The Other Woman (Part 7)

Pairing: Jensen x Reader, A tiny hint of Jared x Reader

Word Count: 2695

Summary: You’ve always been a good girl. You did as you were told. But how did you end up as the other woman?

A/N: 2 chapters in a week? Unbelievable! Hooooooo boy. I can’t believe how much love this series is receiving.As always, thank you for your patience and your feedbacks are always loved. 


Megan Padalecki was not at all how you would have pictured Jared’s little sister. You weren’t sure what you expected, but it wasn’t what came bursting forth your front door. Charlie was immediately up from her seat on the sofa situated in front of the fireplace. She had been reading but the sudden intrusion into your house was enough to have her flying across the room.

“You ought to check if your front door is locked next time,” Charlie muttered under her breath.

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Based off of @letkeithinfodump’s lovely Langst post

Do Not Tag As Sh/@nce or Sh/e!th or any other Sh@/adin ships

Lance could feel himself start to shake as Shiro had announced to them who he chose to lead Voltron in case he couldn’t.

It was Keith.

Lance took a breath and balled up his fist. He swallowed the lump in his throat and tried to blink away the stinging in his eyes as he stared at the floor.

Why should he even be surprised? It’s not as though he couldn’t see Shiro’s obvious bias towards Pidge and Keith. He knew that it wasn’t their fault or that they meant to be favored but it stung and he was getting increasingly frustrated at this.

Lance bit his lip before taking another deep breath and trying to calm himself down before catching Shiro’s shoulder when he told them to disperse.

“Shiro? Can I talk to you about something?” Lance asked

“Uh, yeah sure, about what?”

Another breath. “I wanted to talk to you about choosing Keith as the back-up leader.”

Shiro quirked a brow, Lance could tell he was going to have a hard time with this.

“Well you see Shiro…Keith…Keith isn’t a good choice for leader,” Lance had to fight to keep eye contact with Shiro, “you see he’s…impulsive and a hot-head. He’s a nice guy but he’s put us all in danger on numerous occasions beause he didn’t follow an order and he voted to leave Allura behind and-!” Lance could feel his confidence rise but Shiro raised a hand to silence him.

“Lance, I understand your concern but I’ve made my decision already.”

Shiro turned around and left Lance there with his anger festering and his pride hurt even more than before.

He ignored him.


Lance bit into his lip so hard it felt like it might draw blood. He felt the familiar sting at the back of his eyes and the heat on his neck. He blinked his vision in and out of focus as he felt his body shake with anger.

Lance was the only one left in the console room, so his voice echoed and bounced back to him with just as much disappointment and anger it had when the words left his lips.

You’re not the you I thought you were.”

The next time Lance brings it up is when he’s hardened his attitude towards Shiro’s behaviour. He knows it’s not exactly his fault but the way he brushes Lance off is unacceptable and this time, Lance is Not Having It.

“Shiro.” Lance walked up to Shiro, he rather have missed all of the break between training than have to keep in his feelings.

Shiro turned around and sighed, “Lance, look, I know-” but this time it was Lance who cut Shiro off.

“No Shiro, you look.” Lance took one big breath before starting, “I understand that you are the leader and that you were thrown into this by yourself, but you see, you are extremely biased towards Pidge and Keith and honestly, I just can’t let that stand anymore man.”

Lance paused to see Shiro blinking in stunned silence, he took this as his cue to continue.

“Shiro, I understand that you know Keith the best and probably know what he’s capable of. But your making him stressed because your expectations of him are too damn high and you have to accept that there are things that not even Keith can do- nothing wrong with that Keith, it’s ok that you can’t- but instead you just say “I believe in you” and you tell him to basically change everything about himself so he can act like a good-…no I mean, so he can act like you. Shiro, you can’t expect that to magically fix anything!

Lance took a deep breath and gathered his thoughts before proceeding onto his next topic, “Do you even talk to Hunk ever?”

“Well-” Shiro began

“Outside of giving orders? Do you ever ask, ‘Hey Hunk, how was your day? Did you do anything new?’ Because as far as I know, all you can say to him is ‘Hunk, shoulder canon.’, ‘Hunk, you go with whoever on this mission to retrieve whatever.’, sometimes you can’t even address him directly! It’s just ‘Legs, do this!’ You don’t actually talk to him Shiro.”


“Also? Isn’t Allura the technical leader of Voltron? She actually knows Zarkon. She actually knows the aliens that we fight and that we talk to. Why are you acting as though you know this stuff? Even if Allura doesn’t know, most of the time Coran knows so he should also be consulted.”

“Yes, well I-”

“Not only that, but you didn’t consult anyone else when deciding Keith would be the Black Paladin. You didn’t check with Keith on how he felt about that, and even then he told you himself and you ignored it. What’s worse is that you didn’t even consult with your lion, the one Keith would be the pilot of. How do you know if she was okay with this? How do you know if this is what she wants?”

Shiro fell silent, it seems that this was the one that made him crack.

He felt a presence next to him and he fixed his stubborn gaze from Shiro to Keith.

Lance was getting ready to argue with Keith when the red paladin turned from Lance to Shiro and said, “Lance is right, Shiro.”

Lance blinked confusedly as Keith continued on, “You don’t listen to him at all. Remember the Blade of Marmora? You didn’t listen to Lance, and I nearly got myself killed. Granted, I wanted to go but… the point still stands.” Keith crossed his arms as he finished his argument.

Lance felt a warm hand on his shoulder as he looked to see Hunk sending him an appreciative look before agreeing with the fire and ice paladins.

One by one, everyone from the Team Voltron stood behind or near Lance and agreed with him.


Shiro looked up from the linoleum tiles, seemingly ready to get criticized once more.

“What do you say?”

Shiro closed his eyes as he took in a deep breath before opening them once more and looking around the small group of people. “…and all of you feel this way?”

There was a small murmur of agreement and short little nods.

Shiro sighed, “You’re right Lance. I wasn’t thinking about anyone else but my own beliefs and bias.”

He turned to the two alteans to his left.

“I’m sorry for not consulting you on matters I know you would have more knowledge on. I…I tried to think that just because I lead Voltron I know everything but…not really.”

Shiro continued on down the line of paladins.

“Lastly, Lance…I’m sorry. You were right and….I was ignoring you. Thank you for pointing this out to me and…I know it was probably hard but…I’m proud of you.”

About two weeks later Shiro went to the Black Lion and asked if she would be willing to pick a backup to pilot her in case something happened to Shiro.

She said yes so, all the paladins (+Allura and Coran) would stand in front of her and allow her large, wisdom filled eyes to scrutinize them.

When Lance stepped in front of her he felt as though every crevice in his mind and soul was being checked and scrutinized. Before long, the Black Lion’s eyes started to glow.

She did it. She found her back-up paladin.


Hunk’s and Pidge’s cheers could be heard in the background as they whooped and hollered at Lance.

Lance felt waves of pride crash over him, before feelings of anxiety and guilt replace them.

But what about Blue?

Lance looked to the Alteans, knowing that the other paladins wouldn’t be able to fill out his spot without creating a new spot in Voltron needed to be filled. He played with the idea of Blue Paladin Allura, and while she could certainly fill out the spot with ease, he knows that she’s the pilot of the castleship, and if her was honest, that was a lot harder to replace than the pilots of Voltron.

Before announcing his decision he used his connection to the Blue Lion to ask her about if that was okay or not. She said it was fine so long as it wasn’t permanent and she could have Lance back. Lance smiled, Don’t worry my lady, you’re my one and only. He told her before turning to the alteans.


“Yes, Lance?”

Will you be the back up Blue Paladin?

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Und manchmal denk ich mir so ‘Gott warum bin ich nur so scheiße, hässlich und fett?’ aber dann schalt ich auf RTL und sehe, dass es tatsächlich noch Menschen gibt, die bescheuerter als ich sind und sogar im Dunkeln hinter ner Mauer noch scheiße aussehen. Klingt mies, aber das beruhigt mich ein bisschen.
—  Ne Bekannte


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"Why do you ALWAYS steal my clothes?" Sam X reader

“Why do you always steal my clothes?” Sam demands, striding into your bedroom without so much as knocking.

You look down at yourself, clad in a pair of jeans and one of Sam’s flannel shirts. The sleeves have to be cuffed almost four times for you to be able to do anything while you’re wearing it, but the fabric is soft and there’s something comforting about having Sam’s scent around you.

Not that you’d tell him that.

“It’s comfortable,” you say with a shrug, turning back to your book.

He sighs, rolling his eyes. “Give it back, Y/n.”

“Sam.” You put a hand to your chest in mock indignation. “Are you asking me to take my clothes off for you?”

His cheeks turn pink. “I - I wasn’t - of course not - I just want you to stop taking my stuff!”

“Hm.” Setting your book down on the nightstand, you get to your feet and walk slowly past him and through the open doorway. “That’s too bad,” you say as you pass, letting your hand brush his chest. “Because I would’ve.”

Love at first sight, but you're taken

He couldn’t believe his eyes when she walked into the room.

I mean, he thought this must be a sign from heaven, an angel descending onto earth just for him. She walked like she had no idea she was the most beautiful girl he’d ever seen in his life. From her ripped skinny jeans that were cuffed at the ankles, to her curious blue eyes as she entered the room. Her cheeks immediately flushed the most perfect shade of pink he’d ever seen, and he almost stopped breathing altogether when her eyes met his.

She began to speak quietly, her smooth voice barely heard over the music in the room. “Uh, hi. I think I’m in the wrong place- I’m looking for-“

“(y/n)!” Someone bellowed, and Luke watched as his mate, Harry, began running to the girl. His world turned to slow motion as her face lit up and the green eyed lad picked her up and swung her once before setting her down and kissing her lips. Luke wanted to throw up. He wanted to poke his eyes out with needles, or have a car run over him, maybe even a bus. Anything but have to watch Harry kiss the girl he just fell in love with at first sight.

“Lads,” Harry grinned, taking the girl’s hand and leading her to the group of boys crowded at the long buffet of food. “This is (y/n). Babe, you know Niall and Zayn, and this is Ashton, Calum, Michael and Luke.”

“Hi everyone,” She smiled shyly, but Luke couldn’t help but notice her eyes on him. But too soon, she turned around and gestured to her suitcase, still standing by the door. “Harry? Where should I put my stuff?”

“Hm? Let’s bring it to the bus. We can have some alone time in there, too.” Luke turned away too late as he grabbed her hips playfully, but he also caught the quick look of disdain on her face when his hands got too close to her butt. But it quickly changed into a smile when Harry took her hand and brought her away.

“You okay, Luke?” Ashton asks, patting Luke on the back. He’s shaken out of his thoughts and nods, turning back to filling his plate with food. “You’ve been staring at the door for a whole minute now.”

“Just thinking,” He answered. Luke hesitated before asking his older friend quietly, “Was it just me or was she the most beautiful girl you’ve ever seen?”

“Luke,” Ashton warns. Luke sighs, already annoyed by the telling off he would get. “That’s Harry’s girl. You know he would kill you if he knew you said that. Don’t get any ideas.”

Luke nodded and went to sit by Michael who was sitting by himself. They ate in silence, focused on their phones as they shoveled food into their mouths. After what felt like the longest time, Harry and his girl came back, and Luke watched them enter with disgust. Two, symmetrical, red blotches flawed her long, dainty neck. She was looking at the ground as Harry brought her over to the food table and handed her a plate. She rubbed subconsciously at the base of her neck.

“Mind if we join you?” Harry asks him and Michael. Luke looks around and sure enough, their table holds the only two free chairs. Michael nods for them to sit, and the girl sits closer to Luke. “I am starved. How about you, hun? Long fight, yeah?”

“Im not that hungry,” She shrugs, eyeing the pile of food Harry had insisted she got. Her eyes slowly move around the table and sees Luke’s empty plate. She looks up, her eyes meeting Luke’s. She raises her eyebrows hopefully before speaking. “Do you want some?”

Before Luke could even get a word out, Harry pulled her plate towards him. “That’s alright, I’ll just share with you. So, tell us everything going on at home. How’s school?”

“Uh, well,” She began. “It’s pretty much just as horrible as always. But maths is getting easier, and we’re actually reading a good book right now. I’ve actually read it before, but it’s about these children who…” She continues about some book she read, and Luke was captivated. She wove this story from her memory, talking with her hands and her eyes lighting up at her favorite parts. Harry seemed too engulfed in eating to actually notice these things, but Luke did. But she’s still looking at him, slightly breaking at every “mhm” he lets out, clearly not interested. It breaks his heart.

“That sounds really cool,” Luke tells her when she pauses, ready to give up. She looks at him with wide eyes like it was surprising he was actually listening to her. One side of her mouth quirked into a little smile. She wasn’t used to this attention.

“It is,” She murmurs softly. “It’s now one of my favorites. I just wish I brought it with me. I could read it to you, Haz.”

“Huh? Oh, yeah, maybe. You know I’m not really a book person.” He shrugs.

Luke resists the urge to jump over the table and tackle his friend to the ground and punch the shit out of him when he sees her smile drop. “I’ll read it with you,” He blurts out instead. “I love reading.” Even Michael looks up at him in confusion, everyone knew Luke hated books with a passion. He knew he went too far when Harry narrowed his eyes at him suspiciously. But her smile was returning again, directed at Luke and he knew it was worth it. He barely knew this girl, and all he wanted was to see her smile.


Later that night after the show, Luke decided to take advantage of staying in a hotel and brought some dirty clothes to the washer down the hall. He approached the laundry room and slowed to a stop when he heard quiet humming. He recognized the song almost immediately, it was an old Foo Fighters song. Luke opened the door, interested to know the source of the song.

“(y/n),” He blurted out, taking in the sight of the girl. Harry’s girl. She spun around like she’d been caught stealing candy, but relaxed when she saw it was only him. Luke drank in her appearance, her long, blonde hair braided down the side, her face clean of makeup like she was about to go to bed. “I guess we had the same idea.”

She looked confused until she noticed the load of dirty clothes in his arms. She laughed musically. “Oh, right.”

“Hey, wait. You just got here, why are you already doing washing?” Luke asks curiously as he begins loading his clothes into the empty washer next to hers. When she doesn’t respond, he looks at her to see her nervously biting at her lip, looking at the floor. “Something wrong?”

“I uh, I’m just getting out of Harry’s way. I didn’t know where anyone’s room was so I just came down here.” She explains.

“Getting out of his way?” He asks again.

“Uh, yeah. I’ve been with Harry a long time and, during this whole touring thing he says he misses me and stuff, you know? And I believe he does, I mean, I miss him too. So then he wants me to come visit so I do. But I think I just annoy him, because he just gets irritated around me and so I just get out his way and let him cool down for a bit. He’s usually fine in the morning for a couple of hours. It’s okay though, some time with him is better than no time at all. And I can get pretty annoying.”

Once again, Luke feels extremely angry at Harry. He wants to run to his room and pound some sense into him. How could he mistreat this girl? She seemed to be an angel. “I don’t think you are,” He tells her. “You can always talk with me, if you want. Do you wanna talk?”

She hesitates, looking out past him like she would get in trouble. “Okay,” She finally agrees. Luke smiles and slides to the floor, leaning against the vibrating machine. She sits across from him and crosses her legs. “What do you wanna talk about?”

Luke thinks for a minute. “Music,” He finally decides. That’s usually good ground for conversation. And she seemed to have a good taste considering she was humming Foo Fighters earlier. “What kind of music do you listen to?”

“All kinds, pretty much. But I really like, um, rocky stuff? I dunno how to categorize it. But I like stuff like Yellowcard, Foo Fighters, The 1975, and um…” She trails off, like she’s embarrassed to continue.

Luke leans forward in anticipation. “Yeah?”

“I kinda like Nickleback. Harry always makes fun of me for it.” She admits.

“No way!” Luke exclaims, startling her. He laughs and softens his voice. “I fucking love them.”

“Seriously?” She asks, her eyes lighting up. A grin begins spreading itself across her lips. “I don’t know why people are always tearing them down. I mean sure, some of their songs kinda suck, but most of it is killer stuff. Harry can’t stand it when I play it at my house. He always wants to play his music and god- I hate it. It’s stuff like the XX-”

“I thought i was the only one!” Luke interrupts with a loud laugh. She joins in, her head falling back as her musical laugh rings out. “I can’t stand them.” Her laughter dies down and she looks alive, like no one has made her laugh in years. She has a warm smile that seems to make her glow, and Luke really has to hold himself back from leaning and kissing her lips.

“What else? What else do you love?” He asks her. She looks taken aback by the question, but he still looks at her with raised eyebrows, slightly leaning forward and waiting for an answer. He probably looked like a little boy, or maybe a puppy, but he wanted to see that look on her, the one she had when she was describing the book.

“I don’t- I don’t really know. I like reading and I like watching the boys perform and I like when Harry sings-”

“Yes but, what do you love?” He questions again.

"I- I love… I love sunshine. And I really love thunderstorms,” She begins slowly. Luke nods, urging for her to continue. “And I love giving people gifts to see the happiness on their faces. I love sleeping late on sundays, but I love waking up to drink coffee and watch the sunrise. I love the smell of sharpie when I write stuff on my hands, I love fresh bed sheets, watching old movies, finding new music, being alone, being together… It’s stupid stuff, sorry.”

“Stupid? I think it’s beautiful.” He breathes out, watching her come down from her moment of passion.

“I- really?” She asks timidly. Luke nods quickly. He watches her cheeks flush. “Thanks, I guess. I just… wow. I feel like you actually want to get to know me.”

"I do wanna get to know you,” Luke insisted. “I wanna know everything about you.”

“No one’s said that to me since…” She trails off, unsure to continue, but Luke knows what she’s going to say.

“Since Harry?” He asks quietly. He watches her nod and bite her lip harshly, like she’s trying to hold in a sob. It’s a hard thing for her, he realizes, being with Harry. He doesn’t give her the attention she needs, and he could see her bursting at the seams with beautiful things. She just forgot how to express herself.

“He used to be like this,” She tells him quietly. She wipes at the moisture collecting under her eyes. “He used to-” Sniffle. “He used to give me this look, like I was such a special person to him. And it made me feel alive. But now, I dunno, I think we’re dying. And i hate it so much because i still love him, you know? But I just want to- need to feel-”

“Alive again?” He interrupts. She opens her mouth to speak, but closes it and nods her head. “I get it. And I see it, (y/n) when you were talking about that book, I saw how he is. You, you fucking sparkled when you were talking, and he didn’t notice.”

“But you did,” She whispers hoarsely. Finally she looks up at him and smiles weakly. “Why do you notice so much?”

“Because I think you’re the most beautiful soul I’ve ever seen.” He tells her. And it’s probably the cheesiest thing Luke’s ever said in his life, but it’s so honest, he can’t even take it back.

“We can’t- we could never be… together,” She tells him, and his heart hurts because he knows its true. “You know Harry would hate us both. And I don’t want that. You two are good friends, and I don’t want to ruin things.”

“After the tour,” Luke blurts out. “It won’t matter then…”

She smiles softly and shakes her head. Luke bites his lip and she moves closer to him and hesitantly sits closer to his hip. She leans into his side and takes a deep breath. Luke forgets how to stop breathing for a couple seconds, but then it all comes naturally. He puts his arm around her shoulder and notices how her head fits perfectly between his shoulder and chin, like it was made for that exact spot.

“It will matter then,” She murmurs. “But it doesn’t right now. So let’s make right now last forever.”