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I've been following you for a long time so I'd like to chime in and say thanks for answering all our crazy K asks including mine! My favorite has been the Fushimi fan club ask which turned into a running joke xD

I’m always pleasantly surprised by how many people enjoy the running gags like the Fushimi fan club and the recurring Strains (body switch Strain, North Pole Strain, etc.). I didn’t intend for that one to become a running joke but then people kept asking and somehow they became a thing ^^;

Donut’s probably dead.

Hope you feel better soon, friend~

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Well, I guess it’s time to delete some old blogs of mine that have been on hiatus for a very long time. I’m kinda sad to see them go, but they don’t have a purpose anymore and I need to learn to let old (and sometimes bad) writing go. So, they were, in no particular order:

  • A Snow White blog from Fables
  • A Sims 3 legacy blog

  • A Gravity Falls OC blog that never saw the light of day

  • My genderbent Ford (if only because the updated default theme made my tag pages useless)

  • My Undertale OC blog

  • My placeholder blog for a fanfic that never got written

Goodbye, blogs. You were fun when I had you, the OC’s you housed still have a place in my heart, the projects I tried to work on still live on in my memory.

★ OMG ★

I’m totally in disbelief here… I never thought that my doujinshi would reach this far!! ( In fact, I never thought that it would get liked by so many! That’s crazy!! o.o ) Recently, I saw on Youtube that some were making visual and audio montage with it, and… I was in total shock. I still can’t believe that these talented people takes of their own time to make ( AWESOME ) montages with my amateur works. I didn’t even have to tell them to put me in the credits! ( They understand!! TwT ) One of them got my attention, because they did very professional jobs, and that’s why I want to give them some publicity… 


RileyChase Fox   (๑꒪▿꒪)*

He’s doing voice acting, and gosh he’s good! He’s doing Natsu’s voice in my doujinshi, and is accompagned by Isa ( ) Who is doing Zeref voice… Each time, I’m squealing like a baby while watching their works… So you should take a peek at it and subscribe as well!! 

Part 1 -

Part 2 -

* Agressively waiting for part 3 *



I found the video of Joshua Jackson fangirling about Gillian lol