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Conflicted (Part 1)

Chris Evans x Reader

Word Count: 1588 // Rating: Mature

Warnings: none

Summary:  Reader is the new girl in town. But will Chris be friend or foe?

Note: this will be multiple parts, i was going to do it about another person but i’ve chosen to do this about Chris 


I have absolutely no idea what prompt to give you as a request but I really loved “just a fling” so maybe something with chris e again? Maybe Christmas or holiday related? Or on the flip side they get to know each other more (maybe didn’t originally like each other) become bffs then the relationship (which probably won’t be holiday related lol)? Really, just preferably something with a happy ending lol. Fluff, angst, smut, all or whatever really doesn’t matter to me. I’m just throwing things out there so I’m not completely useless lol.

Thanks!! I love your writing!

‘You can do this, it’s not a big deal,’ Y/N muttered to herself as she paced outside in the hallway. The corridor was long and narrow, with several rooms bordering it either side. However, she wasn’t concerned with those other rooms. She was bothered about the door at the end of the hall which contained an ensemble of famous faces all preparing for the first script read of the shoot. She couldn’t believe that at age 21 she’d managed to land herself a role in one of Marvel’s biggest films to date. Truthfully, she had been recommended by her best friend of several years Tom Holland; but producers had loved her in the small role she had obtained in Spider-Man Homecoming and had brought her into the Captain America franchise as a new team member and love interest alongside the title character.

Bracing herself slightly she placed her hand on the door handle and pushed it down allowing the door to open and reveal a small collection of people around several tables that were lined up in a square formation. She smiled weakly, the nerves hitting her once again, as her eyes scanned frantically over the placards that were dotted around the table. Spotting her name in bold block lettering she hurried forward and threw herself into her seat hoping no one’s eyes were on her. Her hands traced her script as she looked down at it adoringly - the sense of pride heavy in her heart. The door clicked open again and over the next ten minutes or so people filled in. It was odd, she was after all the new girl so she was unable to catch up with other people in the room, she was exiled from the cliques that clustered around each table.  So, she sat quietly, looking around from person to person as they chatted over her, and sipped her water waiting for the read to begin.

The chatter died down once the director stepped up at the end of the tables, he cleared his throat and then said, ‘Hello everyone, look, I’ll make this brief. You’ve all met me and I’m happy that I’ve got such a fabulous cast for this newest venture. I like to do script reads end to end first off. We can top and tail in tomorrow’s read, hopefully, you’re all already word perfect,’ a titter ran around the room as his face fell into a doubtful yet comical look, ‘we might as well start and then there’s food and drinks in the room next door so y’all can mingle and get to know one another. 14 weeks in close quarters will, I’m sure, make everyone the best of friends. Right, well anyway let’s start.’

And with that, he sat down at the end of the table and flipped open his script that lay in front of him. There was a flurry of activity as everyone followed his actions opening their scripts to the first page. The chatter was lower now before it disappeared completely replaced by the actors now rehearsing their lines. Y/N was nervous but as her scenes came up her confidence built, she was sure of herself and knew she could impress.

The script read didn’t take long and soon they were done so everyone rose from the table and moved into the room next door through the adjoining door. The room was hot and sweaty, the dozens of table people present was too much for the small room. As she didn’t know anyone Y/N moved across the room, picked up a complimentary drink, and went to sit by herself on a table in the corner. She watched, smiling and making small talk with people here and there until she saw a man coming towards her. She recognised him as Anthony Mackie.

Anthony moved to her table and stood, ‘This seat taken?’
Y/N shook her head and sipped her drink watching him as he sat down. Anthony placed his own drink on the table and looked at her, smiling, ‘Y/N, right?’
‘I think we’ve met before, at the Spider-Man premiere in London?’
‘In passing.’
‘Yeah, yeah, you were with Tom all night if I remember rightly?’
‘Yeah,’ she said shyly. That had been the only premiere she had really been too, as it was her home country it had been special to her and she’d wanted to spend it with her best friend. Needless to say, the two of them had celebrated. Hard. Tom had been touring for ages meaning they hadn’t seen each other in weeks and so, they were hammered.
‘Actually, if I remember rightly he was holding you up by the end of the night,’ Anthony chuckled much to Y/Ns embarrassment. Y/N placed her hand on her face, flinching in mortification before saying, ‘Actually I think it was more of an equilibrium. I was supporting him just as much we were that mullered.’
‘Ah,’ Anthony said causing the pair to chuckle more.

‘Excuse me miss is he bothering you,’ came a low voice from behind Y/N. She and Anthony turned to find their co-star and star of the show, Chris Evans, behind them a bemused and curious look on his face.
‘Shut it, Evans,’ Anthony waved off.
‘Hey, you’re the one bothering these pretty girls all the time.’
‘Got to warn them off you and Seb.’
‘Oh really, and I just thought it was because you’re desperate for someone to finally laugh at your jokes.’
‘You just gon’ hover there all day?’ Anthony said causing Chris to roll his eyes though he moved to sit down, ‘you met Y/N yet?’
‘No, I don’t think I have,’ Chris said as he sat down and extended his arm so he could shake her hand, ‘nice to meet you.’
‘Pleasure,’ Y/N agreed as she smiled at him. Her heart fluttered in her chest for he was, after all, very handsome. Not to mention the fact he’d referred to her as pretty, she thought she might melt.
‘So, you’re the new girl huh?’ Chris asked, his piercing blue eyes staring at her causing her to become slightly flustered.
‘Erm yeah, that’s me. I mean I know most of the crew since I did Spider-Man but this cast is all different.’
‘Yeah, the crew’s great and don’t look so worried the cast aren’t that bad huh Mackie?’
‘Except Evans of course.’
‘Funny,’ Chris deadpanned, ‘don’t listen to him. So, you’re British huh?’
‘What’s it like living over here?’
‘Pretty good. I mean I miss home a lot and my mum worries about me non-stop but I’m loving it if truth be told.’
‘Ah, mom’s worry no matter what.’
‘That’s true,’ Anthony agreed. They started chatting, unfortunately, Anthony had to go and so Chris and Y/N were left alone at the table. Their conversation ranged from topic to topic. He was riveted to hear about her pursuing her acting career so far from home and she loved the way he listened. His eyes lit up and a smile on his face signalling his genuine interest. They chatted about the company and who’s who on the team. Chris filled her in on who was who and how to make friends. He asked her about her life and work. Eventually, almost everyone had filtered out of the room though she hadn’t noticed as she had become so wrapped up in her conversation.

‘We should probably head out,’ Chris said, gesturing to the emptying room that now held a handful of people.
‘Yeah, I’ve still got to unpack and get settled into my suite and stuff.’
‘You got one of the condo places too?’
‘Yeah,’ she nodded as the ambled through the room to the nearest exit.
‘Me too, I’m 312 if you ever need help,’ he said smiling at her earnestly.
‘I’ll remember that,’ she said, unable not to grin in response.
‘Well I’ve gotta go,’ Chris said as they walked down the large corridor that led to the main foyer.
‘No problem, sorry for keeping you,’ Y/N said awkwardly as she allowed her eyes to drop to the floor.
‘Don’t worry about it,’ Chris waved off, ‘I liked talking to you.’
‘You too.’
They stood in the lobby now looking at each other awkwardly. Neither of them knew what to do but Chris took control of the situation and leant down to embrace her in a quick hug. Y/N could feel his muscular body against hers, his strong biceps around. He smelled amazing she had to admit but within a second he was gone. ‘See ya, Y/N.’ he muttered as he disappeared across the lobby and out of the sliding doors of the foyer. Y/N sighed. After this morning being so stressful she found she had actually enjoyed her afternoon. Y/N truly thought that she might have made her first friend. Working on a big film like this, at her age, was so daunting and the fact he’d taken the time to talk to her meant a lot. He was nice, funny, charming and took a genuine interest in her.

She was conflicted, she couldn’t like him like that. He was Captain America for God sake! The star of the show and she was a 20-year-old who was new to the industry, a nobody. But the more she thought about him the more her interest piqued and she could feel herself becoming flustered. ‘Oh God,’ she muttered as she made her way outside to head back to her apartment, ‘please tell me I do not have a crush.’

thanks for the patience, have some quick doodles of lovely ladies.

A buff Nagisa and a happy Honoka from Pretty Cure, a Clavat lady from Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles, Sin from Sailor Moon, and Naruto’s Sakura sporting a new uniform, especially designed for demon fighting ninja women, a Taima-something suit

Acid Rain Pt. 1

A.N. So I finally decided to give in to my mind and write a modern Ragnarssons story. Bare in mind I’m probably not /that/ good at it but here goes nothing right? Made my own lil character too and some other characters are my own. Feedback appreciated xx

Warnings: Mentions of Domestic Abuse, mentions of sexual activities, angst.

Originally posted by whenimaunicorn

Life was good. Life was great. I had everything you wanted, I had everything I needed. But of course it was too good to be true, in fact it took a day for things to crumble around me. For things to go from bad, to worse, to absolute shambles. I laughed cynically to myself thinking of how I made my New Years resolution at the start of the year.

“This is going to be my year!” I cheered raising my glass. The clock struck midnight, some people around were snogging, others taking selfies but I had stumbled to the balcony to scream that one sentence before sculling what was left of my drink and ending the night in a blurred haze that I still can’t quite remember.

But now here I am, in the back of a car my father had ordered to drive me from my house, or I should say my old house, to a new one he had pulled strings to get for me in Kattegat. I can’t say I wasn’t excited, I hadn’t been to Kattegat since I left as a young girl. A slightly chubby, insecure, do no wrong girl.

Here I was being carted back into the city in less than prime condition. Big sunglasses covered half my face, despite the gloomy clouds looming overhead. They covered the black eye and parts of the scratches down the side of my face, a heavy scarf piled on my neck helped bury my split lip. I cowered in the seat, the events from that night creeping into my veins.

Work had sucked, I had done the best I could to stay positive. The customers were taking it out their frustrations on me and I couldn’t exactly lash out. Eventually my boss had noticed and sent me home with a sympathetic half smile and a hug. She was the best part of that job, always continuing to push me forward. She was the first to know about my pregnancy, she made it so we were always on shifts together so she could help me out, today I guess she knew I was pretty worn down. On the way home I had started to cry, I wasn’t too far from my home when my car broke down. I had called Andrew five times, each time he ignored me, I was steaming. The most ironic part of this day was the pissing rain that I had to walk through to get home. By the time I got home I was exhausted, in hysterics and I was pissed off. But it got so much better, there was a car in the driveway when I got home. Not Andrew’s but I found his in the garage. I walked in the door and it set my blood boiling instantly. I could hear them. I could hear her calling his name. He told her he loved her. I stormed down to his room and pushed the door open.

“How could you!!!” I screamed. He looked at me from under her as she crawled off him. “You said we were going to get married…” I spluttered through angry tears. “I’m carrying your child!!!” I instinctively held my tummy. He slowly and ever so carefully got off the bed, helping his mistress sit down before turning to me.

“You just can’t let me have anything fucking nice.” He yelled as he spun to face me, backhanding me in the process. His gilded rings sliced my cheek open, it stung like nothing else. “You’re the one who decided to keep the parasite, not me!”

“This baby is not a parasite! It is a human being! You made it with me!” I sobbed. It all happened insanely fast I barely remember it.

I felt my chest tightening at the memory. I had lost everything that night. The love of my life, my home, my car, my baby… I felt a sob travel through my body as the car slowed to a stop in a parking garage beneath a big building.

“Enough crying little lady, you’re in a better place. You’re safer here than anywhere in the world. Your father wouldn’t have let you move anywhere other than here.” Lindsay, the driver, had said. “Don’t make me have to carry you to your room like I did when you were a wee babe.” His words helped me calm down.

‘I am safe. I’m safe. I am safe.’ I repeated in my head. I opened the car door and stepped out, Lindsay carried my belongings for me. The elevator ride was quick, for which I was thankful, the last thing I wanted to do was stand in an enclosed space for ages. But I sooner wished for that to be the case as I stepped out of the elevator. I came to be in the same hallway as the Ragnarssons, the reason they were congregated in the hallway I do not know. I had known them for so long yet I was a stranger to them.

Watching the kids play outside made me jealous. Even the crippled boy, Ivar, was welcome to play, that might have been because of his mother but still. It hurt. Even though my father was good friends with Ragnar and Aslaug, I was the least welcome. Besides, they only cared for my older sister, Max, she was thin, pretty, her blonde hair flowed perfectly, her cheeks perfectly rosed. I, on the other hand, was fat, ugly, blonde hair hanging like clumped string, my cheeks splotchy. They would always hurl insults at me whenever they saw me, always calling me fat. Except Ubbe, he would always come to see me first, he would talk and read with me until his brothers were coming out to play. Then it all turned to custard when I realised I had become enamoured by Ivar, everything was about him and when his brothers became tired of him, he came to me. We became very close friends, I thought for sure he loved me… until Margarete came along, and he left. He never spoke to me again.

I felt my cheeks heat up and was suddenly thankful for my big scarf and big glasses, I spun on my heels and quickly made my way to my door.

“That must be the our new neighbour.” That must have been Bjorn. I quickly unlocked my door and ran inside, Lindsay following with my stuff. The suite was fully furnished and a bottle of wine sat on the counter.

‘Welcome home my sweet. I’m sorry I couldn’t be here to welcome you home but unfortunately work calls. Try to catch up with the Ragnarssons, I’m sure they would be surprised to see you. - Dad xx’

I crumpled the note and threw it in the bin as soon as Lindsay had left. I walked to the bathroom and unwrapped the scarf from my neck and took my sunglasses off, the bruises were yellowing and the scratches and split in my lip were beginning to get smaller. I sighed and splashed water over my face before walking out to the kitchen and pouring myself a glass of wine.

“Cabernet Sauvignon… not bad…” I mused as I took a sip, humming in contentment as the liquid hit my stomach. A knock on the door made my blood run cold, I threw on my scarf and left the glasses off, if anything I could just say I had an accident. Upon opening the door, a bottle of wine was thrust in my face.

“Welcome neighbour!” A cheerful voice said. “I would have bought my brothers but they are very apprehensive.” He lowered the bottle.

“Ubbe?” I smiled.

“How did you…” He face clouded and quickly changed when he recognised me. “Freyja?! By the gods what happened?!” He took my face in his hands and began smoothing his thumb over the cuts.

“I will explain everything, please, come in, we have much to catch up on and I feel it would be easier to do on a couch in stead of in the door way.” I said, then suddenly felt my cheeks heat up as I saw the look cross his face. “I didn’t mean that we would do anything on the couch or- I mean- you know- uh…”

He cackled and threw an arm around my shoulder, leading me through the door to my living room. I took the scarf off which earned more worry from Ubbe. By the time I had finished the story I was a bottle deep and in tears. Ubbe just sat there, speechless.

“Well then he is a fool.” He finally said. “Look at you. You are so much different than I remember. You are beautiful, you are intelligent, and he does that? This is not okay.” He stood up and held his hand out. “Come. My brothers would love to see what happened to wee Freyja.” He paused. “I don’t mean… that… I mean to say that you look incredible regardless and I’m sure they would love to see how you have changed.”

“I know.” I shook my head and stood up, holding his hands before he pulled me into a huge hug. He let me go and I stumbled, im not very good with red wine. I felt my chest tighten with worry the closer we got to the door. As we walked into his suite he yelled out.

“Brothers! You will not ever guess who our new neighbour is!” He threw an arm around my shoulder. A sweet face with cheeks full of food popped round the corner, eyes widening when they saw me.

“Ffffyaaa?” He mumbled around food before swallowing in one big gulp. “Is it really you Freyja?” He came up to me and hugged me. “What happened to you? By the gods who did this?”

“I will explain later brother, she has only just finished telling me and I don’t think she wants to talk about it again.” Ubbe said softly.

“Sorry Hvitserk, but Ubbe is right, I don’t wish to talk about it.” I half smiled.

“Looks like someone heard about weight watchers finally.” Sigurd’s annoying voice broke through.

“Looks like no one has scared you into keeping your mouth closed yet.” I said quietly, earning a laugh from both Hvitserk and Ubbe.

“No but Ivar almost has.” Hvitserk muttered to me. I froze, I forgot all about him. I felt a pair of arms scoop me up from behind and I closed my eyes instinctively.

“Little Freyja!” It was Bjorn. He squished me tightly while I was in the air. As he turned me round, my eyes locked with a familiar icy blue pair that stared me down. They slowly filled with a rage before Ivar spun on his crutches and walked into his room, slamming the door behind him. I heard all the brothers sigh.

“Every time.” Sigurd mutters. “It’s like he’s trying to hate her, but he doesn’t. I don’t get it.”

“Whatever you mean by that I don’t want to know, he was the one who ruined our friendship anyway so he cannot get mad at me.” I rolled my eyes.

“I will talk to him.” Hvitserk darted to his door, knocking quickly before darting inside, closing the door quickly. I stayed and talked for a while before Ubbe took me back to my room.

“I’m sorry about Ivar.” He said finally.

“Don’t apologise, after all has he not always been like this?” I shrugged. We said our goodnights and closed the door. I reached for the second bottle and decided I’d move on from his little tantrum with alcohol.