Vita bella

Pix gave me yulmallen feels and then I fell asleep and my brain thought of this. I woke up to write it, plz excuse any bad grammar, spelling, etc. Please listen to That’s Amore by Dean Martin as you read.


Kanda came home to Allen humming in the kitchen, preparing dinner. He could hear the washer or dryer being opened down the hall where Alma was setting a load to wash.

Kanda set his keys down and unwound his scarf before shedding his jacket, coming to a stop by the dining table to watch Allen.

He was swaying foot to foot, singing an old ballad.

“So take my heart and please don’t break it,” Allen sang, putting a pot to simmer. “Love, was made for you and me.”

Kanda must have shifted, because Allen looked over his shoulder to give him a crinkled smile, cheeks warm from being caught. “Welcome home Kanda,” he said.

“That wasn’t bad,” Kanda blurted, and then scowled. “What was that?”

Allen shrugged and turned back to wash his hands. “Nat King Cole, I think. Why? You liked it?”

Kanda didn’t know shit about this King guy, but he liked the way Allen sang it. Low, rounding the words and turning them warm as candlight, intimate as an embrace.

Allen must’ve read it somewhere on his face because everything softened, in the gray of his eyes and the corners of his lips, how his brows curved. Then he laughed, moving quickly and capturing Kanda’s hands. He brought one shoulder level and kept the other at their waists.

His hands were heated and wet from cooking and Kanda recoiled. “What-”

“When the moon hits your eye,” Allen sang, eyes closed in a smile. “Like a big pizza pie,” He tugged Kanda around, turning them in wide messy circles as Kanda struggled out of his grip. “That’s amore!”

“What are you doing!” Kanda hissed, forced into another spin. Allen laughed like starlight, bright and charming.

“When the world seems to shine like you’ve had too much wine,” and then Allen was being pulled away into Alma’s embrace. They clasped hands and shoulders properly and Allen giggled as they waltzed. “That’s amore!”

Kanda eagerly stepped back to watch as Allen lead Alma into a simple four step, jaunty and childish. Alma opened his mouth and sang loud and off-key

“Bells will ring, ting-a-ling-a-ling,” and then dissolved into laughter while Allen took over, clear and steady and charmingly boyish.

And like a fool Kanda rested his hip against the table, crossing his arms and watching two fools in love dance in his living room, young and sweet and bright eyed.

Alma dipped Allen, pressing a kiss to his throat as Allen looked up at Kanda with gray crescent eyes.

“That’s amore!”


My Sleeping Karma - Ahimsa. 

It was an amazing cosmic trip tonight.