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So I was talking about veganism to my nature sciences (it's like biology, physics and chemistry in one) teacher. He told me that it's unhealthy because you can't absorb nutrients as well from plants as from meat or that you would have to eat an insanely large amount of for example spinach to get enough iron in. I didn't really know what to answer at that point (because I was at an xmos party and everything was kind of blurred 😬🙄) so any thoughts on the matter?

Oh. My. God. I just have to laugh some times at how stupid people are. First up, his idea that plant nutrients aren’t absorbed well is debunked by the fact that there are thousands of living, healthy, THRIVING vegans on this planet, who get blood tests as often as meat eaters do and have perfect results just as often as any meat eater. Secondly, in terms of the iron thing, is he forgetting that vitamin C aids in the absorption of non-heme iron which… Wait a second… Oh yeah, you can only get vitamin C from plants!!! Thirdly, if this were really true, how does he explain away the fact that
1. It’s very common for meat and dairy eaters to still be deficient in many nutrients
2. Most fat, sick, unhealthy people dying in hospitals are NOT vegans, i.e. the reason for their ailments is probably the fact that they’ve eaten artery-clogging animal fat and cancer-promoting animal protein all their lives. I’ve never met an obese, unhealthy person in hospital who had only been eating fruits, vegetables and rice for the past few years.

  • daughter:[teacher's name] is so good at teaching! I look forward to his class everyday!
  • me:do you think he's cute?
  • daughter:*blushes*
  • daughter:no! he's my teacher...
  • me:it's okay sweetheart. i had a teacher crush once
  • daughter:what was he like?
  • me:tall, handsome, AMAZING at teaching, light brown eyes...
  • daughter:well what happened? did you ever tell him how you felt
  • husband:*walks into room*
  • husband:you know she did. it was adorable. she came up to me and started rambling because school just ended and she didn't want to miss her bus. i also had feelings for her so i asked her if she wanted to go out for coffee, now look where we are ;)
  • daughter:*jaw drops*


hey, hey... this is probably what happens
  • you:*laughs your butt of showing you're cute smile*
  • what your tc is thinking:oh my god she's so beautiful. I want her so bad. I want to kiss that beautiful mouth and those beautiful cute cheeks. I want to hug her body and cuddle it till it can't take it anymore. I want to make love to her. she's mine. I love her. lord. and I'm the reason she's smiling like this. fuck yes.

So yesterday in history my teacher said that for once he was gonna play some modern music on Pandora and he goes who wants to choose the station. I whipped my hand up so fast and he picked on me and with careful consideration I decided on Panic! At the Disco radio, and a couple kids cheer and like 3/4s of the class is like panic at the what? So he hits play and a fall out boy song comes on then some Panic! songs from some older albums and then suddenly welcome to the black parade starts and the ENTIRE room goes dead silent. I’ve never seen a more respectful group of teenagers, it was like someone hit mute. The teacher was so confused he just stood their mortified, bless the Emos.

When I was in high school, I had a teacher tell me I would have a hard time making it through college because I was a shitty writer. He said he knew from experience that I would never be able to write effectively because English wasn’t my first language. I didn’t say anything but it actually was my first language and I was born in America. 

I decided I was going to email him, all these years later, to hold him to task for what he did. But when I googled his name to find his email information, I found his obituary. Looks like I win…looks like I win.

a comment my english teacher left on my personal essay:

I am no therapist, but you can pursue another passion if you want to: writing. You are talented. In just two pages, you paint  a picture of a shy, depressed young woman blossoming into someone who’s setting out to live up to her full potential. Yes, the movie ain’t over. We don’t quite see her in her full glory, but I know it’s coming. What’s remarkable about this piece is that, in this limited space, you manage to display your lovely personality. You might be shy, but you are wickedly funny and full of love. Your personality resembles some of the cats I have known, and it’s no surprise.

I cannot wait to read more of your papers! Keep them coming.

like???????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh my goodness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she recognizes the writer in me!!!!!!! only one other teacher i had has seen that (and tbh i hated her bcs she believed “men and women can’t be just friends” and a lot of other dated heteronormative and amatonormative bullshit).

i love when people see how talented i am. it really fuels me. and now i will ace this english class like no other student has. it’s amazing

To anyone out there who’s looking at everyone around you going “everyone around my age is so much more accomplished than I am in some way or another, whether by purpose, hard work, accident, or circumstance”:

(and also to anyone whose parents/teachers/anyone expects them to know what they want for the rest of their lives right off the bat) 

It’s okay if you don’t do some grand, overarching thing like run for President, become a Youtube star, start a business, publish a one-hit wonder, become a prominent voice in your community, etc. 

It’s okay if you don’t have any clue about where your life is going and what you want to do with it.

Would it be nice to know what the hell you want to do with your life? Yes. Would it be nice to do something celebrated the world over? Yes. But does that mean you HAVE to know what you want to do? Does that mean you HAVE to be at the very top?


And that’s alright.

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Name: Luna

Nickname: ^^

Star Sign: Capricorn 

Gender: Female

Orientation: Straight 

Favorite Color: teal/tiffany blue/turquoise 

Time Right Now: 2:15 AM 

Average Hours of Sleep: varies between 2-10 

Lucky Number: idk??

Last thing googled: precious taehyung pics… i got some good results ;) 

Favorite Fictional Character(s): Harry Potter ones, potterhead here 

Dream Job: teacher, lawyer (like Harvey Spector), travelling journalist, side job: the voice judge (lmao it wud so cool) 

What I am currently wearing: black hoodie, navy sweats, gray slippers

Height: 5′6

Number of Blankets I Sleep With: like one under and one on top which is VERY thick cuz i get really cold

Current Amount of followers: in total for all 1k something, ily all <3

What do you post: on here ALL BTS, mostly Taehyung (very rare multifandom), and kdramas for my kdrama side blog 

Do you have any other blogs: kdrama side blog 

Who Is Your Most Active Follower: there’s many, Emi, Kait, Defne, Yan <33

What made you decide to get a tumblr: don’t judge me but I made this blog when i was a swifty and directioner but i was sooo low-key …i realized my true fandom once i entered the kpop world and got obsessed 

Do you get asks on a daily basis: mostly yes, ily all <3 

Why did you choose your URL: first off, I am so maknae line baised <3 , Tae is the ultimate bae tho <333, also im such Jikook trash, my OTP <3 and my URL alludes to this OTP, the whole pun thing..yeah 

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camping || closed

Ellie titled her head to the side, “Do you think there’s, like, bears out here, @toulousexds? That would not be cool. I mean, what if they just sent us into the woods to kill us off via some chainsaw-series-killer? Actually, that’s not the worst idea…” She sat next to their already set-up tent, leaning back uninterested. “You know, if I was, like, a teacher and I wanted to kill my students for no reason, that’s how I’d do it. Hey, I should totally call my agent when I get back so he can, like, find me a movie with that plot.”

I just wanted to share something embarrassing…

Sometimes I still get jealous of the people (they were children at the time, but they’re all grown up now, just like I am) my mother loved more than she loved me.

It brings me delight that I am objectively more successful than they are.

SWTOR character profiles

This meme has been going around for a while now and I felt like writing from my three main characters. ^^

Full Name: Kaz’ip
Gender and Sexuality: male, heteroromantic pansexual
Pronouns: he/his
Ethnicity/Species: Zabrak
Birthplace and Birthdate: Iridonia
Guilty Pleasures: dreaming about his teachers
Phobias: being abandoned
What They Would Be Famous For: being a great Jedi knight and a kind defender
What They Would Get Arrested For: rescuing prisoners, helping people in slums, has killed a couple of times
OC You Ship Them With: Tomiri (lhunuial), Domi (lhunuial), Naya (kaosstar), Stiv (chacah), Rion (my own)
OC Most Likely To Murder Them: I guess the boyfriends of the girls Kaz has gotten angry at: Lord Zilar (lhunuial) and Jalmar (Kaosstar)
Favorite Movie/Book Genre: adventure
Least Favorite Movie/Book Cliche: the hero always gets the girl
Talents and/or Powers: basic Jedi powers, some Sith powers as well, skilled with lightsaber, quick runner, also good at making flower crowns
Why Someone Might Love Them: He’s cheerful, protective and loyal. Always trying his best.
Why Someone Might Hate Them: He can sometimes get quite annoying. Misunderstands the feelings of others. Gets easily emotionally hurt.
How They Change: As he grows up he’s not as cheerful anymore. He claims he’s not naive anymore, but I think he still is. He refuses to believe anyone will ever have strong feelings about him.
Why You Love Them: Kaz is quite a double edged sword for me. On the other hand I like him really much, since it’s easy and natural to rp as him and I like his struggle between light and dark. But then… his adventures has hit a bit too close to home for me and I don’t know which direction to take the character anymore.

Full Name: Nicolen Ross (birth name Seelak’ru)
Gender and Sexuality: female, heteroromantic bisexual
Pronouns: she/her
Ethnicity/Species: Twi’lek
Birthplace and Birthdate: Ryloth
Guilty Pleasures: being constantly tipsy. She carries a pocket flask everywhere.
Phobias: getting assassinated without realizing it
What They Would Be Famous For: smuggling
What They Would Get Arrested For: smuggling, cheating, murder, stealing, jailbreak, speeding, illegal weapons, drugs, kidnapping, public indecency, causing damage to public property, arson, violent behavior, resistance of the authority, blackmailing, forgery…
OC You Ship Them With: Veyrion (zid-man), Khorin (zid-man)… actually there’s a nice chart of her lovers I have made and I do ship her with all of them.
OC Most Likely To Murder Them: Khorin (zid-man) almost did it. Any other bounty hunter character as well I guess?
Favorite Movie/Book Genre: action
Least Favorite Movie/Book Cliche: that’s not how you fire that weapon!
Talents and/or Powers: shooting & handling pistols, smuggling, cheating, making deals, smooth talker, great in bedroom.
Why Someone Might Love Them: she’s a loveable rogue and a strong female character who leads her own spaceship. She’s also a sexy vixen.
Why Someone Might Hate Them: she’s selfish and greedy
How They Change: as she gets older she takes less dangerous missions. As she gets kids she starts to value her family and old friends more.
Why You Love Them: She’s the character type I usually want to see and follow in stories: independent woman who’s capable of defending herself and is very sexy without being overly sexualized. Also, Twi’leks rule.

Full Name: Lieben Taral
Gender and Sexuality: male, heteroromantic bisexual
Pronouns: he/his
Ethnicity/Species: Sith Pureblood
Birthplace and Birthdate: Dromund Kaas
Guilty Pleasures: soap operas (“Desperate housewifes of Alderaan” is his favourite)
Phobias: getting paralyzed, that he would be powerless to protect himself, his wealth or family.
What They Would Be Famous For: he’s a son of a wealthy and noble pureblood family, active in Sith politics, strongly supports pureblood supremacy
What They Would Get Arrested For: murder, but he would have money to pay himself out.
OC You Ship Them With: Taryxor (zid-man), Shanyara (zid-man), Sarvis (empire-at-war), Julien (empire-at-war)
OC Most Likely To Murder Them: Zellyana (mine)
Favorite Movie/Book Genre: romance
Least Favorite Movie/Book Cliche: hero armor = the main character rarely dies or gets badly injured
Talents and/or Powers: strong Sith powers, skilled in double lightsaber combat, smooth talker, has an eye for beauty
Why Someone Might Love Them: he’s handsome, rich and skilled.
Why Someone Might Hate Them: he’s selfish, vain and manipulative
How They Change: As he gets older he learns to love his wife and becomes a calm Sith master.
Why You Love Them: Lieben is mostly a genderbent, evil version of me. :’D I like manipulative and beautiful villains, who seduce their victims to the dark side.

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i just dreamed that you were a student at my college and i didnt know? and something about me being in your class and the teacher sent an assignment to do something on a computer program that wasnt explained and i could read your mind shouting 'what the fuck?? how the fuck are we suposed to do that for tomorrow if the teacher didnt explain how im gonna kick their ass and shit on their lunch i swear... etc etc" like real violent but you were smiling on the outside.


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Nickname: may and egg (rey by that one anon that I will never forget !!)

Star Sign: gemini

Height: 5′7 

Sexual Orientation: quoi ? (my french teacher would be proud)

Favorite Color: like moss green and ochre and honey and i like a lot of colors

Time Right Now: 4:48 pm

Current Location: desk, covered in glitter from valentine making

Average Amount of Sleep: im sick so I slept like ten hours last night, which im proud of

Last Thing I Googled: an essay reference cause im boring

How Many Blankets I Sleep With: 1 :

Favorite Fictional Character: rey & malfoy rn 

Favorite Artist: Gogh? Matisse? Keith Haring? Monet? 

What I Am Wearing: my school sweat pants and a turtleneck

Random Fact: I want a forest so I can live in there and become a studio ghibli character 

Another Blog: a star wars blog that I made in the height of my sickness lmao

Most Active Blog: this one 

Why I Got A Tumblr: my sibling had one and I was like I want one and yo yo here I am

Do I Get Asks Daily: not really ? 

Why I Picked This URL: i! love! peaches!

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and anyone else

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I'm over working myself. But if I chill, my grades will suffer. What do I do :(

  • Tell your teacher about your problem, they might be able to help you with your work load, or give you an extension.
  • Are you working in the right way?  Remember to work smarter, not harder.  If you’re constantly staying up late, writing essay after essay in order to study think to yourself- is this is best way?  Why not try a more relaxed way, like testing yourself through flashcards?
  • Set realistic goals: You don’t always have to aim for full marks or an A all of the time!  At the same time, feel good about your result- I know you wanted an A, but that B grade is awesome- don’t be so tough on yourself.
  • Prioritise subjects: If you’re finding that you really cannot manage to maintain the grades throughout all your subjects, then choose to concentrate on a few.  Do you need to get that grade to get into university?  Or is it a personal goal?  Being healthy is more important than getting good grades.

I know how hard this can be, but try to get through it the best you can.  If it gets really difficult, make sure you find someone responsible to talk to who can help you! 💗

funny story

so there’s this one girl in my math class. and one day she brings pepper spray to school (note that carrying pepper spray is LITERALLY ILLEGAL in my country) and she’s showing it to everyone and we’re all impressed and it was going fine. until this one girl is looking at it in the middle of class and for sOME REASON, SHE THINKS ITS BREATH SPRAY AND SPRAYS IT INTO THE AIR. and our teacher just runs out coughing and crying and we’re all wondering what is happening, but THEN the pepper spray hits us. and we’re coughing like crazy and the sound of coughing makes all the teachers in the corridor open their doors and the pepper spray fumes waft into their classroom and the entire third floor has to be evacuated.

the highlight of my middle school years.

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hey harri! I'm really concerned about my biology grade this year as all the spec is brand new and there's no past papers for it. I'm doing AS and I was wondering if you had any ideas on how I could revise effectively?

Hello!  I remember my biology teacher telling me that the new specification was going to be hard, especially with the multiple choice questions being almost like trick questions.  So, remember that you’re not alone in this, and everyone else is finding it hard- even teachers!

Firstly, I’d recommend being prepared.  

  • Buy the appropriate revision guide which has been designed for the new course.
  • Download the specification, and plan your revision around it.  Make sure you know exactly what content you could be tested on.  Make a list of all the topics that you need to learn.
  • Print off old past papers from the previous specification.  Although it’s important to remember that your papers won’t look like this, they are still useful for testing knowledge.

Get to know the format

  • Download the specification paper, which is what the exam board release and what your paper will look like (i.e. the correct format).  
  • Something I did when I was revising for F212 was to actually make up my own questions!  I found biochemistry really hard, so when I went though the textbook, I typed out questions which I thought might come up, and then had a go at answering them.  You never know…they might actually come up!

Finding appropriate resources for revision

  • Ask your teacher for as much advice as possible.  They might have some resources that are specifically designed for the new spec.
  • Use TES to find good revision materials.  You have to sign up, but it only takes about 5 minutes.

I hope it goes well for you!  Knowing the content is the biggest step.  Once you get confident with all the facts, you should be able to adapt it into getting the right answer, regardless of the question.  Good luck 😊

A Slam Poem about Autism

from the day we are old enough
to comprehend spoken language
we are told
“it’s good to be different”
“it’s okay to stand out”
“you should always be yourself”

but what happens when being different
imposes undue hardships on your family
and the people you feel lucky enough to call your friends
but on the inside you think to yourself
“they’re just waiting for the right moment to get out”
what happens when standing out
and being yourself
makes others think that you are broken

the comments from my teachers were all the same
“she’s bossy”
“she’s rude”
“she’s smart but she doesn’t want to apply herself”
and the comments from the students weren’t much different
i walked around with the phrase “you’re annoying”
tacked on my back like a Kick Me sign

i stand before you today at twenty miserable years old
at age nineteen i was diagnosed with autism
and up until that very day
nothing in my life made sense

the word “autism” brought my world together
and i was finally able to forgive myself
for things that i now realize
are not my fault

my mother blames herself
she thinks i am a product of not enough time spent
on teaching me how to act
and how to be
as if i needed to be trained to be “normal”
like a dog who was competing for the prize of “Best In Show”
she still has yet to understand that she is not to be blamed
and that who i am
is not wrong

when you look at me
you might see
a body that doesn’t stop rocking
a leg that won’t stop bouncing
fingers that won’t stop tapping
a smile that comes out when you’re thinking to yourself
“there’s no reason to smile”

they say “don’t let your disability define you”
when what they dont understand is
my disability determines every single moment
of my waking life
will i be able to get out of bed today
will i be able to shower
will i remember to eat
and if i remember
will i even have the energy

whether you want it to or not
whether you like it or not
my disability defines me

not just in bad ways
but in good ones too

i can feel empathy to the point of physical pain
when i come across a dead bird on the sidewalk
as i stand there and think of all the ways that bird could have died
and the kind of life it may have led
you say to me
“it’s just a bird. it didn’t care.”
maybe it didn’t care
but i care

my imagination can produce pictures
as vivid and clear as the break of day
without having to even close my eyes

my wit is as quick and as clean
as a freshly sharpened knife right off the whetstone

i see everything
i hear everything
i feel everything on levels that some people
will never be able to comprehend
sometimes on levels that even i
cant comprehend

when you hear the word “autism”

you say i am broken

and i say

you have no idea what you are talking about

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Do you take requests? Because I really really really really want a fic where Derek is the alpha and the pack is still in school and Derek takes AP classes that only Stiles and Lydia are in and Stiles is having a hard time because he's getting these teacher kinks and he moans to the pack when Derek appears to eat with them during break and Stiles makes food for him too because he's such a sad child and no smut, I just want really happy things? D: and like maybe Derek is marking and Stiles helps?

So I’m sorry cause I’ve had this in my inbox for a while, mainly because I’m not quite sure what you were wanting and also I’ve been lacking inspiration to write as of late. So basically, I’m interpreting this as a kind of Student/Teacher AU where Derek gets a job as a substitute (because I don’t see Derek taking high school classes as a student with the pack because I feel like he’s probably done sorry :/). Like I hope that’s what you’re asking for? If not I’m sorry but here ya go anyway.

“Do you want to know who had the nerve to be my substitute for AP History today?” Stiles says as he plops down in the seat next to Scott at their usual cafeteria table. They’re seniors now, graduation months away in fact, and while things haven’t exactly calmed down in the supernatural realm of Beacon Hills, they at least have a strong handle on it now that Derek is their alpha and struck an alliance so to speak with the Argents.

“Uh sure?” Scott says, after he swallows his mouthful of food, innocently curious at Stiles’s question.

“Derek freakin’ Hale. Derek! He was my sub. Since when is he a substitute teacher?!” Stiles throws his hands up like the world is falling apart around them because of this news.

Scott shrugs, unperturbed at Stiles’s outburst. “He mentioned something about finding a job last pack meeting remember? Guess he found one.”

“A sub? Like he’s legit being a substitute teacher as a job? I thought he was trying to pull one over on me or something when I saw him. Like it was one big joke.”

“Was he? Did he actually teach?”

Stiles looks down at his tray of food guiltily. “Yeah. He wasn’t… bad actually. Like the other kids actually listened to him, but it’s AP so like it’s not like anyone in there wants to goof off even if they could.”

Scott nods. “So you didn’t listen to him?”

“That’s not what I said. I was just… I couldn’t concentrate, you know. I mean it’s Derek. It was weird.”

Scott hums and goes back to his sandwich. The others in the pack that have the same lunch period soon join them, and the conversation veers to other things. Stiles though, he can’t shake the thought of Derek as a teacher, his teacher, and it’s doing odd things to his brain.

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