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sorry if this sounds like super creepy LOL but like I think I got the right person? i was on a nostalgia trip today and I was thinking abt my hetalia days and i distinctly remembered your blog as like one of The Big Hetalia blogs (hetalianbae>aph-russia),, I remember one day u left the fandom or smtg and i always wondered what happened to u ^^; yea just to satisfy my own curiosity i looked u up ;;anywho im glad ur doing well and i just wanted to thank u for making my time on tumblr so awesome:)

Awww thanks! I’m not courtney but I’m val, the person to inherit the aph-Russia URL after Courtney left. I think I’ve linked myself from my hetalia blog to this one quite a few times now? Hopefully you’re still happy to see me haha quq;;

when i met taylor we were holding hands and didn’t have much time left and i said “i don’t know if i would be here without you” because i didn’t have enough time to explain everything fully but basically i truly don’t know if i would be alive without taylor. so many times when i was at my weakest and ready to give up, she was there. if it wasn’t for looking forward to reputation, i would have taken my life last november. it was the single thing that kept me alive because I was so excited for it. i have no idea what taylor said to me telling her this because i blacked out, and i truly wish i could remember. i’ll spend forever wondering what she said.

So I saw a MAP pride flag I really liked the colours of so I made a new flag out of it.

Its a joke omorashi pride flag. Kinda proud of it, but whatever.

Feel free to use, just make sure to credit me.

If anyone wants my idea on the meaning of it, feel free to drop me an ask and I’ll explain.