~ still not gay ~

Word Count: 2 800

Genre: chat fic, coming out, coming to terms with sexuality, humour

Pairing(s): phan, tiny mention of kickthestickz

Warnings: swearing, so many spelling/grammar mistakes (all on purpose as it’s a chat fic), mentioned homophobia, sexual humour (not a lot)


crabstickzzz has added PJ to the chat.
PJ: what?
dannyboy: chris and co. think im gay

A/N Shout out to the (formerly) ~ still not gay ~ chat, thanks for not believing I was straight. (Loosely based off my own unconventional coming out.)

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26.2.17// Sunday studying with a good friend in the philological library.
(she´s feeling kind of observed, isn´t she?).  
We are supporting each other for the fact we have to spend our Sunday at Uni but after all, it´s quiet and inspiring here and we are working at a good rhythm.
Have a happy Sunday! 

Leon as an Apostate Mage

May or may not be thinking of drawing a Templar Cloud sometime soon XD

Sorry you can’t see his tattoo very well, I’ll make sure that it shows better in a future drawing.

I’ve been playing Dragon Age lately, can you tell?
Did you see I managed to sneak in Leon’s love of belts into this design

i’ve been procrastinating on an english paper all day because of tumblr and i need to get down to business, if anyone catches me on here until i announce that i’ve finished the paper, call me out on it over messages. or like message me a pic of principal skinner judging me. whichever.

edit: obviously if it’s a queued post don’t message me over that because that’s not an indication that i’m currently using tumblr