How do you guys imagine the sun?

For example, the sun has always felt like a girly best friend. When I sit outside on a warm summer day she’s there with me, warmin my cheeks and making me feel better, maybe accidentally overdoing the bakin and feeling bad for me so she’ll pull some clouds in or ask for a cool breeze. She wears bright pink and purple dresses in the morning, changes into a white one during the day, and just for fun might wear a gorgeous deep orange or red one in the evening to impress the world with her beauty. You know, the super cute friend who’s elegant and breathtaking but still down to earth (ha.) and raw. I dunno… I think of her as a person🤷🏻‍♀️

We are starting a new club

The Big Boy Big Tears Predawn Cry Club

Brought to you by @nirtonic and @oneorangeshoelace , two lads with tears that’ll last years

If you too are a boy who cries really big tears really early in the morning this club may be for you!

Things needed for admission to club:
A Boy*
Big boy pants/skirts/loincloths**
Big boy tears
An unwillingness to let the sun or any one else see you cry
A soggy(tears) pillow for midnight muffling

*boy can be you, can be other, can be imagined, can be the ladybug outside busy singing love songs to the moon in your honor. All boys accepted

**somthing to contain the difficulty