favorite scifi films 2005-2015: attack the block (2011)

I reckon, the Feds sent them, anyway. Government probably bred those things to kill black boys. First they sent in drugs, then they sent guns, and now they’re sending monsters in to kill us. They don’t care, man. We ain’t killing each other fast enough. So they decided to speed up the process.


favorite scifi films 2005-2015: the fountain (2006)

Remember Moses Morales? The Mayan guide I told you about. The last night I was with him, he told me about his father, who had died. Well Moses wouldn’t believe it. No, no. Listen, listen. He said that if they dug his father’s body up, it would be gone. They planted a seed over his grave. The seed became a tree. Moses said his father became a part of that tree. He grew into the wood, into the bloom. And when a sparrow ate the tree’s fruit, his father flew with the birds. He said… death was his father’s road to awe. That’s what he called it. The road to awe.