I finally finished it !!! IT TOOK ME OVER TWO OVER HOURS TO COMPLETE ! Anyways, here’s a picture of Lana and Lola (in that order) that I illustrated on Clip Studio Paint PRO ! I had a fun time working on this piece and I’ll be contributing the rest of the Loud family later on. By the way, I have separate recordings of myself working on this piece, I just need to edit the films on iMove and I’ll published the entire video on my Youtube Cannel

All Art By: SatoshiTakeo (Me)

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I’ve officially been kicked out of my house by my abusive mother (also my sister and her 3 yr old child were kicked out as well) I’m staying at my sister’s friends house for the moment but we are quickly trying to look for a place to rent and live. Unfortunately, I’m low on funds and the place I am at has no wifi and horrible service so I can not do commissions right now. Please, if you can, donate to my paypal. Anything at this point will be extremely helpful. I’m sorry I have to ask for things like this but I’m now homeless plus emotionally and financially a mess.

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anonymous asked:

I just can't believe that you're the youngest in your family because you have such a big sister vibe 😁

Jejdisid Rawan said the same thing to me she went “You don’t seem like the youngest kid in the family type since those are usually spoiled” And I was like “Maybe not now, maybe puberty changed that. But. You’ve seen my Barbie collection.”

lovesjustachemical said: I voted for Bernie in the primary because I’m a straight-up socialist, but I am SO embarrassed by the way some of his supporters are acting. I like Hillary and I’m voting for her now. And I can’t believe how hard it is to talk to my fellow liberals about that. Can’t liberals just not be hateful to each other with conservatives already being so hateful? God.

I KNOW. I wanted us to be the antithesis to the RNC convention. I want us to all come together and be positive. I want us to be the uplifting alternative, the contrast to Trump and his terror mongering. I empathize with the frustration Bernie delegates might feel at the fact that their candidate isn’t the nominee but in the end they are giving Trump more ammo. Trump has been going on his stupid twitter rants trying to incite more Bernie protests and even appealing to Bernie voters. I want us to come together. We NEED to unite. I am so glad that you and I can talk about stuff like this! More uniting in this party is needed! <3


These are the merchandise I’ve collected (and won) over the years. An anon asked to see it. So, here they are!

Dandelion: Wishes Brought to You 

The description is in the picture. The only thing not pictured is a special Dandelion mug that I left at my sister’s house when I lived with her 2 years ago.

The Christmas CD and mousepad came from a review competition. The missing mug…I cannot remember. LOL. but it was a prize!

And as you might have guessed. JIHAE DAKIMAKURA IS MY PRIZED POSSESSION!

Nameless: The One Thing You Must Recall

I think I went a bit overboard with Nameless. I can’t even remember correctly which ones were prizes. I do remember the card holder was a free prize because of the voting thing they did for the Web Radio

Not pictured are Lance’s phone charm (same wood like Red except I used Lance’s already). Yuri’s Secret Garden tea. The tea was slightly sour with a pretty extensive flowery note. It was a herbal tea. Didn’t like it. And Tei’s Zzz Tea. A vanilla infused tea which I will never look at the same after the game.

My most prized possession from this is the postcards! 

Mystic Messenger

Everything pictured here is from the VIP Pack. The addition is only Jumin’s phone strap and card holder phone sticker thingy and my secondary phone lol

Any questions about my crazy collection? Drop me an ask or message!

I’m at my sister’s house and we’re swapping drinking stories:

Sis: okay, so I’d been drinking tequila and I woke up on my bed, naked except for a faux fur coat, with a melted KitKat underneath me.

Mr Sprite: I drank tequila and woke up in a hotel in Belgium.

Sis: So?

Him: I started drinking in the Hacienda in London