And my MCM is Francisco Lachowski. (*☻-☻*)

So proud of Dan and Phil!!!

Good night ! Which is your favorite look ? Me : 3rd guy !

Omg guys !!! I have 1084 followers!! Wow. 1 0 8 4. I made this blog on Saturday and it already has 1k+ followers! Thank you THANK YOU. I love you all so much, & here is a pic of cactus cos i love you all like i love cactus and I love love loooooove cactus. Ok. Omg i love you all. Let me cry now. 😭

No words to say … Ideal for a spring/summer relaxed but chic style. Don’t you think so ?

Sky’s like

Good Morning !!! Live in Paris …
Love this colours match, and remember always wears slim or skinny fit jeans ;)


gods for the modern age: ilmarinen

walk the skies tall and proud, for you are golden; you are glorious. all of life’s great creations are at your fingertips—but fireheart, be tender with yourself, for though you may cup it in your hands, your flame can still burn. hammer out your beating heart in iron, copper, silver, and call down the rains just to quench your marvellous works. you are the forger of the sky, and all the great bowl of the heavens is set before you.

The amazing tour