Stupid Boy -Tom Holland

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I was jumping into my jeanes when he rushed by me to get his coat. He slightly brushed my shoulder and I lost my balance. I fell right onto my bum and shrieked. “Tom!”, I exclaimed and he came back still shouldering himself into the coat. “I’m sorry, babe. You look hilarious.”, he laughed and blew me a kiss. “I’m running late. See you tonight.”, he said before leaving our loft. “Stupid boy.”, I mumbled to myself while getting up and finished putting on my jeans. I walked over to the kitchen and as I took an apple and bit into it Tessa came along.<p><p>

“Hey, baby. Hey..”, I greeted her with a huge smile on my face and petted her head. “Did Daddy not feed you?”, I said and she barked excitedly. “Oh stupid boy.”, I sighed and gave her her meal before I hurried off to work.

I came home exhausted. My feet were hurting, my head felt heavy and let’s not talk about my back. I kicked off my heals, threw my bag into a corner and walked barefoot into the living room. “Tom?”, I yelled and looked into the other rooms but he was nowhere to be found.

“Tom?”, I said and walked into our bedroom just to find him sleeping with his clothes on. He was lying across the bed like a starfish. His neck would definetly hurt tomorrow. “Oh stupid boy.”, I said and left the lights off. I walked over to him and watched him with a loving smile on my face.

“Babe.”, I whispered and put my palm against his cheek and he snuggled himself into it immediatly which made me chuckle. “Tom.”, I said again and he blinked a few times before he opened up his eyes. “Am I dead? Is this heaven? You must be an angel.”, he murmured with his sleepy voice and I hit his shoulder playfully. “Shut up.”, I said and pulled him gently up by his hands. “Come on. Change your clothes. And get comfy. You’re gonna have a stiff back tomorrow if you keep lying like that. And then Sony will sue me because I let that happen. And then I’ll be going to jail and die a horrible death.”, I said and gave him a quick kiss on his forhead. I could even see in the dimm light that he was rolling his eyes. “I’ll be in the living room. Watching some movie. I need to relax before I go to bed.”, I informed him before I left the room. It always broke your heart a little to see him exhausted like that. And he wasn’t even complaning about it.

I was sitting on the couch with a nice cup of tea warming my hands when I heared footsteps behind me. I looked over my shoulder to see Tom with his sweatpants hanging on his hips no T-Shirt whatsoever, showing me his abs and v-line and what not. I raised both eyebrows and stared shamlessly at his body. “I couldn’t sleep.”, he said with his eyelids heavy and half closed. “Com'ere.”, I said pulling myself together and pattet the place next to me and looked at the TV again. He came over and sat down. But he was so unsteady that I grabbed him gently by his shoulders and let him lie down with his head on my lap.

“How was work?”, I asked into the silence and went through his hair with my hands, knowing that he liked that. He put his hand on my leg and gave my thigh a quick kiss. “Long and…long.”, he said after thinking a while and I chuckled. “Well, that’s what you get being Spider-boy.”, you mocked him and he furrowed his brows. “Man. I’m…Spiderman.”, he said and his voice was just a whisper. “Alright. Just close your eyes.”, I said after a while. Not really sure if he heard me because I was able to hear his heavy breath after seconds.

I didn’t move the whole night so his sleep wouldn’t be interrupted. I layed my head back and closed my eyes. I woke up to the noice of something crashing. I jumped. That’s more accurate. My eyes wide open I was confused at first until I remembered why I was on the couch. Trying to move my head I felt an incredible pain rise through my spine. “Shit.”, I cursed and put my hand onto my neck and moved slowly. I stood a while on my spot to be steady on my feet and when I could trust my legs I made my way into the kitchen.

There he was. Surrounded by broken glas, looking horrofied. “I-…I’ve got it under controll?”, he said with his hands in the air and looked up apologetically. “Stupid boy.”, I laughed and went out of the room to bring something to shovel it into the bin. After helping cleaning up I put my hands on my hips and looked around to see what he was up to. He had prepared breakfast with scrambled eggs and pancakes and croissants and everything. “When did you wake up to make all these?”, I said mesmerized and looked him into his eyes. He was smiling proudly and came towards me. He put his hands on my hips and pulled me towards his body. “Around 7.”, he answered and pulled me into a deep kiss. “I felt bad because I fell asleep last night. It was one of our few nights off and I slept. On your lap. On the couch.”, he said and was embarressed. He snuggled his face into my hair and I chuckled.

“It’s fine by me. As long as you keep coming home. I’m fine having you sleep on my lap. I quiet enjoyed it.”, I said with a smile and put my hands on his cheeks and gave him a slow kiss. “But…”, I said pulling away,“you could’ve woken me up. I slept like a maniac and now my whole body is stiff. I have to present a project on monday.”, I grinned and his eyes widened. “You got it? You got the job?!”, he exclaimed and I nodded happily. “Oh darling!”, he shouted and lifted me up to spin us around. “Congrats! I’m so proud of you! It’ll be the best project they’ll ever build.”, he said after giving me lots of quick kisses, leaving me a giggling mess. “I love you.”, I said finally because it made my heart flutter to see how excited he was for me.

“I love you too, stupid girl.”, he said with a grinn on his face and took my hand to lead me to the table.<p><p> “We need to celebrate this. I’ll call Robert and ask him if he can throw one of his parties and…”, he rambled on while sitting down infront of me but I interrupted him.<p><p> “Or!….we could stay home and you could help me with my stiff neck, shoulders and lower back. They’re killing me.”, I said and bit my lip out of habbit.

And you see, no matter how many times I call him stupid boy for his actions and little mistakes. I live for every moment we spent together and I am proud to call him my Stupid Boy.

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Im going into my second year of college and i gotta say im terrified of screwing up like i did last year. I was barely able to pull through with a's and b's and I lost my spot on the deans list in my last semester. Sorry to dump that, whenever i tell people i actually know they tend to just reassure me that i did good, and tell me im lucky i didn't get worse grades but like... They don't understand that what i did wasn't /my/ good. Idk. Sorry to dump. Feel free to ignore.

Hey lovely. They’re like a lot of people see A’s and B’s as fantastic marks - and they are obviously - however, if you’re expecting top marks all the time, it can be easy to see when you begin to slip. I think what you should try is looking at what was going wrong last year. Were you unprepared? Was your studying technique wrong? Did your organisation method not keep you as sorted as it should? Did you let procrastination take over? Were your continuously unfocused throughout your studies? If you can identify what the problems were, you can begin to put in systems to change your ways. A lot of simple things can make a difference. For instance, figuring out your learning type and tailor your study to that; or setting yourself up with a planning and review system which can monitor your productivity and organisation. I think you should try going into this new school year with a new mindset and with some simple goals, like maintaining a steady grade average. Here are a couple of links that might help you get back into a positive mindset:

I hope this gives you a little bit of support! Don’t let the previous years marks stop you from aiming for something better. You can do it xx

I have these moments,” I said, “where I’m in the middle of a group of friends, and this complete sense of loneliness envelops me. I could be fine - laughing and dancing and being happy - and the next moment I feel so alone that I could cry.”
He grabbed my hand, caressing the spot just below my wrist. 
“It’s hard to explain sometimes,” I continued. “And it’s hard to understand why this happens. Am I afraid of not living my life to the fullest? Or that I’m not being authentic enough? Or that, maybe, I know I’ll never be as happy as I am in that moment?” I sigh. “It’s just hard, you know, because I feel like I’m sabotaging my own happiness. And I don’t know how to stop doing it.
—  L.W - excerpt from a book i’ll never write #72

My first fan edit has been announced!

A fanmix of The Return of Godzilla and its Americanized recut, Godzilla 1985, known as Godzilla: Resurrection. While the original Japanese version of the film is still the definitive one, I’ve always held a soft spot in my heart for Raymond Burr’s scenes in 1985, and had always wondered what the final film would have been like had he been present in the Japanese cut.

This re-edit seeks to accomplish just that, while also streamlining the slower pacing of the original cut with suggestions from 1985 to combine the best of both worlds. The film will still be highly critical of both the United States and the Soviet Union, and will work to marginalize the more humorous aspects of the added Pentagon scenes. Finally, this cut will feature a brand new opening to the film, one that seeks to definitely tie the new Godzilla to the original beast in an eerie and unforgettable way.

A very special thanks to @redmenaceofficial for the use of his reconstruction of Godzilla 1985 in this fan edit.

Read more about it on and follow Temporal Productions on YouTube and Vimeo for upcoming videos!

Hey beautiful people! I’m here for a while and i know that there are so many marvelous blogs and so I have decided to host my first faves ever. If you are interested keep reading!

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  • [Terra returns to the Titans]
  • Beast Boy: Everybody else gave you up for dead, even Robin.
  • Robin: Okay, so I may have acted a little hastily.
  • Terra: That’s my letter opener.
  • Robin: Excellent balance and weight. The edge is a little dull, but I’ve always admired it.
  • Terra: Where’s my American Pie coffee mug?
  • Beast Boy: Cyborg.
  • Terra: Mighty Mouse stapler?
  • Beast Boy: Starfire... hey, Star.
  • [Starfire is attempting to return the stapler to Terra’s room when she’s spotted]
  • Starfire: My dear friend, I never believed it for a moment! Welcome home!

so i’ve done the tumblr family thing before and kinda neglected it, but i’ve decided to throw the old one out the window and start new! i’ve tagged everyone from my old family under the cut just in case you’re interested in joining my new one! (don’t feel like you need to, that’s totally up to you!)


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  • send me 3 characters from my fandoms (which i’ll list under the cut). send in order from the one you want the most to least so you’ll have back up choices in case your fave is taken. also your name, birthday, and a quote (try to keep it short)

what you get out of it:

  • a spot on my family page
  • i’ll try my hardest to make a moodboard/graphic of your family character on your birthday but depending on how busy i am it might get done late
  • the tag #allexsummersfam to use in your creations/selfies/writing/etc.
  • my endless love and support xx

my fandoms are under the cut! 

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Deployment Dreams [Ithanar]

Originally posted by thedreamslife

A hundred years ago or so… 

“Somebody decided to sleep in today, hrm?”

“Just a little. I’m officially retired, remember?”

“Yes, yes, I remember, Ithanar.”

“See. Look at that. You really can’t call me in that public?”

“Don’t push your luck, grayboy.”

Gray? I prefer the term ‘off-white’, thank you very much.

“And my ass has spots, not freckles.

“The latter is far more adorable than the former.

“Ugh. Don’t ever put me and adorable in the same sentence.

“Oh, come on, Tanrae.

“You’re an ass, Ithanar.

“But I’m your ass, right?”

“A retired one. What are you up to today?

“Was going to go pantless, but…

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'Skips merrily along my way, spots Orion. Promptly trips over my own feet and crashes to the floor' "He's so pretty...."

LOL! Yeah, Orion’s beard brings all the boys to the yard. XD

I’ve had a sudden influx of new followers the last couple days and I don’t think I’ve ever actually properly introduced myself on here, so! I thought I’d make a quick post saying hi!

My name’s Ollie, I live in England so I’m never online when anyone else is lmao and when I’m not getting emotional over video game characters I’m usually writing or painting. I have a Sole Survivor OC named Chiv Arroyo, and I write about him and MacCready on my AO3. I also doodle sometimes over on my art blog! I’m a cryptid so I don’t have a face tag, but just imagine a very short dude with lots of tattoos and very scruffy hair and you’re probably spot on.

My askbox is always open and so are my IMs, I’m awkward but friendly so you’re welcome to message me any time to chat about OCs or MacCready or video games or writing or anything else! I also have a Discord which you’re welcome to ask for. Thanks for following me I am very lame and uncool so I appreciate it lmao

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my fav local breakfast spot's chef won the diner episode of chopped and i thought you would care. i'm going there tomorrow and every time i go which is like 3 times a week i'm so proud of him.

You’re right about me caring, I love hearing stuff like this. That’s super cool and rad, I bet the food there is really good

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bts drabble: 13 and 35 with Yoongi please?

My Favorite Spot

750+ Words/4000+ Characters

Drabble Request(s) #13 “I’m pretty sure this is illegal”

#35 “Hold this, I’m gonna kick his ass”

Content Warning: illegal activity, heights, drinking, domestic violence/regular violence, eventual fluff/smut

“Let’s get the fuck out of here,” Yoongi exclaimed, striding into the hall, and grasping your hand, pulling you both outside. He was upset in some way, but you couldn’t quite pin point it, but you knew how he got when he was distraught, so you let him take you out into the night. 

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