But that was the beauty of it as well. Just knowing that I get to do all these things that also created a lot of layers for the character. Because you think: he’s in control […] But then he’s losing control - that’s so interesting. x

me: idw megatron is such a complex character and i’m very hopeful that his character arc continues to defy the tradition of megatron always being the villain of the franchise. it’s such a breath of fresh air to see a version of megatron that wants to become a better person instead of following the same destructive path that most iterations go through. however, i am fully aware of the countless atrocities that he’s inflicted upon cybertron, his fellow cybertronians, and the universe itself in the 4 million years that follows the war. he has a lot to answer for and i can understand how a lot of fans are not happy with how his redemption arc is playing out. but we all have our opinions on the subject and we should respect that.

someone: megatron’s a piece of shi t

also me:


I’ll sift through a bunch of songs and if one really touches me in a certain way, I’ll keep playing it over and over—almost to the point where if someone else was listening they would find it nauseating and borderline torturous. I kid you not; I can listen to the same song back-to-back for two to three hours straight. There are some songs I won’t listen to any more because they are songs that helped me get to emotional places. Even if I hear it—someone’s playing a song that had that affect on me in the past—I’ll have to walk out of the room or turn it down. It sounds so strange but those things affect you in a certain way. -Rami Malek 

  • me @ idw megatron: my sweet summer child...the light of my life....i would fight starscream in a dennys parking lot at 3 am for u...i just want u to be happy....
  • me @ every other incarnation of megatron: get fucked u genocidal toaster