This took forever

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A few little notes to my Space Suits Comic! 

There is definitley more to come :) (I hope a lot more)

Tho I am not able to post updates on a regular schedule. (comics are a lot of work…)


There will be a few Episodes. Like The first Doodle I did about the Space Suits is one Episode, and now the changing room Comic is Episode 2 and so on and on, so I can plan it in a better way. 

Maybe I should post it on a webcomic site… I dunno… 

I hope you will all enjoy it! 

heya. i’ve made even more overwatch icons including widowmaker, mercy,, zarya, symmetra (anon request) and tracer. 12 icons in total. all of the icons summer games themed. credit isn’t necessary, but please, don’t claim as your own. get them here. enjoy and thank you!

Just when I thought I couldnt be a worst piece of trash
Here I discover Superjail! and fall in love with this dude
(Boi i watched the whole first season tonight and even if its the weirdest shit ive ever seen, I still kinda like it)

(So yea I sketched The Warden (not sure if i liked how it turned out tho. Bleh))

I was thinkin to myself “Hmm…why don’t i try drawing myself wearing a custom or whatever of my fursona???” And so here it is~
I’m not really into fursuits sense it looks like it can get hot as fuck fast so i’d rather have my fursona mask and tail~
So if i was ever going to go to some furry con or whatever, i’d look like this.
i mean come on, What could POSSIBLY go Wrong???

Now…you may be wondering, “Dude, if you’re not wearing a fur suit then how are you wearing a tail???” 
GOOD QUESTION, and i’ll leave it to YOU to figure that one out~