subtlety is for the Uncreative by TheMadKatter13 : (6k words, Explicit , toplock, Greaser!Sherlock )  A typical Friday night doesn’t go badly so much as it first goes awry, and then it goes very, very right. 

Happy reading !