Everyone creates the thing they fear…

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The Signs Based on People I Know

Aries: fun, good company, slightly chaotic, great for parties and a good time, reacts especially badly when people try to control them

Taurus: okay so aparently that whole food stereotype is true like holy shit, knows what they want in life, achieves anything they put their mind to if they’re in the right working/living/etc environment

Gemini: kinda crazy but in a good way, all over the place, passionate, cool fashion sense, attractive, the “go-to-person” for a variety of things yet no help at all for others, good taste in music and food

Cancer: extremely intense, super clingy with people they like, lashes out at loved ones when upset, A GODDAMN EMOTIONAL ROLLERCOASTER, so much fun to be around when they’re happy but when they have a hard time they drag you down with them, loyal and loving and a wonderful friend for those who can handle all the baggage

Leo: loud, energetic, sarcastic, witty, attracts a crowd of friends, enjoys having an audience, brags and shows off way too much, puts themselves first for better or for worse, confident, outgoing extraverts, seriously cannot walk by a mirror or reflective surface and not check themselves out in it, resents being stereotyped as insecure narcissists, insecure as a teenager but genuinely loves themselves as an adult, does not put up with anyone’s bullshit, stands up for friends/family and kicks ass when needed

Virgo: takes perfectionism to the next level, high strung, realists at best but tendency toward pessimism, brutally honest, logical, highly intelligent, isolates when hurt or upset, critical of others, frustrated when others don’t live up to their standards, often has incredibly high or unrealistic standards, hard to get close to but well worth it once you do, gives good advice but if you asked for it you’d better follow it or they’ll be pissed

Libra: liked by almost everyone, popular, well balanced so it’s no surprise their symbol is a fucking scale, often smart but modest about it, motivated and driven in life but not uptight about it

Scorpio: seriously not at all the evil dangerous badass tumblr stereotypes them as, seriously though how the fuck did they get that reputation, often down to earth, unconventional, attractive in more than just their looks, mysterious, misunderstood, will fight for what they believe in, unconcerned with how others see them, often mature but stay away from the immature ones because wow those ones are some shitty people, intellectual interests like theatre, art, books, etc

Sagittarius: wild, fun to be around, somehow both laid back and energetic at the same time, way too much energy, seriously slow the fuck down, friendly and outgoing, accepting of pretty much anyone who isn’t a collosal asshole, unless you’re rude to them don’t ever be rude to them, sensible, practical, optimistic

Capricorn: adjective, personality trait, blah blah (Sorry everyone I actually have yet to know any capricorns so uh…)

Aquarius: total weirdos to be honest, can be either wonderful or a shit show depending on the type of weirdo they are, artistic, not good at sitting still, low tolerance for unpleasant activities but pretty content otherwise, did I mention that they’re weird?

Pisces: Emotionally unstable, prone to whining, childlike in both good and bad ways, comes across as pure and innocent whether or not they actually are, good people with no ill will, their actions have good intentions but not necessarily good results, supervise them on complicated tasks (especially if you’re a virgo, but then again you’d probably do that anyways without my advice)

Why can’t you let go? Like a bird in the snow. This is no place to build your home.
—  lyrics from Friction by Imagine Dragons
I was thinking which zodiac would fit which Mogeko God/Devil:

-Aries = Siralos

-Taurus = Kcalb

-Gemini = Elux

-Cancer = Reficul

-Leo = Ivlis

-Virgo = Rosaliya Phantomrose

-Libra = Justim

-Scorpio = Satanick

-Sagittarius = Vicers

-Capricorn = Liliya

-Aquarius = Fumus

-Pisces = Etihw

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