CITW + happy vs. sad moments



The Faculty (1998) Easter Egg in The Cabin in the Woods

There’s been a lot of pondering on if this is really the horror film Whedon and Goddard were referencing in CITW, and honestly I think it is. They all fit the archetypes laid out in CITW. Though none of them are killed, they are systematically brought into the fold of the hive-mentality that the aliens seem to have going. In this group of 5 the Whore (Delilah, though she doesn’t have sex in the movie she is the head cheerleader and so she fits that stereotype in this case. Her desirability is brought up in the film by at least 2 characters) is overtaken first. Then the Jock (Stan, who doesn’t really need a reason why he’s the Jock, since he is a sports player. He’s actually a lot like Curt in the regard that he’s not the “dumb” jock that the role implies) is brought into the fold, then the Scholar (Stokely, who is the one they turn to for information since she reads and is knowledgeable about this subject), and though the Fool (Zeke, who is also like Marty in that he’s not completely burn out. He’s intelligible but chooses not to broadcast it. Its his drug mixture that messes things up, just like Marty’s marijuana) isn’t “killed” nor brought into the hive, he’s still knocked out cold after Stokely’s predicament is revealed. The Virgin (Casey, because he’s the “nerd”, the shy one, the one that has porn under his mattress but never dates) is the one to live until the end, defeating the Nightmare that had been unleashed (Marybeth, who is the Mother of the Hive basically. She said it was their loneliness that brought her there, they were all alienlike before so it wouldnt be much different. Technically they all summoned her, maybe even in particular Casey or Stokely, who Marybeth seemed particularly interested in changing).

They mention in CITW that it was the Chemistry Department’s fault that things went awry, and as mentioned before this is accurate in this film. Zeke’s drug is the only way the kids are able to hurt the aliens and tell if any of them are one. 

The amount of detail and logic that fits here is astounding and even if most of these are happy coincidences I still think this is pretty cool.