Simple and plain and not much to ask from somebody
               Come out of hiding, I’m right here beside you.

Ok please imagine the 10th generation  guardians in a college lecture led by Skull. So of course no one is paying attention

You have Tsuna, who honestly tried to pay attention but just ends up messing around on the internet

Then you have Hibari sleeping, like straight up knocked the fuck out and not even trying to hide it

Then you have gokudera who is all like “This class is just a gen-ed requirement, its not in my major” and he just fucking takes out his linear algebra textbook and a calculator and starts doing a shit ton of math

Then you have Yamamoto photoshopping his face onto a bunch of different ppl like. He photoshops his face onto a person who went to a Bernie Sanders rally and is all like “I can’t believe I saw Sanders.” and Tsuna has to remind him they’re in fucking japan

Then you have Lambo who’s playing games, and he yells in frustration whenever he messes up or dies

Mukuro and Chrome are just in the back chillin, watching movies on their laptops


Louis’s voice is so beautiful. So peaceful and soothing. It calms my soul and brings me peace. I’m not exaggerating. Even before I knew his name, I loved his voice. Before when I was not an enthusiastic fan, just general audience, I loved little things. It’s one of my all time favourites. Whenever Louis’s part came on, i used to go still and just *listen*. Even now, every time a louis solo comes on, I just go silent and am awestruck by his voice. It’s so unique and pretty. And he sings with such feeling, such emotion, I feel it to my bones. I can single out his voice in the chorus, holding it together, giving it its essence. Everything about Louis is so special. I just… I just am speech less, most of the time. And then at times like this, I feel I could burst with how much I love him.

I feel unusually emotional about my synth husbands today.


Fly in Atlanta has officially killed me.


@lohelim asked me at some point which older gen ponies I had in my collection, so since I spent this week shining up the girls a bit, I figured I’d get some pictures up. This post is G1 and G2, G3 will be tomorrow.

Locket and Sky Rocket (Twinkle-Eye)

Tuneful, Sweet Notes, Half Note, and Pretty Beat (Rockin Beat)

Sugar Apple (Candy Cane)

Brightglow (Glow n’ Show). This poor girl was in pretty bad shape when she came to me. Someone had used actual paint in an attempt to change the stripes in her hair from purple to blue, and though I’ve gotten about 95% out, there are some crumbs that just won’t be removed. Her cutie mark’s nothing but the barest fade left, and I’m not sure if my hands will ever be steady enough to repaint it.

Queen Sunsparkle and Princess Silver Swirl (G2 ponies). The seller also owned and was kind enough to include Silver Swirl’s mini McDonalds toy. Sunsparkle had some pretty terrible tinsel crunch when I got her, and I ended up trimming nearly half of it out (and she still has SO MUCH).

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Honestly i wish I could dislike how much you like Calum because I'm a Calum girl too but honestly I look at your tags and I'm here like, "Oh my god she loves that boy so much. She's so precious with him. Please date him and make him happy." SERIOUSLY you're so sweet about all the boys and it's the cutest thing!

STOP omg this is honestly…. you’re so nice this makes me so happy :’) I do indeed love him so much and I’m glad it shows hehe

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Hollywood Life poll (Do you think Stiles and Lydia are endgame? Yes 35.75 % to No 64.25 %. Congratulations for winning in the inaugural Stydiot Fandom Awards. The Troll Brigade on polldaddy is appreciative of all the stydiots in the fandom. \ (•◡•) /

My smooth pussy...

I’ve been shaving or waxing my pussy pretty much since soon after I started getting hair between my legs. I don’t think I can really say how young I was but let’s just say I wasn’t really thinking about graduating high school yet :-) I was dating an older guy and he thought I looked sexy with a smooth pussy so I started shaving it for him and have been ever since. I love how I look with a nice little bald pussy plus it feels really good when I’m getting fucked. I love spreading my legs and showing my sweet little girl pussy to a stranger and then begging him to slide his big hard cock deep inside.

It was a lot of fun doing that when I was younger too… letting an older man I’ve never seen before look up my skirt and opening my legs so he could see my smooth little pink pussy. Smiling at him… Letting him take me someplace and fuck me like a dirty slut.