My favorite character from Dark Souls 2, Straid !! He’s a big jerkwad and insults you but I still think he’s really cool. Especially with that outfit. B )

It’s easy to say that family comes first. I absolutely love my children and my wife. But the mentality of a professional hockey player is that you never admit that you’re human. You never admit pain, especially if it’s pain that no one can see.

The Penguins have been incredible about keeping me around the team while I deal with this second blood clot. It can be a very dark place to be away from the game. With my personality, I need to be around the guys. The coaches have requested that I be in every team meeting, and I’ve helped out with scouting. I travel with the team on flights under two hours and offer any insight I can from the press box.

Up there, it’s a 2D game. Everything looks so easy. There’s so much room. Then you go down to ice level and it’s a 3D game. I’m quickly learning the limitations of my coaching ability:

“Hey, why didn’t you see that passing lane?”

“Well, Duper, there was a guy right in my face jamming a stick into my ribs.”

Some of the guys have started to call me Coach Duper. I laugh it off, but it’s killing me to wear my little suit while they’re putting on their gear.

I’m 35. I know I don’t have much time left. But I’m getting out of that press box prison. I don’t care if it takes six months or a year or two years. I will get healthy. I will play in the National Hockey League again.

—  Pascal Dupuis, In my Blood 

I’m absolutely floored with Empire’s accurate depiction of Andre’s bipolar disorder.

I mean seriously, this is a spot on representation of my childhood and my teenage years growing up. It was a lot of being sad and angry for no reason, and constantly skirting the line of trying to kill myself.

None of what you saw from last night’s scene with Andre and the gun was dramatized. That was EXACTLY the kind of uncontrollable behavior I had when I was a teenager, quietly trying to curb my mental disease alone in a dark room, screaming my head off, unsure why I was even so emotional.

God this show doesn’t cease to amaze me.


My early Christmas/everything present to myself!!

[If I see anyone saying ever again
"Slytherins are all evil"


Last week, my baby sis is-this-a-test was like, “ok but what if Lea has nightmares about not being able to save Isa/Saïx” and it haunted me a lot, so this is the result of that…

Most of the time, i really don’t understand what to feel. There were times when an uplifting aura, that i almost scream because of the positive energy that runs through my veins. But most of the time, i just feel sad, so sad that i don’t even know why, that i’ll just sit in one corner of my room and just stare in the darkness. Sometimes, i felt a pang on my chest, i know something inside me hurts, that something wants to explode because i know i am in pain. During at night, i feel so lonely that i can feel my heart shrivel up in my chest. Sometimes, i really want to cry for no apparent reason, it’s just that my eyes can no longer handle what they’re carrying just like clouds. After being with different people the whole day, i still feel alone for reasons unknown to me. It’s like something is missing and i can’t identify what is it. I know what’s like being alone, always feeling empty inside. I really don’t understand my feelings. But above all, i want to feel such happiness yet i still can’t find it. I am still walking on the road and i haven’t reached the finish line.

Tie Trouble

A/N: Hey there! This is my submission for this week’s FFF so it doesn’t have any smut just lots of fluff.

 What happens when Tom can’t find his favorite tie? Enjoy!


"Aww, come on, Why do these things always happen to me when I’m in a rush?  Ava. Ava? I need your help. Like … now!"

Rushing into our dressing room I said, “Tom, what? What’s wrong?”

"These pants are all wrinkled, my shirt looks just as bad, and I can’t find my favorite tie. You know, the dark charcoal grey one." He babbled out.

"Tom, look at me. Relax, the world is not going to end because you can’t find your favorite tie or because your favorite outfit is creased." Taking the offending pants and dress shirt from him, I looked them over. "Maybe the new dry cleaners I tried last week isn’t as good as I had hoped they would be. If you really want to wear these tonight give me fifteen minutes so I can work my magic on them with the iron. Okay?"

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Happy Valentine’s day! Have a picture of me actually smiling and being weird with curtains because why the hell not. I spent the whole day watching all of the Lord of the rings and Hobbit’s in a dark room eating chocolate and pizza with my friends. So that was great.

The loud appeal of an annual reset button—Lent—and the louder pushback from my comfort zone—not even Catholic, why am I doing this again?—are quieted in a dark chapel today. The ashes on my forehead and the ones in my living room offer a humble reminder of what’s important, what’s not and what actually endures within the dust.

This now concludes Deep Thought #742, so back to Fashion Week fails, baby ducks wearing cupcake-wrapper dresses and the immigration debate, people.

themooninblue asked:

So impressed that you print color in the darkroom. Can you tell me something about why you like it or why you do it?

Hehe well I guess I’m a classically trained photographer maybe you could say. When I went to university that’s how you did it, digital wasn’t really useful at all yet so no one did it. And I was always pretty intuitive with the dark room. So now my old school lets me into use their labs. And why I print that way…well I guess I enjoy the quiet time…and how different it is from actual photographing. It’s like the flip side or the negative (literal) side of photography where you are isolated in a little room with no light and no stimulants and nothing to look at but to focus on minute differences in light and colour you are sending through an already made negative to get the image you desire. I really can’t say enough about it. For me it kind of completes the process. If you ever get the chance to try colour printing jump on it. You will love everything about it. It’s like magic.

Nothing Feels Like You-Chapter 3

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I grudgingly opened my eyes at the sound of Darcy whimpering next to me. It took me a moment to realise that Darcy always slept in her nursery down the hall so I was confused as to why she was in my room. When I opened my eyes the confusion left my body and was replaced with an overwhelming amount of elation. I squinted my eyes slightly so it wasn’t made apparent that I had woken because the sight of Harry rocking our baby to sleep was an image too precious to disturb. Darkness slithered underneath the blinds of my bedroom’s bay window, suggesting that it was the early hours of the morning. When I realised this, I suddenly felt more awake and Harry cradling Darcy suddenly made me feel guilty. He shouldn’t have been here. He was my ex boyfriend and he had a girlfriend.

A girlfriend he had cheated on three times the previous night. With me.

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1) abctheview: chad in the building!
2) nashgrier: tune in
3) abctheview: hehe
4) @TheView: LOOK WHO’S HERE! @Nashgrier #NashOnTheView
5) @thobiasthorwid: It’s so nice to meet someone tall enough so you don’t have to bend over - well, we did that anyway! 👬 Muito obrigado @shawnmendes for an awesome hangout in my studio 🎧 Check out the interview on @nrjsweden 📻👍 Cya tonight for The show! Kill it! 🎸🎤 #shawnmendes
6) @iamKennyHolland: Chillin
7) @bryanteslava: WOAH, I love this photo. It’s when I first met Nash, Carter and Matt in Vegas with Cam for the billboard awards.
8) @camerondallas: I’m not cutting my hair until June now 👌
9) abctheview: why are there so many @nashgrier ‘s in the dressing room
10) jackjackjohnson: Dark Days… Dark Days indeed #Halloween #HannahMontana #ImAlsoWearingCrocs

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Let's paint the baby's room green. (Oliver to Felicity)

Oliver glanced at her from over his paper. “Yes and then let’s put a giant sign in the front yard that says ‘home of the Starling City vigilante’ while we’re at it.”

"You realize paint colors are not synonymous with secret identities right? I mean just because the power rangers wore the same color as their suits," she replied rolling her eyes. "And besides blue is so boring for a room color. We can’t be boring predictable parents."

"We’re have a girl why would you paint it blue or green?"

"Because we do not need to adhere to gender stereotypes my love."

He stood up shaking his head with a smile. “What ever you say dear. But not too dark of a green.”

"Duh it’s a baby room not a cave."

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