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why do you type Like That

i dunno nd im sry im adhd fr 1 so i cnt b bothrd to typ full wrds (ya like That Bad) nd im also dyslexic so i cnt read v well nd fr sm reason th shorthandin nd fake wordin makes sens to me ?? its a v strang thing that happnd But its #Me i gess ? sry if its hrd to undrstand but Yr hard to undrstand on This end

two saint tachibana makotos descending from heaven on this special day!! happy birthday makoto!!!!!!!


kisumis the bane of harus existence ,、’`<(❛ヮ❛✿)>,、’`’`,、 everyones scrambling for the tachibana blessing

ahhhh so this was my main submission for makoto’s birthday box! a million thank yous to @makoharu-lovers​ for such a wonderful event! it was so much fun!