these two come together, can’t have them separated.

Dr. Pepper/peppy bitty info:

-he is a prince instead of a king

-they will flirt with all of the other bitties you have

-they will often want your attention

-they are bossy at times so heads up if you see him bossing other bitties

-they are protective of eggnog bitties

-pepper bitties need to take there code medicine once a week so don’t forget to do that.

-pepper bitties have nightmares often so they will need a lot of attention after that for the whole day.

Eggnog/eggy bitty info:

-they need to take there medicines each day or…they’ll die (peppy bitties will give it to eggy bitties if you forget to)

-they are very clingy to peppy bitties so watch out for them fighting other bitties who get close to peppy

-they can be very cold to other bitties, sometimes even to Peppy bitties

-they should not be left alone, they have to be with either peppy or the owner. if not they will dust.

There is a limited amount of these so you MUST ask me for them

I made a shimeji of Jay from maplestory! I call it…shimeJAY–because watching a local nerd walk all over your screen is very fun 

Send a message if you’re interested in downloading him!  = ↀ ᴥ ↀ =

*Idfk why I’m doing this shet. Help me @kiacii

*Also my sis just deleted my games and shimejis from my folder on comp. ;-;

*Time to reinstall Undertale, Don’t Forget, Overwatch, Undertale Yellow, Oceantale, etc

*Boi this is gonna be a hard time.

The Flowey’s are staging an Escape Attempt

So I was playing with my shimejis (again). And  Flowey duplicated himself. Then Frisk disappeared. Now the Flowey’s have thrown Sans and Papyrus off my screen and are slowly climbing up into the abyss beyond my computer, Asriel close behind.

Oh they fell

And I got Sans and Papyrus back.

And Frisk just walked out from behind one of my windows. Potential Flowey-Apocalypse solved. On another note

tumblr-ception. Also Flowey and Frisk are hanging out. Asriel is on a mission.