I still get chills when I listen to these songs that you mentioned. You probably think that I have forgotten about you. But no, I still think about you everyday, if not more. You were my first love, or so I thought. No, I don’t like, or love you still. I got over you finally, but you taught me so much. And I just wanted to thank you. Those were some of the best months of my life. Don’t let any girl tell you that all you are is an asshole, cause you’re not. Sure you have you moments, but don’t we all? You’re just about the greatest thing that has happened to me. And you’ll always have a spot in my heart and give me chills whenever I see your name.

“Flint finds a sad-looking caged bird aboard a merchant ship and, being a secret soft-hearted sort, he decides to liberate it.“

Inspired by the sweet and beautiful Black Sails fanfic “For the Caged Bird Sings of Freedom” by @old-long-john (and thanks to @captain-flint who spotted the bird cage in season 1). So, here’s James having a happy little moment with a lovely little canary <3 

Please, do not repost elsewhere, thank you :) Painted with (happy) tears, morning light and whistled classical music i.e. watercolours and photoshop.

More Black Sails doodles here: (x).

You guys misunderstand me. I am pretty good about recording the ideas I have in the car. It’s keeping that creative momentum outside the vehicle that is a struggle. I have three entire notebooks filled with my current project, but once I sit down to type it up? I can’t continue what I’ve already done most of the hard work for, I have trouble situating everything in order, I don’t even like typing it up (although I’m fine typing if things come to me). I can’t watch or listen to something at the same time- I get too easily distracted.

anonymous asked:

i'm so sorry but i don't understand, it's probably me silly, but why is Jason boy The Boy? what this mean?? are you crushing him?? sorryyyy also do these hoo boys look like their characters or simply personality

OH SHOOT Haha, oops, yeah ‘The Boy’ is my boyfriend, so I’m definitely crushing on him XD.

But it’s simply personality besides The Boy, who looks almost perfectly like Jason; the other guys are all completely different looking! The guy who’s totally Leo is half black half asian with short dreads and really cool tattoos and earrings. Frank Dude is half Cherokee (I believe) and half hispanic, he’s also 6′5″, skinny as a twig, and has a beard. Mr. Percy is gorgeous but he’s got long brown hair and brown eyes and a scruffy beard. Their personalities are spot on, but their looks are completely different!

hey y'all! i’m so excited to announce that i’m doing a faves page!!! here are the details:

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good luck angels!!!!! 🌸💐🐝💖

Here is a piece I did some time ago for Spots and Claws Artbook project. If you didn’t know it’s based off of this video I did. Anyway I’m so glad to have been part of this, thank you for having me !

You can’t purchase the artbook because it was made for Thomas Astruc, but you can find and dowload it here, it’s free !!! Look at all these beautiful artworks !!! There’s even writings !!

Thank you to everyone who made this project come to life !!