You’re an idiot

(Young!Sirius x Reader)

You and Sirius Black, there was a story to that, a reason you two didn’t like each other. It wasn’t just because you were a slytherin and he was a gryffindor. There was that too of course.

It was your first year at hogwarts and everyone was gathered at the stairs, waiting to go into the great hall and be sorted into their houses. Sirius had told everyone a horrible joke, making them laugh anyway. When his eyes landed on you, you had looked him dead in the eye and said ‘That’s not even funny’. He had never really forgiven you for that and you often thought that was the real reason he didn’t like you. The boy could be quite immature and childish after all.

“She’s the most stuck up person at the whole school.” Sirius says to his friends sitting in the great hall and looking over to you.

“He’s just still sour because she doesn’t think he’s funny.” Remus says and Lily laughs beside him.

“That is so not true!”

“Are you sure? What other reason could there possibly be?” James asks.

“There are many, she’s a slytherin after all and I bet she has some skeletons in the closet.” Sirius says defensively, “Look she’s leaving. Come on Remus we’re going to find out what she’s hiding.”

“Are you for rea - ” He didn’t get the chance to finish his sentences because Sirius was dragging him along already.

You were sitting with a girl from your charms class. She had asked you to help her with some spells and you had become friends. Now you met every week and studied together.

“Remus what do you think she is doing to that poor girl, maybe blackmail or a death threat.” Sirius says, hiding behind a bookshelf in the library.

“Oh Sirius don’t be so dramatic. They look fine to me.”

“There has to be something wrong. I know it.”

You had a herbology class next, so you said goodbye and went on your way. Sirius and Remus came out of their hiding place and went over to talk to the girl.

“Are you okay? Did she do something to you?” Sirius asks without any further explanation.

“What…who? Do you mean Y/N?” She say, irritated.

“Yes, who else?”

“Why would she do something to me? She helps me study since she’s one of the best witches in our year.”

Remus looked at Sirius and raised an eyebrow. He had an 'I told you so’ look on his face.

“Don’t you dare say it - Oh shoot, I have class, too.” Sirius yells and runs away.

“Well if it isn’t Y/N.” Sirius say when he catches up to you in the corridor. You have herbology class together.

“Sirius what a nice surprise.” You say with a faked friendliness and a smile. You know he wants and reaction from you but most of the times it fails, which frustrates him even more.

“How can you walk like that?”

“Like what?”

“With a stick up your ass all the time.”

“Quite well it seems.”

You enter the classroom and sit down. The teacher announces a new project, which will be done in pairs of two. Your assigned partner walks over grumpily and slumps into the chair next to you.

“Great.” You mumble.

“Believe me I find this arrangement as unpleasant as you do.” Sirius answers.

“So the only thing we have to do is find this 3 plants and grind them into a powder? Sounds easy, lets go to the library and find out where we can find them.” Sirius say.

“We don’t have to. I know where we can find all of them.”

“Of course you do.”

You give him an angry look, “Excuse me for actually paying attention in class.”

“Alright, fine so where do find the stuff.”

“The lake.”

“The lake it is then.”

When you arrived at the lake you took of your robe and tried to roll up your trousers. You hadn’t planned that out very well. Skinny jeans are not that easy to roll up if you value blood circulation.

“Just get rid of the damn trousers and go in without them.”

“No way!”

“Fine I’ll go first and show you how it’s done.” He says with a grin.

Sirius takes off his shirt and you quickly spin around. A light blush on your face.

“S-Sirius! Get dressed right now!”

“Don’t be shy I know I’m good looking.”

“Shut up and - Sirius! Don’t just go in there, you can’t even distinguish the poisonous plants from the others. Si - Come out immediately!”

“Huh what did you say? 'Touch the poisonus plant?’ Was that it?”

“Oh damn it.” You mumble.

You take of your trousers and run in after him. His standing in the water knee-deep and waits for you to catch up to him. When you reach him he turns around and splashes the water in your face.

“You can’t be serious.”

“Yes, I am Sirius.”

“Don’t make that stupid joke at me again.”

“Fine.” He says and another wave of water hits you. You have enough of this silly behaviour and jump onto his back.

“H-Hey Y/N - What are you …?”

“Will you stop this nonesense?”

“Yes just get - ”

Sirius trembles and you both fall back into the lake. When you emerge from the water you stay still for a moment and just glare at him.

“Don’t look at me like that. This was totally your fault.”

“You started it!”

“How about we take the blame this time and get the damn plant.” He says.

You carefully walk through the water a little until you find the right ones. When you step out of the water a cold breeze is blowing and you shiver. The black lake was cold enough but with your wet clothes on it’s even colder outside.

“Catch.” Sirius throws his shirt at you.

“That’s yours.”

“I know genius.” He says, rolling his eyes at you, “But I’m not letting you walk back to hogwarts in your wet sweater.”


“You should wear my stuff more often, it suits you.” Sirius says when you two walk back together. You two get quite a few surprised and confused looks from people around. Sirius shirtless, you wearing his clothes and your wet hair hanging down your head.

“I think I have enough black shirts myself.”

“Yes, but mine are better.” He says and you have to smile a little. The guy had a reply to everything.

“Could it really be true? Did you just smile? And I wasn’t even trying this time. I knew I was funny.”

“You are such a dork.” You say and nudge his shoulder lightly.

You met the next day in the library to get the rest of your assignment done.

“Ok so the next thing on the list is…”

“I already got that.”

“How?” Sirius asks surprised.

“They delivered it from hogsmeade this morning.”

“Isn’t that cheating.”

“I know what you’re thinking but no. No one ever said we had to find them all on our own besides that plant doesn’t even grow in this region.”

“Okay, last one it is then.”

The last one was a bit more difficult, since you had to go up into the mountains. Hiking wasn’t really your strength and you slipped at every chance you got. You had only been out for an hour at best but it felt like you had been walking for ages.

“Watch it!” Was the last thing you heard before you overlooked a little rock at your feet and almost fell down backwards.

Sirius caught you in the last moment and pulled you close to his chest. Your heart was racing and you blushed when you looked up at him. He had somehow grown on you the last few days and you kind of liked him.

“Uh,.. you can let go now.” You say, quietly.

“Are you sure? I don’t feel like visiting Madame Pomfrey today.”

“Really, I’m okay.”

After your trip, you had everything ready and when you arrived back at hogwarts, you went into an empty classroom to mix your powder.

“If I didn’t know better, I’d say you’re warming up to me. You know I can see you staring at me right?” Sirius says suddenly.

“W-What? I wasn’t staring!”

“Oh yeah, really?” He answers and moves closer to you. He put one of his hands on your cheek.

“Sirius…what are you doing?”

“You’ll get mad if I tell you.”

“I probably get mad at you anyway because you are an idiot.”

He leaned down to you even closer and pressed his lips to yours. Running his hand through your hair softly, you could feel his heart beating against your chest. He bit your bottom lip and nipped softly at it with his teeth before breaking the kiss.

“Well fuck me!” You say, whilst catching your breath.

“If you insist.”


Author: Admin M

Characters: Leo/Taekwoon (VIXX)/Reader

Genre: Smut

Word Count: 1,813

Summary: Leo finally has a vacation from work. Only all he seems to want to do is hang out with his bandmates. Does he really just not want to be with you anymore?

There’s always the wondering that if your boyfriend really likes you enough. It always tough when that boyfriend is the silent brooding type. He seems to keep to himself a lot and recently he was doing just that. 

His band VIXX where taking a month off so all of them could visit their families and loved ones. Leo had already gone and seen his family, now he is back at the apartment with me. I ask him every day if he would like to go do something but his answer was always no. Then one of his bandmates, N, calls and he is out the door within minutes. It’s like he doesn’t even want to be around me. He was barely around me to begin with cause of his busy schedule. I thought maybe this time would be different. We could spend the days together and, well I don’t know, become closer to one another. 

I was the final weekend of his vacation. He had promised N that he would go and see a movie together that night. 

“Leo?” I stepped into our room while he was getting ready. I looked at the clock. 5:35 pm.

“Yes?” He never made eye-contact with me.

“Are we going to spend at least….” his phone rang.

“Hold that thought.” He picked his phone up. “Hello. Oh yes I’m ready. Ok I’m walking down now.” He picked his jacket up and walked right past me. No kiss. No hug. No anything. I was on the verge of crying. “Oh (y/n)." 

"Yes.” I replied without turning around.

“I’ll be late tonight. Don’t wait up ok?” And with that he was gone. 

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after seeing THIS I had the urge to draw a very floofly joonie so here we go~~

(I made the sweater pinnk bc it’s my fave color on him like he should wear pink all the time ahhh)
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