my city is in lock down 😵 i’ve never seen it in lock down before, nor has my mother who’s been here for over 50 years

a speeding driver in melbourne’s cbd has run down approximately 23 civilians, 3 of them have passed away and the driver has been taken into custody

i must say i appreciate how quick we are to act in such events and how we take them very seriously; to have a section of the city in lock down immediately and have it all over the news on every channel, how everyone is doing what they can to help

all because of a speeding driver

and my heart goes out to everyone involved in this horrible situation except for that fucking asshole. hang him by his balls

Downtown chillin’

Fave trio tbh.

So I was just thinking about those posts you get in the Discworld tag about the way belief works on the Disc and how Vetinari and/or Vimes is so integral to the way Ankh-Morpork works that they might just sort of… not ever die.

You know, the ones like ‘Vimes is going to become a god of policemen and he’s going to hate it”.

Well. What if it happens to both of them? There are two parts to the city, after all. ‘Proud Ankh’ needs taking down a peg or two (or seven) by Sam Vimes, and if anyone can terrify ‘pestilent Morpork’ into being better then it’s Havelock Vetinari. And they can drive each other mad with stealth puns for centuries, if they want.

Also, this would potentially make them literally Law And Order, and that just seems very fitting in a way that would probably annoy them both.

I couldn’t help but notice some idle gossip surrounding Bernie’s curly hair.  This… was gonna be a drabble.  Anyway there’s hair and massages.  Sadlly, they did not get to drink their tea.

Honestly I dunno what I’m doing anymore.  Send help.

Characters: Bernie Wolfe, Serena Campbell
Rated: T/soft M
WC: 2475

“Is that how you get those curls?”

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I might be the first one to do a Trollhunters edit, because I haven’t seen any, so I made one, because I felt like I needed it in my life, please enjoy, like and reblog if you liked it :)

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Taking My Life Away ~Masterlist~

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Summary: Reader gets a job in a new city, forcing her to leave her best friend behind. Or not. 

Bucky Barnes X Reader

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6**

Part 7

Part 8

Part 9

Part 10**

Part 11

Part 12

Part 13

Part 14

Part 15

Part 16

Part 17

Part 18

Part 19 ~End~

Part 20 ~Epilogue~

**- contains (poorly written) smut