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To make things brief, my friend does not see the appeal in his face and I thought instead of using my own words to argue pointlessly, I can show her that there IS in fact a lot of other people that agree with me and also find him frustratingly, incredibly, ridiculously, aesthetically pleasing.

I mean, strength in numbers, right?

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You can tell a lot about a person from the kind of music they listen to. Put your music device on shuffle and post the first 10 songs without skipping. Tag 10 people after.

Things I’d Do For U - Astronomyy

Bullet Proof .. I wish I was - Radiohead

AMOR FATI Feat. 김종완 of 넬 (Kim Jong Wan of Nell) - 에픽하이 (Epik High)

1998 - Chet Faker

Trouble Sleeping - The Perishers

Lost - Frank Ocean

Hate Or Glory - Gesaffelstein

4U - Blackbear

Retro - Childish Gambino

The Moon - Flobots

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amazon knows me so well!!

I’d been talking to Lee Pace, actually, about playing the role of the Red Dragon, because Lee and I go way back, and he was very interested in doing so, so I was always thinking Lee was going to do it, and I was poking pins in the “Halt and Catch Fire” voodoo doll hoping that he would be available, but that show came back – which I’m very happy ultimately that it did for everyone involved in it – but I was also shaking my fist at the same time because I wanted to work with Lee again on the show, but once Lee was unavailable I knew exactly who I was going to go to.
—  Bryan Fuller, on initially wanting Lee Pace for the role of Francis Dolarhyde. (x)

Went back to the 90’s , went thrifting and found this gorgeous aquamarine low cut dress like jumper with lace details. I fell in love. Paired it with a pearl and ruby DIY broach, 1970’s straw purse with white strap and gold details, white strappy sandals, rubyred lips, red nail polish from rimmel London and my vintage shades. Ootd from my closet. Perfect for a lunch date by the beach.