In Trousers (1986 version) Song Analysis:

In Trousers:

  • the dream
  • everyone has some sort of secret

I Can’t Sleep:

  • Marvin is restless because he is struggling with whether or not to tell Trina he is gay

Time to Wake Up:

  • Trina waking Marvin up
  • generally being unhappy with their marriage

I Have a Family:

  • Marvin is repressing his gay because he has a family he doesn’t want to lose

How Marvin Eats His Breakfast:

  • Marvin is remembering his 14 year old self who was an asshole but was at least happy

Marvin’s Giddy Seizures (1):

  • 14 year old Marvin is happy and unaware that he is gay thus far
  • giddy seizures = unmeasurable happiness
  • he likes remembering this because his life sucks right now and he wants to go back to a simpler time

My High School Sweetheart:

  • Marvin remembers his high school girlfriend and how he never wanted to be intimate with her
  • the girlfriend is frustrated
  • Marvin remembers liking being in the play and his teacher Mrs. Goldberg

Set Those Sails:

  • Marvin remembers some of the lessons he learned from Mrs. Goldberg
  • or more so from the play (I’m assuming she directed)
  • the play had a big impact on his self discovery and he associates the messages from it with her

I Swear I Won’t Ever Again (1):

  • this is a lie
  • he realizes being gay is ruining his tight knit family
  • but he also knows he can’t help it
  • he tries to anyway with straight fantasies

High School Ladies at 5 o’clock:

  • Marvin remembers fantasies he had in high school about girls
  • this fantasy is where high school marvin realizes he may be gay
  • he realizes he does not want to screw the girls that society says he should like

I Swear I Won’t Ever Again (2)

  • ending the first fantasy
  • it didn’t go as planned (obviously)
  • but hey he is going to try again anyway

The Rape of Mrs. Goldberg:

  • he doesn’t like that he can’t like high school girl so he tries a different fantasy
  • high school Marvin tries to repress the gay thoughts by thinking of a different fantasy
  • he tries to get with Mrs. Goldberg in the form of taking her glasses (dreams are weird)
  • Marvin gets the things he wants ( a straight fantasy) but not the things he wants (to be gay)

I Swear I Won’t Ever Again (3):

  • ending of second fantasy
  • he’s still lying to himself
  • or trying to at least

Love Me For What I Am:

  • Trina recounts how she met Marvin and how their relationship progresses to marriage
  • they both want to be loved for who they are, and it really shows how neither of them are being fulfilled by this relationship

I Am Wearing a Hat:

  • the high school sweetheart and Mrs.Goldberg are unhappy with their lives and don’t feel in control enough to change them
  • they also feel bad for Trina who they know will end up like them
  • metaphor for how love/marriage should be as easy as wearing a hat
  • but they all were in bad relationships that left them unhappy
  • the hat is also symbolic of women who Marvin feels he has hurt/let down/abandoned
  • after he leaves Trina the sweetheart and Mrs. Goldberg give Trina a hat

Wedding Song:

  • Marvin and Trina get married

3 seconds:

  • Marvin equates marriage to the death of him
  • or he would rather die than marry a woman

Nausea Before the Game:

  • Marvin and Trina’s wedding night
  • thinking of sleeping with Trina makes him nauseous

How the Body Falls Apart:

  • Over time things change and love fades
  • as you grow older you realize how unhappy you really are

To Survive the Night:

  • Marvin trying to get through each night with his wife

I Feel Him Slipping Away:

  • Trina describing how she and Marvin have grown distant and how he is cheating on her

Whizzer Going Down:

  • Whizzer gives Marvin a blowjob/sex

Marvin’s Giddy Seizures (2):

  • Marvin is happy he got a blowjob/sex
  • being in this relationship is the first time he has felt truly happy since discovering he was gay

I’m Breaking Down:

  • Trina is not happy Marvin got a blowjob/sex

Packing Up:

  • Marvin is gone

Breakfast Over Sugar:

  • or maybe he’s not gone?
  • yes?
  • uh…
  • nope he is gone

How America Got Its Name:

  • Marvin is a known homosexual and is definitely leaving to be with Whizzer

Time to Wake Up (reprise):

  • Trina wakes up alone and sad

Another Sleepless Night/No Hard Feelings:

  • everything sucks except for the gays

anonymous asked:

write short descriptions of your favourite mutuals/friends and then tag them (but not next to their descriptions) and try to make them guess which one is theirs!

i did two parts bc i did a lot of ppl! ppl are tagged in alphabetical order dfjskfn also i hope y'all can guess your number 🚶🚶🚶


@01bri @1aju @1oveful @2blushy @chanilovehours @doyoung @fruittxt @himlo @jenolees @junghwasgf

01 - omg we were JUST talking today… we always hit each other up for drama its p funny sjdfksldj i love hearing them talk just in general. they have a lot of good energy and it makes me happy that they like me enough to like. willingly hit me up i think thats really cute and i love that… also theyre always going to concerts and i think thats really cute i hope they hve a really good time :( they always have my back n i love talking to them !! angel 

02 - my sweetheart!!! they’re really the funniest we used to talk ALL the time before school started :( i miss them a lot but honestly i love when they spam me with notifs :’) jsdfkjsd i remember when we first met n we talked about divergent and the bts visual novel it was HONESTLY really iconic… they’re a year under me but honestly it feels like we’ve known each other for a while !! they have a lot of love in their heart and their love for a certain few ppl (starting w t) is so sweet :( i love how we both procrastinate and stay up until like 2 for everything anyway ily and i miss u! 

03 -  omg.. i feel like they’re my younger sister… i really don’t deserve such a ray of sunshine! whenever i’m down they always send me the sweetest asks and messages and once they even told me abt their day out of nowhere i just thought that was really cute :( they’re ALWAYS cheering me on and it is really really sweet !! they make me rlly happy nsdfkjsd even just seeing their asks that start with “GIRL!!!” yea :’) they’re the brightest star w the cutest personality

04. we talked for like four hours about grapes once and that’s how we became friends… uhh i love them a LOT !!! they are really so kind and supportive and we get along really well?? they have a callout list for me kjdfdsf honestly we have a lot of inside jokes and it’s really cute. they changed my opinion abt taureans (U SHOULD KNOW WHO U ARE BY NOW .. ) and i just love how we can talk about anythin????? also your sleep schedule is SUPER screwed up but its chill bc that means we can talk more ndfkjsdkf i love you angel !! 

05. i will LITERALLY never forget the time i was feeling like absolute SHIT and they took the time to write out like an ESSAY for me and it’s saved and screenshotted and immortalized forever in my heart it really meant a lot for someone to like. take the time out to do that for me and im so grateful…we don’t even post the same content anymore but they always interact w my posts and check up on me and send me asks… i love them a lot lot lot! on my old blog they’d send me the cutest asks too im grateful and lucky to have them in my life :’) 

06. they know who they are !! my one n only!! we talk every single day and somehow they don’t get sick of me which is a feat in of itself. super creative and caring and empathetic and strong and selfless and just? a really good person. they have the biggest heart and the most love to give. they’re also really hard on themselves :( my biggest cheerleader n the love of my life.. if you haven’t figured out who you are yet i’ll send jeno over to talk some sense into you (*tell you he loves you)

07. soooo soft :( everything about them is soft!! they hav a lot of love for a certain bunny boy and they’re always always tagging ppl in things i think it’s so unbelievably kind. they’re always spreading kindness and joy and is such a ray of sunshine!! i really really lov them a lot ! 

08. o man where do i start?? they’re really full of a lot of love… they’re always love posting abt their best friend and that really makes me so happy that they have such a positive good person in their life… anyway we always send each other cute asks periodically to check on each other & we’re always helping each other out when we go through emo moods… anyway they’re applying to college at the same time i am and i remember stressing out abt it with them but i KNOW we’ll both be fine i lovve them :’)

09. seriously a big source of support for me even if we don’t talk on the daily!! they always have really good advice to give and even when like. No Advice Can Be Given they’re always lending an listening ear. they’re really cute i love how mature they are !! besides giving rlly insightful n thoughtful advice.. uh they’re just a rockstar! they’re a little bit younger than me but they always try their best and help others out and it’s really admirable. plus they said they love making playlists and i just thought that was the cutest thing :/

10. we haven’t had a lot of conversations together but theyre really just the sweetest :( ever :( i was going through a hard time n they sent me so many sweet asks and messages. its always nice to know there are ppl who care abt u and this person is just SO caring in general!! they’re always tagging ppl in sweet things and doing their best and it is much appreciated !! much like their name they rlly are. the best and the brightest <3



@kimjunnoodle @lazy-gudetama @pastelunnie @rapgodkth @rosehyuck @snowedjin @taehn @taeilsgrl @taeyyongs

11. UGH another sweetheart … they’re always sending me the sweetest long asks checking up on me and they’re always interacting n communicating and talking abt stuff they’re passionate abt it i really love it ?????? i miss talking to them !! they would send me the cutest dog pictures :( i always see them around spreading love and happiness and warmth .. they have a lot of love and compassion in their heart. i always look forward to their asks and replies!!

12.  my EVERYTHING!!!! i saw their selfies like yesterday n they rlly knocked my socks off imagine being so pretty!!!! they are really an icon it was so cute talking to them abt our wedding :/ they’re a lot of fun they go from super soft to super funny and like, theyre either loveposting or talking about furries i think its the funniest thing ever. anyway they’re a total sweetheart n the best hyuck stan so yeah ! i love love

13. omg …. they’re SO considerate they’re always tagging me in those “associate ur mutuals with” posts and it’s honestly really cute ??? they have my kidneys and my left lung and my Whole heart :( the biggest sweetest tae stan ! super sweet and lovely and funny !!! we don’t talk a lot but i’m always cheering them on behind the scenes!! they always interact w my not funny stupid posts and hype me up theyre just. really great to be with and im grateful to b mutuals 

14. i’ve known you the longest!!!!!!!! i have all ur jk fics saved omg :( you’re the sweetest bean and i love talking to you.. even tho we don’t talk on the regular anymore it’s always so sweet hearing from you and i love how we always update each other when smthing important happens in our lives!!!! i love watching the videos u send ur voice is rlly the cutest n i remember the first tme i heard it i started crying anyway i still have your christmas card saved and i love you a whole freaking lot im still waiting to go on a date with u :( my tall gf

15. UH we literally talk and just. gush over how cute girls are …. jsfdasdf we ALWAYS tell each other beef no matter what sfjdsk they really have such a caring n chill personality. we think alike so it’s really nice telling them abt things i need help with because i always get a good second perspective on it… they’re always here to listen to me (even late at night when they have work the next day)… they’re a bit like my older sister i trust them a lot !! i really love how they always update me on things even tho i SUCK ass at messaging so :) anyway i love them a lot (move to california sooner!) 

16. one of the funniest most down to earth ppl i’ve ever met. memes are iconic and every single conversation we have i always manage to laugh bc their comedic timing is amazing and yea they’re just an all around great person. they’re my movie buddy and we can also really talk abt anything??? like we’re super comfortable around each other which is super cool n i’m grateful. we can talk for hours n hours … and yeah .. they’re also super sweet and always support me through everything! we have a lot of inside joke its cute & i’m glad i met this person i really am :’)

17. hdfsfn.. really. they really own my heart.. honestly i couldn’t have asked for a better mutual???????? they are Top Tier quality one of kind…they have like thousands upon thousands of followers and they always always promo me … im so undeserving of their love… AND AND THEY ALWAYS SEND ME ASKS …. even when like. im being annoying and ask stupid questions no one wants to answer they always write out a whole paragraph and it makes my WHOLE world ten times over im so grateful for them … i have the strawberry emoji on like all of their asks bc i want to keep all of them thats how much i appreciate the time n effort they show me … wrow… the cutest and best ever i love them a LOT! 

18. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they’re so motherly to me …. they’re always looking out for me and making sure i’m doing ok and i think that’s just the sweetest best thing ever :( they’re really sweet n pretty AND funny i always love seein their posts… they’re one of my few exo mutuals and i LOVE IT ! I LOVE THEM! they are sosososo soft their tags for their man are really the cutest too… they’re one of those mutuals who switch from loveposting to toesucking and it’s the best and funniest i love them! once i was sick n they sent me like two asks making sure i was ok and . wrow. i couldnt have asked for anyone better

19.  mMmMmMm i remember i thought they hated me and then it turns out they didn’t and i was SO relieved bc they’re so sweet and funny and :( just a really great person. they did a lil astrology analysis for me and it was so spot on i’d trust them with my life and my savings and my posterity…. uhhh they have a heart of gold they’re always looking out for others and trying their best n it’s really admirable. they also have such a good sense of humor!! a treasured mutual who owns my heart :( 

Pre-Vacation Brain (aka totally rocking it)

Last night I went to karaoke and sorta realized the hilarity of the state of my whole life.

I was on the bus heading to the place my sweetheart likes with my good friend Peter, who just moved up here from Asheville, NC. We go way back but, like you do, kinda haven’t talked much for a while.

I filled him in on the details of the collapse of my short-lived second marriage. The nature of my current relationship and the comfort and joy I’m finding there.

It’s really, I think, a pretty good story. I tried abbreviating it all in to just a few sentences and it reduced us both to hysterics, laughing at over simplifying something so complex and the way it all got to this point.

Sort of like the end of Burn After Reading, actually, which I totally loved.

So you’re welcome, passengers on the line 12 bus last night, for the story and the laughs.

I’ll write the abbreviated version down here sometime.

I just wanted to share the reason why I’m giggling, as though you were bothered by the noise, Internet.

I’m happy to have my good friends, old and new, to laugh about the sheer peaks of ridiculousness I have attained.


If you wanna stop this, then stand up! Because I’ve just got one thing to say to you! Never forget who you want to become!” |
  Happy Birthday to my lovely Annie~ ✿♥‿♥✿ ( @shotous )

Favorite Daddy Phrases


~Who’s in charge?
~Who owns you?
~What did I say?
~Do I make myself clear?
~Do you remember your rules?
~Do you need to be punished?
~What did you just say?
~Are you going to be a good girl?
~Who’s my good girl?
~Who do I love the most?
~How’s my little girl?
~What’s my little girl doing?
~Are you in little space?
~What are you coloring/drawing?
~How are your stuffies?
~Can Daddy join?
~Are you taking care of yourself?
~Have you eaten enough?
~Are you drinking enough?
~Have you taken your meds?
~Are you ready for bed?
~Are you snuggled in bed?


~Listen to Daddy
~Don’t disobey Daddy
~Do it for Daddy
~Be a good girl
~Speak up
~Use your words
~Stay close to Daddy
~Be safe
~Show Daddy what you’re wearing
~Show Daddy your favorite little outfits
~Show Daddy your coloring/drawing
~Show Daddy your favorite stuffies
~Tell Daddy about your day
~Go to bed, princess
~Close your eyes, baby


~Good girl
~You’re such a good girl
~I’m so proud of you!
~You did such a good job!
~I love you so much
~You’re my one and only
~I only want you
~I’m not going anywhere
~I promise
~You’re such a cutie!
~My little girl
~Daddy loves when you’re in little space
~You make Daddy so happy!

Pet Names:

~Baby Girl
~Little Girl
~Little One
~My Future Wife
~My Nerd
~My Dork
~My Girl
~My One and Only


I always lied to you and asked you to forgive me. Deliberately keeping you at a distance by my own hand. All because I didn’t want you to get caught up in any of this. But now, I believe… that perhaps you could have changed Father, Mother, and the rest of the Uchiha. If I had been open with you from the start… and looked you straight in the eyes and told you the truth, then I wouldn’t have had to stand before you, from above, as a failure, telling you all of this. So this time, I want to impart this truth to you… You don’t ever have to forgive me. And no matter what you do from here on out, know this… I will love you always. 

Happy Birthday Rehaf! (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧ [08.01]