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Revenge is sweet: purple, orange, green

ah, i should have known :P

purple: 10 facts about my room

1. there’s a ginormous american flag on one wall that has been passed down through my roommates family

2. our window faces the hospital and it’s really awkward to look out when you’re just trying to admire the leaves and you see some old guy doing physical therapy…

3. there are so many pictures and things on the walls it’s kind of like walking into my personal time machine because i can look back and see so many memories

4. under my bed is a personal hell of luggage and cardboard boxes. i avoid it at all costs

5. there is a suitcase under my desk which works as an excellent foot warmer because it doesn’t fit under the bed

6. i have created an excellent corner where there is my desk on one side, the worlds most amazing chair and then a dresser. this chair is godly and i have accidentally fallen asleep in it more times than i’d care to admit

7. the temperature of this room is like dealing with a toddler. you turn on the heater it’s too hot in minutes. you turn it off and it’s like you’ve walked into the arctic. and changing the degree doesn’t help. it’s an on off situation only

8. the closet has a coconut on the top shelf because my friend sent it to me from hawaii.. i have no idea what to do with it and it has an expiration date…  why does it have an expiration date?

9. all of my water ramping gear had been neatly arranged on a hanger in the far side of the closet so it didn’t get in the way. after a month of being gone i found it on the floor because it was so heavy the hanger it was on snapped. this bundle now resides under the bed with the rest of the misfit objects

10. there’s a poster of a bunch of quotes hanging above my bed. originally it was a teammates but when his mom sent it to him, he decided that it was “too girly” for him to actually put to good use. to this day, it is my favorite poster (mostly because the quotes are aesthetically pleasing. the actual words are pretty cheesy and stuff)

Orange: 6 facts about my home town

1. I miss it so much right about now

2. It’s tiny and most commonly known because of the railroads that run through it

3. it’s so small that you could see my house from the front doors of the middle school… which was across town

4. my friend and i once spent four hours walking around when we were in fifth grade. and i’ll never forget the hours spent taking pictures and laughing and singing on those streets

5. there were four churches and three cemeteries. i lived in front of one of them

6. the main attraction for residents of our town was a “ballroom” that was attached to a bar. all of our school dances were held in this ballroom and there were often police officers and security guards standing at the door to make sure we went into the right area

Green: 8 facts about my appearance

1. i have absurdly curly hair. if i could cut it short, i would, but then it wouldn’t fit under a helmet and i’d have a slight afro. which while great on others, really isn’t my style.

2. i have awkwardly long second toes. my coach at gymnastics used to call me skelly as in skeleton because they’re so long that they’d looked like skeleton toes. 

3.the. worst. resting. bitch. face. like it’s not even remotely okay. i always look extraordinarily pissed off. i’m not. 

4. according to my teammates i have four facial expression. smiling. resting bitch face. spaced out face. confused face. and they can mix to become other faces but those are the main four. 

5.if you see me without my nails painted, there’s usually a good reason. A. water ramping takes nail polish off in a day. B. I ran out of remover. C. I just took nail polish off. Seriously. They’re almost always done.

6. I don’t know if this is more appearance or habit, but if i’m walking, i’m staring at the ground. if i’m talking to someone and i’m uncomfortable i’m probably staring at the ground. if i’m thinking i’m staring at the sky. or at the ground from a distance. like the very far away ground

7.I’m frowning right now because i can’t think of any more facts about my appearance

8. and now i am sighing in relief because 8 things is a lot

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my roommate has a face shape similar to yours and she got a REALLY adorable shoulder length cut. her hair is pretty thick and straight though and yours looks curly and i know shorter cuts are terrifying for us curly folks. good luck!

aaah thank you!!! yeah, my hair is really strange, it goes from curly to straight depending on how it feels that day, it’s so difficult to manage! hopefully it goes well - i’m slowly overcoming my fear of haircuts hahaha! if you go far back enough in my face tag, you’ll see how long my hair used to be (that was like 3 years without a cut, eeek)