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peaksoflife asked:

As you avoid liberal blogs, which blogs do you recommend?

Hi peaksoflife,

Liberal (and political) blogs are definitely no no good for my mental health, so avoiding these are a personal preference.

I read a lot of books and specialty blogs, and listen to a wide variety of podcasts. I read a ton of science and law journal articles, and of course reports like climate vulnerability assessments and policy analysis. I skim the daily headlines for news related to climate risk. I also follow some hobby, tech, business, art, and quirky/odd sites. In this context, liberal blogs - even many of the green ones - have become repulsive.

In no particular order:


Daily reads (in no order and totally incomplete):

Climate Portals (I’ve contributed to these as well):

And here’s an ongoing compilation of climate science journals:

For some reason, tumblr is not allowing me to add urls to this list - sorry!

Anyway, this is just a small sample. I have a complicated reading diet (imagine what my RSS feed looks like!).



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I love you but you kind of put a target on the back of every small blog whose selfies you reblog. Your hate followers are disgusting and you should think about that before you put cuties on blast.

But these are people who specifically tag me wanting me to reblog their selfies. Are you saying I shouldn’t do that in case they get hate? I love my followers and I don’t want any of them to be hurt, which is why if they put “do not reblog” I would not reblog, and have done so for the people who did. 

If anyone informs me of people reblogging the selfies and being mean I block them. And ultimately I feel that people have a choice and I’m not going to condescend to them and decide what is best on their behalf. They know I have many haters and they still choose to tag me. I search my name every day or so and people who have purposefully put my name in their post will get reblogged. 

I really don’t think I would feel right telling them that I won’t be a part of uplifting them just in case someone tries to pull them down, if that makes sense.

Hey not sure how this Pinterest site works but...

…please, would you refrain from reposting my art on your pinterest with new comments? My art is only meant to stay inside tumblr, with my comments on it. You are free to share and reblog it on tumblr since this is what this site is meant for. When I find my art via google search on this pinterest site, I’m just not so happy anymore. I’m generally disappointed with Pinterest anyway since it’s usually the first “source” that comes up when I search for fanart via google and that’s not okay. I’m happy that you like my art but I’m not okay with reposts on other sites.

Crème de la Crème: 18


“What the hell are you doing in Seattle?” My flight barely got a chance to land before Tez was all on my line in big brother mode.

I rolled my eyes as I searched for my floral rolling duffle bag “It said on the note that I was going with Tish.” I said as I grabbed my luggage

“I don’t see way she couldn’t go by her damn self.” he grumbled

I took my phone away from my ear momentarily and looked at it “Are you okay?” I questioned “Because you been in a really bad mood lately.” I said

“Yeah man, I’m good just…” he kissed his teeth “Just have a good time, I guess.” he said

“I love you” I offered

“Love you too.” With that being said, he hung up.

I let air out of my mouth and pushed my phone into my back pocket.

“What did the big bad wolf have to say?” Tish asked

“Shit really, I don’t think he wanted me to come here with you?” I said

“He’s so full of shit.” she rolled her eyes and took a hold of her luggage

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Lol, people put my name in their posts, I search my tags and find it and I’m creepy if I say anything? Like, ok? People need to know that I don’t scroll through their blogs looking for mentions of me in any random blog I’ve never heard of, that doesn’t even make sense.

Also does anyone know who the hell “Emily” is and how I harassed her?

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ok so i read this and i was like haha remember when i was gonna make the voh game but i dont think i ever announced it anywhere and i vaguely remember starting it and im like oh i wonder if i ever did anything w that so i go searching in my files and i actually like started it and got a lil bit into it and im screaming i dont remember making any of this 

like this post if we’re mutuals because my paranoia that everyone hates me never seems to come at a time when I’m on my laptop and can search who follows me

The time you have solace

I know there is going to be
Thirty million light years
Good times
That is how far it is
Anywhere out of this world
There is going to be
Time for me to crawl
Out of me
I know good times
Celestial body
Nocturnal sentiments
There is going to be
The way to fly
Good times
Believe my eyes
In search of mysteries
There is going to be good times

Michael Baumgart

Learning Curve: Chap 1

Ok so @my-fire-dragon-breath requested that I post the first chapter of my batdad story Learning Curve. I searched in my archives and only found it once I realized I only published an untitled, first draft version. So I’m just reposting the first chapter and the rest if anyone is interested.

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

“So Dick, what’s your favorite kind of bird?” Bruce Wayne asked hesitantly. Inwardly he was grimacing at the childish question but he supposed he could be excused as he was talking to an actual child. His new ward didn’t say anything and instead walked silently behind Bruce in a manner that was eerie even for the Batman. He’d found in his meager experience with children that they tended to be loud, but seven year old Dick Grayson had hardly made a sound since he came to Wayne Manor a week before. Of course he didn’t expect the child to be completely well after getting a front row seat to his parents’ murder but his behavior was becoming worrisome. Bruce frowned as he took in Dick’s blank face and wondered if everyone was right. Alfred, Leslie, Lucius, even the damned tabloids, all questioned his sanity when he decided to take in the traumatized orphan. He thought he could offer some kind of help to the boy, or least offer him something better than the local boy’s detention center. But watching Dick’s sallow face now, Bruce couldn’t help but wonder if Dick would’ve been better off in a more open home.

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anonymous asked:

Hi Greg, I'm anon with the maladaptive daydreaming disorder. I hope you're having a great day and thank you for offering your words and your time. Your reply really made sense to me and somehow Eckhart Tolle's work came into my life and it just seems as though your help started a chain of events that have revealed other things that could, although indirectly, could contribute to my search for help with maladaptive daydreaming. So I send my sincerest thanks and warmest wishes. :)

Thanks for the update. I’m glad you’re moving towards a possible solution with this. It aways seems that when you’re ready, the books and the teachers you need come to you. The pieces start to fall into place. I would keep working and following your instincts on what might help and heal you. This dreaming seems like a child like thing to do and that is by no means a bad thing, you inner child is the source of your creativity, intuition and joy. I wouldn’t recommend running away from or denying this child like part of you. I would honor and love it for the creative, intuitive and joyful part of you that it is. This dreaming may be a way this child like part of you is trying to get your attention your acceptance and your love. So I wouldn’t put it in a corner and scold it, I would love and honor it. If it is trying to get your attention with this dreaming and you give it attention, it won’t need the dreaming anymore. And the dreaming will cease.

Some more of my thoughts, I hope they are of some help.


My mind wanders back to the evenings that you and I would walk along the trail. It’s colder now, and I walk alone. My head searches for images where you are not present. You’re in my every thought, and I cannot get you out. My eyes scan the room, and you’re just sitting there. You don’t look at me like you used to, and I look at you more now. Maybe, possibly, it was my own damn fault for letting you get so close.
—  erh
I searched my .bash_history for the line with the highest ratio of special characters to regular alphanumeric characters, and the winner was: cat out.txt | grep -o “\[[(].\[])][^)]]$” … I have no memory of this and no idea what I was trying to do, but I sure hope it worked.
—  alt text from

I haven’t been making many placement posts (Venus in _ house, Moon in “__”) lately because I’ve been lacking inspiration so maybe I’ll get some if you guys send me a specific placement you want me to cover as a post, so send me 1****** each and I’ll try to do as many as I can or that I want to do! :)

***Friendly reminder to search my blog to see if I’ve already done the post you’re asking for before asking me :)