It has pretty much all been like this: Reykjavík - Öxnadalur - Akureyri - Mývatn - Dimmuborgir - Möðrudalur - Egilsstaðir - Breiðdalsvík - Höfn. Fuck me if I remember all the names, back to the capital tomorrow. I need a beer or ten. BUT ICELAND AND ICELANDIC PEOPLE, I ADORE YOU!

Hiatus is over, draw the gem nerds.

Hamonyx and Pycaldot returns to visit Beach City for the Summer of Steven (I’m a few days late but I caught up on the eps woop). Of course they’re only idea of swimwear comes from a lot of vintage films so of course they’d dress like dorks.

okay so the last time thor and loki have even interacted was a million years ago in the disastrous AoA 10-11 

we pretty much know how loki feels about the whole shebang but I want to know what’s on the odinson’s mind. :( when will my disaster children meet again, when will they get along again
when will there be             c l o s u r e 


soppy shoutout to my beautiful madre for roadtripping the South of France with me. I’ll never forget it

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