Rockabye Final (pt.8)

genre: fluff and just a little angst / stripper!au 

pairing: you x jimin

word count: 2.5k

i can’t believe this is the last part. i had so much fun writing this story and appreciate all of the love and support i got, seriously. thank you guys. <3

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My heart was indeed broken. How could she do this so easily to me? I gave her everything and even made her promise me, that she wouldn’t leave me. I know. I know. I said that we didn’t have to be physically together but I’m stupid! I’m so stupid. Obviously. It’s so obvious. I still want to be with her, I just didn’t know what to say at that moment. My thoughts were eating me alive and I couldn’t think straight. All I knew, was that I didn’t want to loose her but that ended up happening anyways. 

All I wanted to do, was help.

I remember the first day we met, which definitely wasn’t my ideal place to totally fall for some girl. I remember laying my eyes on her. The feelings that lingered in my body that night. The endless thoughts about her, even when I knew absolutely nothing. I was in awe, just at the sight of her. But when she started talking, her voice was so delicate, soft and sweet. Her desirable confidence that oozed off of her only added to the attraction. I was speechless.

Once again, I know. At first, I was some young man, hanging around at a strip club for my birthday that his friends practically forced him to go to. Sure, my hormones were raging but was I looking for a good time? No. In fact, I was planning on hanging out in the bathroom or playing sick but when I saw her on the other side of the room, dancing away in the night, I had no choice but to sit back down and watch.

As she walked towards me, butterflies filled my stomach but I still tried my best to be as chill as I could possibly be. But within time, I was already in love.

The next day for the private dance, I saw her and automatically found a soft spot in my heart for her. Especially after I heard her story. Not that I’m an asshole but I tend to be somewhat of a prick when it comes to meeting girls. I like the chase because most of the time, they fall for the ones that aren’t the nicest. Now, that isn’t the case for all but for most.

I remember that night too. The sympathy that I felt for her after hearing about what she was doing for her son. My aunt had the same experience and it was hell for her, so not only did I want to see her not go through that but I also liked the girl. Shit, what am I saying, I really liked the girl and even though she just came to my door and broke my heart, I still do.

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>be me

>about 12-13 years old

>completely obsessed with Lord of the Rings

>am the third born out of four daughters

>my two older sisters like to pick on me

>for example

>couple years ago they stole my diary and read it aloud

>embarrassing af

>discourages me from having a diary again

>until I’m in junior high

>I got personal, puberty-driven shit to write

>and I’ll be damned if I don’t get to vent my raging hormones in the form of a diary

>so I decide to write another one

>this is where Lord of the Rings comes in

>in my copy of Return of the King there is an Angerthas runes alphabet in the appendices

>I study and practice the shit out this alphabet

>memorize all of it

>start up diary 2.0

>written entirely with Angerthas runes

>now no one can read it except me

>since there’s no way my older sisters would learn that shit

>I also use it to write notes to myself in school

>since most of my classmates are assholes

>they also wouldn’t learn that shit

>I learned a new alphabet just to keep my personal teenage thoughts personal

>mae govannen, bitches

A Little Late

“I’ve got to go love, I’ll be back before the baby comes. It’s still three weeks away.” Chibs knelt in front of me, one hand resting on my swollen stomach, the other caressing my face.

“Club business comes first.” I said bitterly, I knew he’d stay if he could, but my hormones were raging out of control.

“Call Gemma if you need anything. I love you.” I could see it in his eyes, that he would stay if he could. I leaned down kissing him, my hands cupping his face.

“I love you too. Come back to us safe.” He leaned down kissing my stomach. I ran my fingers through his hair.

“I love you.” He said to my stomach, he was rewarded with a kick. “Always.” He stood up and walked out the door.

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5SOS Preference #7: Interruptions
  • Calum Hood: I straddle Calum as I kiss his lips hungrily. I grab his shirt's collar and pull him to me so that he's sitting up. His hands find my bum, giving it a squeeze causing me to whimper out. I start to unbutton his shirt after he begins to kisses my chest. "You are so fucking gorgeous, my God." He mumbles while trailing his lips up to my neck. "Calum." I whisper once he starts to suck on my sweet spot. "Hmmmm. Say it again." He says, his lips finding their way to my jaw. I could feel his erection growing underneath me and I couldn't help but smirk. "Calum." I whisper slowly into his ear. He groans and then kisses my lips, his tongue begging for entrance. "Yo Calum are you deaf or- holy shit!" I pull away and turn my head to find Luke, who's covering his eyes with his hands. "You ever heard of knocking, Luke?" Calum asks, clearly frustrated. "I-I uh I'm sorry. I knocked for almost ten minutes but n-no one answered." I try not to laugh at the embarrassed Luke. Calum sighs. "We're late for practice too." Luke adds. Calum rests his head on my chest and breathes in. "Cal, I'll give you a few minutes to tidy up and (Y/N), nice underwear."
  • Ashton Irwin: Ashton hovers over me as I lay on my back on the couch. He kisses me passionately as I run my fingers through his curls. "B-babe." I whisper with pleasure as he begins to grind his hard member against my sensitive area. "Don't t-tease me." I say. He chuckles before kissing me again, still dry humping me. I pull at his curls once his hand finds the top of my sweatpants. "I bet you're soaking right now baby." Ashton whispers into my ear, his hand trying to pull down my pants. I squirm, urging him to keep doing what he's doing. "Eager aren't we?" He chuckles before placing a kiss below my ear. The sound of Ashton's phone vibrating makes him pull away. I whimper out, not wanting him to stop. He grabs his phone and then answers it. "Yeah?" He pants into the phone. His other hand holds him up above me. I watch him speak, trying to control my raging hormones. He sighs and then nods. "Yeah, okay. See ya. Bye." He hangs up. "I have to go." Ashton says to me and I whine. "You're not going." I say firmly. He chuckles. "But I have to, love. Works orders." I sigh and then pout my lip out. "But don't you worry baby," Ash says before kissing my lips again. "I'll take good care of you tonight."
  • Michael Clifford: "M-Mikey." I moan out as Michael's hands roam my body while also leaving hickeys on my neck. I wrap my legs around his torso, trying to be close to him as possible. My lower area throbs with desperation. "Michael, d-don't stop." He chuckles and then his lips meet mine. "God, I love you." He says between the kiss. "Michael, (Y/N), foods- oh my. I'm so sorry." Michael's lips leave mine and looks towards the bedroom door, where we both heard the familiar voice come from. "Uh hi mom." Michael says while getting off of me and laying down beside me. My face is beet red and Michael just smiles away at his mother, pretending what we were doing never happened. "Uh...dinners ready," Mikey's mom says while clearing her throat. "And we'd love for you two to join us." I give her a small smile and nod. "Of course. We'll be down in a few." Michael says. Michael's mom nods her head, giving us a smile and then leaves. He then kisses me. "To be continued, my love." He whispers against my lips.
  • Luke Hemmings: "Shhh." Luke whispers playfully after I giggled. We kiss passionately under the blankets of our king sized bed. My hands find the hem of his t-shirt as he plants soft kisses on my collarbones. "Mmmm." I hum out once he found my sweet spot. "This," I say while tugging at his shirt. "Needs to be off. Now." Luke chuckles kissing my lips. "Yes ma'am." He says before pulling it off of him and throwing it somewhere out of his reach. I wrap my arms around his neck and bring his lips back to mine. He moans into the kiss once I begin to bite his lip gently. Then a knock on the door stops our actions immediately. "Mommy? Daddy?" Our five year old son says through the door. Luke groans before getting off of me and I laugh a little. "Just a minute, baby." I say before situating myself. I get up and open the door, seeing my little boy with his thumb in his mouth. "Bad dream, sweetheart?" I ask while crouching down to his height and he nods. "Can I sleep with you and daddy?" I give him a small smile and a nod, hearing Luke breathe out loudly, obviously not agreeing with me.

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I legit just binge read your entire blog. I'm guilty now because I was supposed to sleep early but HAHAHAHAHAHAHA my hormones were raging. Keep up the amazing work~ 💖

thank u so much sweetie!!! and tbh my hormones are raging 24/7 😉 so I feel you haha. watching the pile of notifications come in from you liking everything made me feel really happy💕 thank u sm babe xx

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but like Harry in a ruffly shirt looking like a pirate prince has my hormones raging fuxking seND HELP

He looked so fucking good, I swear… I think it’s one of my favorite outfits of the week, but then again, EVERYTHING HE WORE FOR THE LATE LATE SHOW HAS BEEN AMAZING AKFANEOGDNG

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Doesn't it scare you that Eli gets so terribly angry sometimes?

Oh honey, if he hasn’t gotten angry at me through my random rages of hormones while having this baby, I have no fears about him getting angry at me any day afterwards. 

Trust me, I know the fear of your partner wanting to hurt you… Eve dust you at times… Even through a pregnancy. Eli has never EVER made me feel the way that Lilian did. I don’t think that he ever will, so no. It doesn’t scare me at all. 

• Never Enough - Ashton Irwin Imagine •

A/N: contains smut. (; I’m sorry for how long this imagine is. But I think it still rocks.

Ashton hovers over me as I lay on my back on the couch. He kisses me passionately as I run my fingers through his curls. “B-babe.” I whisper with pleasure as he begins to grind his hard member against my sensitive area. “Don’t t-tease me.” I say. He chuckles before kissing me again, still dry humping me. I pull at his curls once his hand finds the top of my sweatpants. “I bet you’re soaking right now baby.” Ashton whispers into my ear, his hand trying to pull down my pants. I squirm, urging him to keep doing what he’s doing. “Eager aren’t we?” He chuckles before placing a kiss below my ear. The sound of Ashton’s phone vibrating makes him pull away. I whimper out, not wanting him to stop. He grabs his phone and then answers it. “Yeah?” He pants into the phone. His other hand holds him up above me. I watch him speak, trying to control my raging hormones. He sighs and then nods. “Yeah, okay. See ya. Bye.” He hangs up. “I have to go.” Ashton says to me and I whine. “You’re not going.” I say firmly. He chuckles. “But I have to, love. Works orders.” I sigh and then pout my lip out. “But don’t you worry baby,” Ash says before kissing my lips again. “I’ll take good care of you tonight.”
Five hours ago, Ashton went to work, leaving me home alone, all horny and desperate. I had to go for a jog to help calm myself down.
He hasn’t answered his phone or my texts at all and I’m very curious. Usually he’s always on that damn thing. Plus, that phone never leaves his side.
It’s been a little over three weeks since Ashton and I actually had our “alone time”. When we do have time, he’s either tired or out with the boys. And me? I’m home alone in misery.
I plop down on the couch after making myself some ramen noodles. The movie Juno is playing on the TV. I wrap myself up in a blanket and get comfy.
After watching the movie and eating my delicious noodles quietly, my phone begins to vibrate. I pick up the device and snort when I see the caller ID.
“Hello?” I say into the phone, pretending that I didn’t know it was him who called.
“Hi (Y/N)!” Ashton says cheerfully into the phone. “I’m on my way home.”
“Cool.” I say smoothly, playing it cool.
“Uh, alrighty then.” He mumbles a little. “I’ll see you when I get home. Do you want me to pick up anything? Food?”
“Nope. I’m good.”
“Sweet. Okay, I’ll be home in a few. I love you.”
“Uh huh.” I mutter and then hang up.
Sure as hell doesn’t feel like he does.
“(Y/N)?” Ashton asks while walking through the apartment door.
I watch the the movie, ignoring him completely.
“(Y/N).” He calls again before walking into the living room.
“Hi.” I say, my eyes not leaving the TV.
“What’s wrong?” He asks while standing in front of the TV, trying to make me look at him.
I don’t answer him.
“Did I do something wrong?”
“I don’t know, Ashton,” I say while getting up. “You tell me.”
I walk out of the living room and into he kitchen to drop off my dirty dishes into the sink.
“I don’t understand.” I hear him mumble behind me.
I sigh and place my dishes into the sink.
“You’re not here all the time, Ashton.” I say before turning around.
“You knew that before going into this relationship, (Y/N).” Ashton says before folding his arms. “You knew about the tours and the gigs.”
“I did know that, Ashton, but I didn’t know that you would still be out even when you were home.”
He watches me quietly.
“You’re always gone and you never seem to have time for me.” I say, my eyes start to water. Now’s not the time to cry, (Y/N), my mind scolds me. “I feel like we barely know each other now.”
Ashton’s still silent.
“I need you to speak to me.” I say, my voice breaking.
“I…I don’t know what to say.” He whispers.
I sniff and wipe my nose with my sleeve.
“Where I’m getting at is that Ashton, I miss everything about us.” I say slowly while looking at him. His bottom lip begins to tremble.
“I miss our talks. I miss our moments. I miss you here. I miss your touch. I miss your love. And mostly, I miss you. So fucking much”
I then start to cry, and I cry hard.
He watches me with watery eyes.
“I need your time, Ashton, and your love.”
I wipe my eyes while trying to find my breath.
“And most of all,” I whisper before looking at him. “I need you.”
Tears run down Ashton’s face also.
“Baby,” He croaks out as he takes a step forward and reaches for me.
But I step backwards and Ashton’s movements stop, his facial expression becomes even more sad.
“I’m sorry.” Ashton whispers.
I shake my head a little while wiping my eyes.
I walk out of the kitchen and head up the stairs.
“I’m sorry.” Ashton sobs out loudly.
I begin to cry more before walking into our bedroom.
The last thing I heard before slamming the door closed was Ashton crying out my name.
“(Y/N)?” I hear Ashton whisper behind me.
It’s been two hours since I’ve heard his voice.
I lay on my side while clutching his pillow against my chest, my back facing the door.
“Yeah?” I say out load.
“I miss you.”
My heart aches when he says that.
I turn on my back and look at him.
He stands there like a lost puppy, waiting for his owner to call out his name.
I can’t resist him.
“Come here.” I say while motioning him to come over here with my hand.
Ashton walks over to his side of the bed and climbs onto the bed.
I turn to him and I’m embraced with his strong arms. I can’t help but rest my head onto his chest.
He sighs when he kisses my head.
We lay like this for a few minutes in silence.
“I’m going try to be here more, I really am.” He says slowly as he begins to rub my back gently.
I don’t speak. I just wait for him to talk more.
“I’m going to make our relationship better and more stronger. I’m not going to put myself in front of you ever again. I’m going to stop being so selfish and an ass. I’m going to spend so much time you that you won’t know what to do with me after awhile.”
I laugh and kiss his chest, waiting to hear more from him.
“You mean so much more than everything else (Y/N), and I was dumb enough to not realize that earlier.”
My heart melts.
“You’ll have all of my time, all of my love and all of me.” Ashton whispers slowly.
I bite my lip.
“And you will never get enough of all three.” He finishes before kissing my head again.
“I love you, princess,” He whispers against my head. “And I’m truly sorry for being a selfish asshole.”
I smile and pull away from him so now I’m facing him.
“I love and forgive you, you handsome asshole.” I say with laugh before kissing his plump lips.
He smiles in the kiss, whispering “thank you” into it over and over again.
“But maybe you should make up for it.” I whisper playfully and sexily after pulling away.
“You think I should?” Ashton asks with a smirk while moving his pillow away from us. He acts like he’s dumb.
He moves his body above me, now hovering over me, and I nod my head, staring up at him with innocent eyes.
“And what do you have in mind, baby?” Ashton ask as he moves his head to the crook of my neck.
His lips begin to kiss my neck as I find the top button of his shirt.
“I want you to make love to me, Mr. Irwin.” I whisper sexily into his ear after I begin to unbutton his shirt.
He sucks in his breath and immediately, his member hardens.
“Anything for you.” Ashton says and then starts to move his body up and down, creating intense friction between us.
I gasp once he starts to suck on my sweet spot.
I tug at his now unbuttoned shirt and he takes it off quickly.
“You have way too much clothing on, baby girl.”
His hands find the hem of my shirt and then pulls it up above my head.
He flings it across the room somewhere and then he attacks my chest with his lips, sucking every inch of skin.
I wrap my arms around his neck and run a hand through his hair.
“This,” Ashton says as he tugs on my bra. “Has got to come off.”
I smirk at him and push him off of me.
He sits in front of me and I sit up from the bed and unclasp the bra, flinging somewhere.
He breathes in again while staring at my naked chest.
“It’s not like you haven’t seen them before.” I mumble.
“I know but, I swear, they’ve gotten bigger and…better.”
I blush at his words, yet they excite me too.
“Just shut up and kiss me.” I say with a laugh.
And he isn’t hesitant to kiss me.
His lips push me back down onto the bed.
The kiss is full of electricity and lust.
My hands find the button of Ashton’s pants and he moans into the kiss.
I swear, his erection is growing more and more each second.
I unbutton the pants and his member pops out instantly. Ashton groans.
He pulls away and takes a moment to push his pants off and throws them somewhere.
He starts to dry-hump me again as he kisses my jawline and I moan out loud. My hips buck up against his member and I crave for more.
He keeps teasing me with his actions and I swear I’m gonna come soon.
“A-Ashton.” I moan out.
“Almost there, aren’t you?” He whispers into my ear and I nod my head.
He chuckles.
“Not yet baby girl.” He says as his hand finds the top of my pants.
“T-take it off already.” I say, squirming under him.
“Patience, love.” Ashton chuckles.
He pulls down my pants and then throws them somewhere. Then he takes off my panties also.
“Just as I assumed.” He says with a smirk. “All wet and ready for me.”
“Ashton, quit the role play!”
I need him now or I’m gonna lose it.
He chuckles and then takes his boxers off too.
I can’t believe he’s taking this nicely, I’m a wreck as we speak.
He places both of his hands on the side of my head and then slides into me.
I close my eyes and moan out.
His lips find mine and then he begins to thrust.
I whimper out in pleasure once he gets his thrusts down.
He moves a little fast and then slows down and then picks up again. This continues for a great amount of time and I can’t get enough of it.
Ashton kisses my chest again, telling me how beautiful I am and how much he loves me as he marks me his.
I gasp as he hits my g-spot.
He moans out a couple times as I run my hand through his hair as my other scratches his back in pleasure.
I moan out once I come.
“Fuck.” Ashton mutters before doing the same, pulling out quickly.
He lays beside me and we both pant together.
“Wow.” Ashton says breathlessly, staring at the ceiling.
I look over to him and smile.
“I defiantly missed that also.” He says with a laugh before kissing my lips.

I feel bad for my future husband.. my hormones be raging when my period come on, sad, mad, sexually frustrated 🤦🏾‍♀️ I can only imagine how I will be when I’m with child

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One thing I don't quite understand about your EEnE High School series is why don't the Eds just take the Kankers up on their romantic offers? From my own experience, high school boys tend to not be particularly choosy with who they date and there's always the possibility of breaking up if the relationship goes bad. Is it simply because of their shared pasts or is there any other reason?

From my experience, boys definitely have a preference.

The idea of someone refusing to settle with an obnoxious boy or girl is not farfetched, in my opinion. Raging hormones might urge some teenagers to commit devaluing or regretful acts, but the majority does a pretty good job doing a pretty good job.

Preference #5: He Doesn't Want To Take Advantage Of You While You're Drunk (5/5)

Hey this one was requested! 

Request: Can you do a his p.o.v. preference where you’re drunk and want sex but he denies you of it due to not wanting to take advantage of you or disrespect you but you take it the wrong way think he doesn’t love you or doesn’t find you beautiful enough?

Make sure to send me your feedback, thoughts and requests! I am a new 1D imagines + preferences blog as of this month!

Boys’ POVs

Liam: “The alcohol never helps.”

Y/N was making this so hard for me. I could smell the tequila on her breath as she stumbled into our vacant hotel room. I was exhausted from the show we had just performed, but my girlfriend was causing my hormones to rage out of control. Every little touch sending me closer to the edge.

“Let’s get this off.” Her speech was slurred as she slowly took off the jacket I was wearing, the material falling to the floor as she wrapped her arms around my neck. I knew exactly what her intentions were tonight and a part of me didn’t want to stop it.

She slowly snaked out of her loose tank top, revealing the black bra that was underneath.

I hadn’t seen Y/N in weeks and here she was, wearing skin tight pants that caused my mouth to water and that bra I loved so much.

My hands were firm at her waist as she began to undo the button of my jeans, one of my hands instinctively stopping her from carrying on the action.

“Y/N, you’ve had a little too much to drink tonight, don’t you think?” I may be horny as hell, but I was also a gentleman and I knew better. Y/N was letting loose with the other girlfriends tonight and I couldn’t blame her, but I wasn’t about to take advantage of the state she was in.

“Oh come on, I didn’t even have that much.” Her shoulders bobbed up and down as she let out a drunken hiccup causing her to burst into laughter and fall to the floor in front of me. Yeah, she was gone.

I watched as she stumbled to her knees and tried to continue with the button on my jeans, but my hands gently wrapped around her wrists and I helped her stand.

“Come on, Y/N- let’s just go to bed, yeah?” I was trying to be as gentle as I could with her, but I could see the drunken fire in her eyes as she pushed me away.

“What is it now, Liam? What did I do?” Her eyebrows were scrunched in anger as she pushed me away again and walked over to the bed, sitting down on the edge of it with her arms crossed.

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Step brother! Ashton

Pairing: Y/N and Ashton

Warning: Smut and borderline incest 

Words: 1.2K

Summary: Ashton is your new step-brother but has taken a interest in you and you’ve taken a interest in him. 

Liv wrote this :)) I edited it…

Originally posted by sexycliffconda

Your dad had met a woman while away on a business trip 6 months ago. When he got back all he did was talk about her. Frankly, you didn’t care. Sure you wanted your dad to be happy, but you didn’t want anyone to replace your mum.  Your mum was like your best friend and even though it was more than 5 years ago and you were now a grown woman it still hurt.

You knew it would happen eventually, because your dad had always got lots of attention from women. From being in the supermarket to walking down the street your dad always caught the ladies eye. I think its gross really he gets a lot of attention and I probably should have been prepared for maybe a new girlfriend, but you still weren’t prepared for the day he announced they were engaged. He’d gone a business trip and met Anne and thought they’d get engage straight away. Then a few days afterwards, that they were moving in.

They. More than one.

“Anne has 3 kids, Ashton’s your age, maybe a little older, Lauren is a bit younger and Harry is the youngest. She’s never mentioned their ages.”

A step-mum was bad enough, never mind step-siblings.

It was very short notice and within a week they were dragging boxes out of a van parked on out drive. I sat and watched from my bedroom window as my dad brought box after box inside. A tall, tanned boy, with curly hair and dimples stepped out into the sun and I felt the breath catch in my throat, for he was gorgeous. He helped my dad and his mum with the boxes, and I couldn’t help but stare at the way his biceps tensed and flexed and how his t-shirt became stretched tight across his back when he lifted anything.

Honestly it was an amazing view.

Now I knew I shouldn’t be looking at my future step-brother in that way, but if you were me you would have done the same considering he looked straight up delicious and well, I’m not blind. My raging hormones weren’t much help either, so I knew I didn’t really stand a chance against my desire. I sat and watched them for a good length of time, until all the boxes were inside and the van was gone.

I went downstairs to greet my new ‘family’, and god he looked even better in person. He had the most beautiful hazel eyes, which I noticed looking me up and down as soon as I came into sight. I also noticed the way he tugged his lip between his teeth as his gaze raked my body until our eyes met.

“Hi, I’m Ashton.”


The more time I spent with him over the next few weeks, the more attractive he got – and the flirtier he became with me. Brushing his leg against mine during dinner, ‘accidentally’ grabbing my hand when getting cereal on a morning and ‘accidentally’ walking in on me in the shower. Twice. Every time I needed a ride, he was there(but not the sort of ride I really wanted). Every time I was struggling to reach something I would feel his toned chest against my back within seconds as he got it down for me.

I wasn’t complaining at all. That kind of attention from him caused butterflies to erupt in my stomach every time he came near and my heart to race. At first I thought it was just lust for something I knew was wrong, but I came to terms with the fact that it was much more than simply sexual urge. I had a huge crush on my step-brother and I wasn’t sorry in the slightest.

It was early morning, and I had to be at college in a couple of hours. I dragged myself out of the comfort of my bed and into the bathroom. As I was half asleep, I was squinting are not paying much attention to anything but how much I wanted to go back to sleep.

I came to terms with everything and the sound of thundering water began to register in my mind. Ashton was in the shower.

Everything seemed to move in slow motion after that. Him turning and seeing me, me stumbling backwards into the sink, the water shutting off and him opening the sliding door.

“I’m sorry! I just wanted a shower! I didn’t realise!” I squeaked, covering my eyes.

“It’s okay. Save water.”

I could practically hear his smirk.

Opening my eyes, I bit my lip. Ashton naked right in front of me dripping with water droplets and his curly hair slicked back from the water. He looked like a god.

“I am all about saving the planet…”

I slid out of my oversized t-shirt and shorts and slowly pushed my panties down my legs. I could feel his eyes burning through my skin.

“See something you like the look of?” I teased, fluttering my lashes at him slightly.


He grabbed my hand and pulled me into the shower with him. The water began spurting out again, forming steam around us and my eyes were locked to his. It was intense and incredibly sexy. We both knew it was wrong, it only made it all the more appealing.

Within seconds I was up against the tiles, his lips pressed to mine in a heated kiss, his hands roaming my body. Soft moans surrounded us, and I let my hands trail down his torso, relishing in the muscle there.

I kept going down until I reached his already hard dick and grabbed it, starting to rub my hand up and down the length while my thumb teased the tip. A throaty groaned was his sound of approval as his mouth fell to my boobs and scattered lovebites all over them.

My other hand tangled in his soaked curls and guided his head to my nipple as I quickened the pace of my hand around his dick. I gasped as I felt his fingers slip inside of me and closed my eyes, my head falling to rest on his shoulder and he pumped them at an incredible speed.

“Ashton!” I moaned, moving myself even more on his fingers.

He pulled them out of me and I guided his dick to my entrance.

“I need you.”

As soon as the words were out, he was pounding into me. My back was smacking against the back as his hands massaged my ass. I sucked and bit his neck in an attempt to quiet my moans somehow.

“No no angel, let me hear you.”

So I did. I moaned all I needed too, and it seemed to encourage him even more. His pace increasing, my climax getting closer and closer.

I dug my nails into his back, whimpering and moaning.

“Cum.” He whispered in my ear, and I let go.

It was so beautifully intense, and I felt him cum too. I fell to rest my head on his chest, which was rising and faking quickly due to his shallow breaths of exhaustion.

“I reckon we saved a few polar bears.” I said in between pants, giggling.

“Yeah I’m sure we did. Maybe we should do it more often.” He replied, grinning from ear to ear and kissing me sweetly.

It might be wrong to sleep with my soon-to-be step-brother, but God, it felt so right.

I never noticed how my heart could beat so loud when I think of you. And I can’t focus now, got my head up in the clouds when I think of you. 

I looked into his eyes, a rush of euphoria overcoming me. I could have drowned into those ocean blue eyes. If I stared long enough I could have possibly seen the swirl of the ocean inside them. I’d be floating in that ocean where it was just me and him, in a world of our own. Sometimes it felt like the whole world was situated in those eyes of his. Eyes are the most beautiful things on every person’s body. They never change. The person might change, but they eyes never will. They’re constant. They hold all their memories, all their secrets… In essence, they have person. It’s like you can see a person’s true being in their eyes. And I loved his eyes. His eyes were like a drug to me. A drug I needed. A drug I wanted. As much as I hated to admit it to myself, I was head-over heels in love with him. I was head-over heels in love with Isaac Lahey no matter how much I tried to deny it. 

My heart’s so lost in all the chaos. It’s got me crazy. With the spell you cast it all happened so fast. 

And it did happen so fast. 

His hand was snaking around my waist now. 

One moment I looked at him as that one funny friend in class, but the next moment I suddenly realized that I didn’t see him as a friend anymore. I suddenly saw the potential of the perfect relationship with him.
He was pulling me closer. My hands came to wrap tenderly around his neck.
I wasn’t the type to fall in love. I don’t think I’d ever been in love. Of course, I found boys attractive. It was natural to do so with my raging teenage hormones. But I’d never actually seen a future with them before. I somehow knew that it wouldn’t work. But with Isaac it was different. 

He leaned in closer. Time seemed to slow. 

Isaac was different. Period. He was everything I wanted in a guy. He was sweet. He was kind. He was nice to me. He was a gentleman. He was funny. And there was something unique about him. He simply cared about people. With everything that was going on he always seemed to want to protect me from it. I’d told him that I could handle myself, but he’d said that he would never let a friend in need stay in need. He would always help them. And I loved that about him. I loved how kind-hearted he was. He sometimes tried to play the act off and be the flirty cool guy, but under that exterior there was a pure heart. And that was essentially what had pulled me toward him.
Our lips were only millimeters apart. His lips were so close I could practically taste them. A few more moments and I would feel his lips on my own. 

Goodbye to loneliness. And when I close my eyes you play like a movie in my mind. 

“(Y/N)?” I blinked my eyes and blinked up at the dark-haired boy snapping his fingers in front of my face. “Welcome back to Earth, (Y/N)!” Stiles said sarcastically as soon as he realized that he’d finally gotten my attention. “I’ve called your name, like, what, maybe 15 times already, but yes, you’ve finally landed back to Earth." 

"What do you want, Stiles?” I asked grumpily, hugging my History book to my chest. I never usually treat my best friend like that, but right now he’d snapped me awake of one of the most passionate daydreams about Isaac I’d had in the past week. Suffice to say, I was pretty annoyed at him at the moment. 

“That’s not exactly a nice way to treat your tutor.” he replied, raising and eyebrow and smirking in my direction.

Okay, I might have been paying a lot less attention to my classes. It’s not like I was daydreaming in class. I was paying total and acute attention. Just not to the actual class. I was paying attention, alright. But my attention was solely focused on the blonde haired boy sitting in front of me. 

It would have probably made it a lot easier for me if I just told him. But there was another possibly less surprising thing about me. I might have been head over heels in love with Isaac, but I was sure as unicorns not going to tell him about it. 

“Sorry,” I sighed and flopped back on Stiles’s bed. “It’s just that… Ugh, I’m just really distracted.”

“Yeah, I’ve noticed.” he said, lying down beside me. “What’s going on?" 

Another thing? Stiles Stilinski couldn’t stand Isaac Lahey. And Stiles Stilinski, along with Scott McCall, was my best friend. How in the world would I tell him? I supposed that a simple "Stiles, I’m in love with Isaac.” wouldn’t go down well with him. I imagined him staring at me with confusion written on his face for a few seconds and then yelling, “WHAT?!”, followed up by, “Out of everyone you know, you picked Lahey? Lahey?!" 

Nonetheless, instead of keeping my thoughts to myself and simply not telling him, that’s exactly what happened. Except it wasn’t as graceful on my part as I’d both hoped and imagined. 

"StilesI'mInLoveWithIsaac.” I said all in one breath, hopping off the bed in the process. 

Stiles sat up and stared at me like I’d just spoken Yiddish. “Can I have that in English please?” he said after a few moments of staring at me with furrowed eyebrows. “Because I swear I just heard you say that you’re in love with Isaac and that couldn’t have been what you actually said, right?” He looked at me hopefully for a few seconds, but as soon as he saw that I wasn’t doing anything to contradict his claim his face fell. 

He flopped back down on the bed, groaning in frustration. Just a second afterwards, he sat up again and put his head in his hands. “Really, (Y/N)? Out of all the people you know you picked Isaac?! We’re talking about the same Isaac, right? Isaac Lahey?!” He looked up at me again. 

“Well, unless you know another Isaac that looks like, talks like, is just as sweet as, just as attractive as, has eyes as blue and beautiful as… and so on… as the Isaac we know, then it’s Isaac Lahey we’re talking about.” I retorted sarcastically. 

Stiles was holding up his hands. “Can we please not talk about how blue Isaac’s eyes are or how sweet and attractive he is, please? I really don’t need those images in my head.” he said, shaking his head. 

“Why do you hate him so much?” I asked, actually curious about the answer, as I sat down next to him on the bed. 

“I don’t hate him. I’m just not that happy with his existence. He just, I don’t know, irks me. He’s loud, obnoxious, annoying, and very unhelpful… Honestly, what’s the point of him? Seriously, what is his purpose besides the constant negativity… and the scarf? What is up with the scarves, anyway?" 

"Come on, Stiles. Be nice.” I said with a sigh. I’d heard this enough times. 

“How do I be nice to him? I’m really going to have a hard time with it. I’m always struggling with it, because I always want to rip his head off, because he’s just so stupid!" 

I started laughing at that point. "I think you’re just jealous, Stiles." 

He did a double take. "Me? Jealous? Of scarf-wearing meathead?" 

"Now, that’s not even a clever insult and you know it.” I said, still chuckling.

“I thought it was pretty clever. It suits him perfectly. A stupid insult for a stupid person.” he murmured. 

“Stiles, stop being jealous.” I said, patting him on the back and then getting up from the bed. I grabbed my jacket off the chair and put it on. “I need to get home for dinner. Can you help me out with History tomorrow too? I’m not sure I really understood anything." 

"Yeah, too blinded by being heart-eyed over the failwolf.” Stiles said teasingly. “Now, that was clever, admit it." 

"And you’re too blinded by your jealousy, Stilinski.” I said playfully as I headed for the door. 

“Okay, okay, you keep saying that. But you’re not giving me your reasons.” he said, getting up as well to see me out of the house. 

“You’re jealous because it’s always been only me, you and Scott and now he waltzed in and fell into this friend group and he and Scott became such good friends." 

"See!” he exclaimed. “All the more reason for you to not like him. I forbid it! I outright forbid it!" 

I just laughed. "Stop being dramatic. It’s not like I was going to tell him about it, anyway. You have nothing to worry about." 

"Wait, what?” Stiles stopped mid-way opening the door for me. “You were never planning on telling him?" 

"No.” I said simply, walking out of the Stilinski household. 

Stiles grabbed hold of my hand, turning me back to face him. “Why not?" 

I feigned shock. "I thought you didn’t want me too see him, Stilinski! You outright forbid me to! Now, what’s all this?" 

"Oh, ha, ha.” he said sarcastically. “That’s just me being dramatic and showing my feelings for Isaac, which are warranted, I promise. He is stupid and annoying and obnoxious and-" 

"I get it.” I said.

“The point is if he makes you happy you should take the chance and see if he shares those feelings." 

"No. What if he doesn’t? We’ll just ruin our friendship. I’m never telling him.”
“But if you don’t you’ll never know. And you could miss out." 

I just shrugged. 

"Just think about it, okay?" 

I nodded. "Alright. Maybe." 

"And think of it this way… If he ever breaks your heart, I’ll finally have an excuse to punch him." 

I laughed and kissed him on the cheek, before saying a quick goodbye. I got into my car, which was parked in their driveway, and with a quick wave in Stiles’s direction, headed home. I wondered if Stiles was right. Maybe I should tell him, I thought to myself as I turned a street. But I couldn’t help thinking… Was there more to lose than to gain? Rejection, I assumed, was not a nice thing to experience. And I wasn’t sure I could take it. 


It had been a week since my talk with Stiles. I’d successfully passed my History exam, thanks to my best friend, and I finally had the chance to think about something else that wasn’t related to World War II. 

I was just on my way to spend the remainder of my free period in the library, to get started on an English essay I had due the next day, when Isaac walked into the empty classroom I’d been sitting in. 

Slipping my Algebra book in my bag, I glanced up, just in time to see him enter the classroom. 

"Oh, hi, Isaac.” I said casually as I zipped up my velvety green backpack. 

You are the star of my daydreams. 

I immediately froze when I saw the expression on his face. He had an oddly curious and studious expression. Directed toward me. It seemed as if he was analyzing my every move. Like I held a secret that he so desperately needed to know. And that that knowledge would come from watching me like a hawk, inserting my every step in a complicated mathematical formula that only he knew… Exaggerations aside, I’m not sure I quite liked that look. 

“Isaac?” I asked, still keeping my eyes focused on his face. “Everything alright?" 

Everything you are is my reverie. 

He looked up to meet my gaze. "Yeah, (Y/N).” he said nonchalantly. As if he hadn’t just been trying to stare into my soul and unveil my deepest and darkest secrets. 

“I just came over to ask you something.” he said, giving me a slightly amused and slightly smug smirk. “A little birdy happened to give me some interesting information. According to my sources you… like me." 

The last sentence hit home. My lips suddenly went dry and I had to lick them. My throat seemed to close and my palms started to sweat. Easy now. Calm down. 

"Huh, oh really now?” I managed to croak out. I cleared my throat and, with my usual sarcastic and joking demeanor, said, “Of course I like you, Isaac. If I didn’t like you we wouldn’t be friends, now would we?" 

He took a step forward, coming closer and closer to me. 

Can you feel my heart when you’re moving closer and closer? 

"Funny. Your rising heartbeat seems to say otherwise.” Isaac said, simpering, still taking slow but steady steps in my direction. “It seems to skip a beat whenever I take a step closer to you.” he said, taking yet another step closer. “I can’t say I mind, though." 

Sparks are flying like butterflies. 

"I can literally feel the sparks in this room.” he said, still inching closer. I swallowed, not saying anything. “They’re flying around like butterflies. Your heartbeat seems to agree." 

And I’m so high with the spell you cast. 

This was too much. He was teasing me and he knew it. I couldn’t take this. I wanted to rush past him and out of the room all the while convincing myself that I had imagined this whole exchange and that it had never actually happened. But I couldn’t seem to move. 

He was directly in front of me now. 

"Wouldn’t you agree that sparks are flying around?" 

He laced his arms around my waist. 

"In fact, I would say the entire room is sparkling." 

He pulled me in closer. 

"If infatuation were glitter this room would look like a disco ball." 

A hand came up to tuck a stray lock of hair behind my ear. 

It all happened so fast. Goodbye to loneliness. 

"Oh, how I love the sound of your speeding heart right now.” he whispered in my ear, his warm minty breath tickling my skin. 

Oh, to hell with it! 

Lacing my arms around his neck, I pulled him down to my height-level and connected our lips into a passionate kiss. I brushed my hands through his hair as he tried to minimize the space between the two of us as much as possible. Lips moving in sync, I felt the sparks he’d been using as a flirt tactic with me just moments I go. And he was right. They were very tangible. It was just like the fireworks girls in movies and books always seem to describe when describing the perfect kiss. And this was a firework show to remember. 

After a while we both pulled away, breathless. “Isaac Lahey, you were right. I do like you. More than as a friend. Do you or do you not share those feelings? Yes or no, Isaac! Enough of these silly games!” I said matter-of-factly, staring into his deep blue eyes. 

Oh, I think that we… that we were meant to be. 

He smiled. However, instead of giving me a direct answer he just pulled me in for another just as passionate kiss. 

“I think that says it all.” he said, smirking, once our lips parted. 

I shook my head, but nonetheless smiled. 

“I’ve had a crush on you ever since we met.” he admitted. 

“Well, why didn’t you say anything, you big goof?” I asked, slapping him on the shoulder playfully. “It would have saved us a lot of trouble!" 

"Didn’t think you’d like me back.” He shrugged. 

“Who’s the little birdy, by the way?" 

He looked back at me and laughed. "Stiles! Who else would it be?" 

"That little…” I murmured, before looking back at Isaac and smirking again. “Remind me to slap him for advertising my secrets around and then buy him lunch, because he truly is the best friend a person could ask for." 

"Will do.” Isaac said, laughing. “You know, I never liked the guy, but now I’m starting to have second thoughts on that. When you look past the obnoxious, loud and painfully annoying exterior, there’s a pretty decent and nice guy underneath." 

"Funny,” I replied with a laugh, “That’s exactly the same thing he said about you. Without the part about you being decent and nice, of course." 

"Of course.” Isaac said, joining in on my laughter. 

“As for us, Isaac, let’s agree to stop hiding secrets from each other, so Stiles doesn’t need to do play detective and spy for us, okay?" 

"So, let’s do this part ourselves.” he said and then put on a dramatic tone of voice. “Will you, (Y/N) (Y/L/N), accompany me to the movies this Saturday?”
I giggled. “Sure, Isaac. Pick me up around 8?" 

"Deal.” he said and then smirked suggestively at me. “Let’s seal the deal with a kiss." 

I shook my head at his dorkiness, but obliged anyway. Standing up on my tip-toes, I connected our lips, letting the kiss linger, letting myself enjoy the wonderful moment… 

"Lahey!” A booming voice behind us caused us to jump apart. “You’re supposed to be practicing lacrosse not making out with your little girlfriend!” Coach Finstock yelled. I held back my laughter. 

“On the field! Now!” Coach exclaimed. 

“Go. You’re needed on the field.” I told Isaac. “We can finish this up on Saturday.” I winked at him. “As for now, see you later, Lahey!” I said flirtatiously as I turned on my heal and walked away, leaving a steaming angry Coach and a flustered and speechless Isaac in my wake.

Chapter ThirtyOne - Part Two


The faint murmurs of Tyson showing our friends out could be heard as I sluggishly jogged down the stairs and over towards the back door. I was completely faded and was having trouble opening my eyes but I refused to crash out just yet. Ty has been teasing me the entire night, with his subtle remarks, roaming hands and wet kisses he showered with me the entire time and it was time he delivered. 

Not to mention the fact that I had been sitting on his lap the entire night made it extremely difficult to forget the fact that he was horny due to permanent hard manhood that he un shamelessly grinded into me all night, in front of all our friends.

Dropping different pieces of my clothing as I headed to the jacuzzi out back, I looked over my shoulder and smirked at the sight of the clothing trail I had left for Ty to find. Tonight was the first time I had officially gotten high and if someone had told me it was like an aphrodisiac, that had my hormones raging, I think I would have laid off because right now my horniness was on a whole other level.

Letting out a satisfied sigh at the feel of the night Miami breeze hitting my naked body, I licked over my lips as I turned on the Jacuzzi lights and bubbles. Within seconds the large 10 seater jacuzzi came to life and I quickly adjusted the temperature to cold as I knew Ty wouldn’t get in if it was warm water.

Slowly stepping into the jacuzzi, my eyes rolled back at the feel of the cold water traveling up my legs. A wave of goose bumps erupted over my body as I slowly took a few seats down and I couldn’t help but bite down on my lip at the cool water hitting my bare clit. Sitting comfortably on the seat, I rested my head back against the headrest and hesitantly parted my legs a little while I ran my fingers over my breast and down my stomach.

No longer wondering what was taking Tyson so long to come outside, I parted my lips and let a small moan slip at the feel of my fingers grazing over my throbbing clit, “Oooohhh”, I whispered quietly as I closed my eyes and focused on the intense feeling that was pulsating between my thighs.

Teasing myself enough, I bit down on my bottom lip as I pushed two fingers inside my opening. Instantly I let out a moan as I arched my back and kept my eyes on the night sky while I slowly pumped my fingers in and out of pussy. Feeling my chest raise up and down as my breath became harder, I re closed my eyes at the intensity, “You like what you see?”, I smirked without opening my eyes or stopping my fingers from pumping into me.

“God damn just lemme marry yo ass already”, I heard him groan as I licked over my lips and started to grind my hips. Opening my eyes, I slowly lifted my head and looked over at him only to find Tyson standing in front of the Jacuzzi butt naked, stroking his large, stiff member, which only seemed to excited me even more.

“Come help me?”, I chuckled as my eyes roamed his perfectly sculpted body that was covered with tattoos, which only added to his sexiness. Not even having to be told twice, Ty inhaled the blunt that was sitting in between his lips, before putting it out and stepped into the Jacuzzi. Not breaking eye contact as he made his way over, I removed my fingers from my opening and feeling bold I brought them up to my lips and placed them in my mouth.

Licking over his lips as he watched me suck off my juices, he placed his hands on my waist and pulled my body into his, “You have no idea what Imma do to you”, He muttered huskily as I roamed my hands down his chest and over his chiseled abs.

“How about you show me baby”, I heard myself say as I eyed out his rock hard dick that was standing tall, up to his belly button. Before I could even attempt to wrap my lips around his member, he picked me up swiftly and placed me so that I was leaning over the edge of the jacuzzi with my ass in the air.

“Fuck Lani, I think Imma tattoo ma name on this perfection of a ass”, I heard him grumble before sending a hard slap across my ass cheek. Letting out a squeal, I chuckled in excitement as my stiff nipples pressed against the cold side of the jacuzzi. 

Looking over my shoulder, I found him eyeing out my ass with hungry eyes while biting down hard on his lip. His hand was wrapped around his shaft, moving it up and down while his other hand, he ran his fingers along my wet opening.

“No teasing tonight Ty, I need you right now”, I sighed with satisfaction at the feel of his fingers slowly pressing into my opening, “I wanna fuck you so hard”, He grumbled as I let out a loud moan at him pushing the tip of his shaft inside me.

Before I could respond and tell him exactly how hard I wanted it, I let out a little yelp at the feel of his thumb entering my back entrance. Feeling the intensity of having both holes filled I tilted my head back and rested it on his shoulder as he pushed his entire length inside of me.

“Im gonna have you begging”, He muttered huskily as sucked on my neck and removed his length and thumb at the same time, “No baby dont do this to me, I want it now”, I basically cried out as he pushed me back down so my ass was once again in the air. 

“I'on think so, you gonna be calling me daddy by the end of it”, He smirked as he gripped my ass roughly and proceeded to slap it as i looked back and rolled my eyes. No matter how high or horny I would never call him daddy, I hated when girls did it and he knows I refused to do it.

“Keep dreaming niggaaaahhhh”, I started to say only to moan as he pushed his knob into my back entrance and removed it within seconds, only to push it into my pussy. Gripping the edge of the jacuzzi tight, I cried out in bliss as he continued the action repeatedly and at a fast pace.

“Damn the way yo ass swallows it up”, He grumbled in a rough tone that caused my toes to curl. The teasing my body was currently experience was beyond torture and the weed only seemed to heighten all my senses. 

His fingers found its way into my hair and he proceeded to wrap it into a ponytail, seconds later he entered inside me entirely as I let out a cry of pleasure. Feeling light headed from the sudden rush of euphoria, I closed my eyes and rested my forehead on the edge as Tyson delivered long, deep thrusts inside me.

Staying buried balls deep inside, he grounded his hips so effortlessly as I tried to refrain myself for screaming out in absolute pleasure. Sex has never felt so good and that was coming a lot from me as Tyson was literally a sex god, “I dont think I can take it”, I cried out as I literally felt my wetness dripping over his thick member.

“You betta take it Lani, you betta take all of this”, He grumbled in a sexy tone that literally caused my eyes to roll to the back of my head. Feeling him repeatedly hit my G stop, I knew I was close to exploding and judging by the way he groaned, I knew he felt the clench of my walls around him.

“Oh shit, shit, shit, shittttttt ahhhhhhh”, I cried out as I finally let loose and let my orgasm take over my body. Letting me ride it out, Ty didnt slow down his thrusts and I continued to cry out as my body shook at the sudden overwhelming feeling.

Once again, I rested my head on the cool edge of the jacuzzi and tried to steady my hard breathing that had now left me breathless, "Oh my god, that was amazing", I managed to get out as I bounced back on his dick while he groaned in my ear, “We aint done yet”, He warned in a husky voice that only seemed to arouse me all over again.

Pulling out, he stepped out of the jacuzzi and picked me up, placing me over his shoulder as he headed towards the pool lounge chair. Setting me on my feet, he slapped my ass hard before laying down on the lounge, “Come ride ma dick baby”, He muttered as I stood there naked with the cool night air hitting my bare body. Biting my lip as I looked down at his wet self, I eyed out his dick that was standing at full attention.

Without having to tell me twice, I straddled his lap and placed my knees on either side of him. Bringing my head down, I met his lips and slipped my tongue inside his mouth as I slowly moved my hips back and forth so that his member was rubbing up and down my opening.

Gripping my waist tight with one hand, he used his other to grab hold of my breast roughly before sending a slap across it. Teasing him a little longer, I pulled away from his lips and placed my hand on his shoulder while the other one grabbed his length.

Locking eyes with my own, Ty licked over his lips as I positioned him at my entrance and slowly lowered myself until his tip was in, “Stop playing”, He muttered roughly before biting down on his lip and trying to grip my hips so he could thrust into me. Shaking my head as I smirked, I placed my hands on his chest and pushed him back down on the lounge as I once again started lowering myself onto him.

Once I was sitting on him fully so that he was balls deep, Ty let out a groan as I lifted back up and repeated the slow torture a few times. Chuckling as he visibly became more sexually fusterated by the second, I placed both hands on his shoulders and as soon as he was in me I began grinding. 

Wrapping his lips around my nipple, I let out a loud moan as I threw my head back and continued to wind my hips on him while he nibbled and sucked on my nipple, “Fuck Lani, bounce that ass”, He grunted as I lifted up and did as he asked. Riding him with all my might, I cried out as I felt his member hit my g spot repeatedly.

Quickly turning around so I was in reverse cowgirl, I spread my legs and twerked my ass back onto his member as he groaned and grunted with pleasure, “Fuck, yea just like that baby”, He muttered as he grabbed my ass cheeks and pushed deeper inside of me.

“Cum for me Ty”, I moaned out as I started to round my hips while he was imbedded deep, “Im close”, He groaned as I felt him pulse inside me meaning he was extremely close, “Tell me when you’re about to”, I found myself saying as he lifted my hips a little and began thrusting in me hard and rough.

Feeling him grow even more inside me, I knew it was only a matter of minutes before he would let go and he continued to pound me before he finally groaned out, “Fuck Im gonna nut”. Lifting off of him unexpectedly, I quickly got off the lounge and dropped to my knees next to it, while a once confused Ty realised what I was doing. Sitting up, he shifted to the edge of the lounge while jerking his member until I got in between his legs and pushed his hand away.

Placing his throbbing member in my mouth, I let out a moan at the taste and began to suck him hard while playing with his balls. Not even a minute later, Ty gripped my hair tight and let out a loud groan as he jerked into my mouth and released a large nut down my throat. Enjoying the fact that I had him weak, I continued to suck as he nutted causing him to shudder as I milked him until there was nothing left.

“God damn it baby you a freak”, He chuckled breathlessly as I stayed on my knees and wiped the side of my lip while grinning, “Why havent you told me that sex is 5 times more intense while high?”, I mumbled as I slowly got up and re straddled his lap. Resting his forehead on my chest he playfully licked over my nipple while I ran my fingers up and down his wet back.

“Few more rounds?”, He asked while I pulled away and looked down to see if he was serious. The look on his face told me he was definitely serious and I should have known better to think that Ty would be remotely close to finishing our sexcapdes.

“That depends”, I mumbled as I licked over my lips and rounded my hips on his semi hard member,“On what?”, He asked almost instantly with as raised eyebrow while pinching my hard nipple.

“You got anymore of that weed?”, I mumbled under my breath causing him to chuckle, “Im sorry can you say that a little louder?”, He smirked while I just playfully rolled my eyes, “Get the blunt if you want some more pussy tonight, playboy”, I playfully huffed as I got up and started to walk away while swaying my hips. 

Not even waiting a few seconds the sound of him standing up and catching up to me could be heard, “Imma get a few of those blunts”, He chuckled as he unexpectedly picked me up bridal style causing me to let out a squeal while laughing.

“Long night huh?”, I giggled as I repeatedly kissed on his neck and left a few marks, “Oh its gonna be the longest”, He smirked as he grabbed my ass and rushed us inside without missing a beat. Feeling a rush of excitement, I bit down on my lip and mentally thanked god for my sex crazed man.  

He kept his promise too. Both of his promises. It was the longest night and by the end of it I was crying out, calling him daddy.

“What was the happiest time in your life?" 
"When I was 18 and I was visiting my girlfriend’s family.” “What was great about it?" 
"Oh, you know, I was young and manic and my hormones were raging…I try not to think about it too much." 
"Why is that?" 
"Well, there was so much pain when it was over. 50 years later and I still have her picture." 
"Was it a long term relationship?" 
"No, just a year or so." 
"Have you had other relationships since then?" 
"Oh, a few, but I don’t get a long with women real well so it’s always kind of a disaster.”

Michael Imagine

Hey guys! I decided to take a break from smut and just write some michael fluff. I worked pretty hard on this and I’m so sorry I haven’t been posting lately. I’ve been super busy with show choir and volleyball. Love you all! Enjoy! P.s. Thus isn’t originally what I planned it to be but I hope you still like it! (:

“Babe I’m home” I heard a voice from the front of our apartment.
“I’m in here.” I meekly said.
“What?” Michael asked.
“On the couch.” I yelled a little louder cringing at another wave of cramps. I sighed in relief as it passed, reaching across the table to grab my tea. As I set it down, Michael walked through the doorway looking confused.
“Are you sick?” He asked, his brow furrowed, trying to figure out why his girlfriend was laying on the couch covered in blankets, tea in hand, with the TV on. I cleared my throat.
“Umm no. Just period again…” I trailed off. He knew mine was awful, every girls worst nightmare. I got the nausea, migraines, mood swings, extreme cramps, and heavy flow.
He nodded and I reached out my arms, waiting for a hug. He hesitantly wrapped one arm around my neck and I clung onto him. I was confused, usually he was very physically affectionate and snugly, but he seemed distant. A little hurt, I pulled away quickly going back to my position on the couch. Closing my eyes, I hoped sleep would take me away from the pain in my lower abdomen, but it wouldn’t.
“Are you okay?” I asked him.
“What do you mean why wouldn’t I be? You can’t just assume just because I don’t wanna hug you that I’m not okay. I’m fine. I’m just not feeling the cuddles today jesus (Y/N)…..” He had an edge to his voice that only came our when he was really pissed and I was hesitant to answer. Being a teenage girl, I turned away from him dramatically and pouted.
“God you’re overreacting. I liked you because you weren’t like all the other girls but you are JUST like them. Fucking dramatic.”
“Fuck you Michael.” I said, whipping around to meet his eyes.
“Oh I wish. But you never do anymore.”
“It’s because I feel so fucking alone. You’re gone all the time. I can’t have sex with a stranger you bastard.” I turned back around, feeling tears prick my eyes. I couldn’t let him see me cry, he’d know that he’d won. Burying my face into blanket I tried to slow my breathing and contain the boiling anger inside of me. A wave of painful cramps caused me to flinch and I whimpered. I heard him scoff and walk back up the stairs. And that’s when I lost it. I couldn’t lose him. I loved him too much. But lately he’d been so involved with work, and hell I was proud of him, but I felt alone somedays. As the tears streamed down my face, I tried to cry silently, but sobs racked my body. I didn’t even fully know why I was crying so hard, my raging hormones made me so moody. Pictures of Michael walking out the door, bags packed flashed through my mind and a fresh set of tears rolled down my cheeks. He deserved somebody so much better than me. He was too good for me. I took my phone and dialed my best friends number. She answered on the second ring.
“Babe? Are you crying?” She asked, sounding concerned.
“I can’t stay here. Pick me up I’m at our–his apartment. Come soon please.” I sniffled.
“On the way darling. Just try and calm down. Want to tell me what happened? What changed?” I took a deep breath before answering.
“I don’t deserve him. He doesn’t even love me anymore, and that’s understandable. I was crazy to think that it could last forever, sooner or later he’d find someone better.” Another year rolled down my cheek as I spoke the truth for the first time.
“That son of a bitch cheated on you?” She screamed.
“No no no. He’s too good for that. He’s better than that. But I-I cant stay. I need to let him have his space. Okay co-come get me please. My keys are upstairs and he can’t know that I’m leaving.” I sobbed into the phone.
“I’m leaving right now babe.” She answered softly.
“No you aren’t.” Michaels voice startled me and I turned around, wiping my cheeks. “Tell her not to come yet.” He continued. Call her later. I sobbed, realizing that he was gonna yell at me and let me pack my things before she came. I put my phone to my ear again.
“Don’t leave yet babe I’ll call you when you can leave. Okay? Bye. I love you.” I said, my voice breaking.
“I’ll just go upstairs and pack my things….” I started walking before he stopped me.
“No you won’t.”
“Michael. This isn’t working and we both know it. I’m so proud of your success and everything, but I need someone who has time for me. I’m sorry.”
“You’re breaking this up?” He asked, his voice quivering.
“I don’t know–I think that–yes.” I answered looking at the ground and walking past him.
“Tell me that you don’t love me and you can leave. Just say it and I’ll let you leave. Say I mean nothing to you and you can walk away. Say it.” He begged.
“I don’t—I can’t….” I whispered.
“Then stay. Babe. I know I’ve been a jerk, so caught up in work and with the boys, but I need you.” I shook my head.
“No you don’t. You think you do, but you don’t. I promise you’ll be okay. You might even be better, you’d be surprised.” I answered, sounding unsure.
“No. You can’t leave me. Please don’t leave.” He sounded desperate. “I’m sorry for everything. I didn’t mean what I said about you earlier. I need you so badly. I can’t wake up without you. You’re my everything , don’t leave.” I love you so so so much babe. Please don’t go.“ His eyes filled with tears, his voice wavering. I closed my eyes tightly and tried to decide what to do.
"I can’t.” I collapsed on the stairs, hugging my knees to my chest, sobbing. I needed him too, but I was holding him down. I needed to let him go. I felt his arms wrap around me and I cried harder. He picked me up, cradling me to him and carrying me to the couch. He sat down, with me on his lap and I turned around to straddle him. My arm snaked around his neck, my face buried into his chest, my other hand covering my face. He squeezed me tightly, pulling me closer. He stroked my hair as I sobbed.
“Babe. Shhhhh. Shhhh. It’s okay. It’s okay. Shhh. ” His fingers ran down my hair and unto my back. He snaked a hand under my shirt and stroked his thumb over my skin.
“Why exactly are you crying?” He asked quietly.
“I don’t know.” I sobbed. “I can’t stop I can’t.” I was shaking so badly, my body convulsing against his chest.
“Yes you can. Shhh. Try and breathe a little. Just breathe. Baby you’re so cold.” He whispered, pulling a blanket over me and wrapping both arms around my body. I continued to sob until his cold hand went under my hair and pressed onto my neck. He pressed two fingers unto the sweaty side of my neck. He tapped them there rhythmically and hummed along.
My sobs quieted, my breathing slowed, and his humming stopped.
“I can feel your heartbeat.” He whispered, putting his fingers onto my neck vein. “I need it. I need your heartbeat.” He said, his voice vibrating into his chest. I looked up at him, and he wiped a tear away with his thumb, kissing my forehead gently. “You’re still so beautiful.” He smiled, pressing another kiss to my lips. “I love you.” I whispered against his mouth.
“And I love you gorgeous.” He whispered, pulling me into a lying down position so I was under him on the couch. He pressed another kiss to my lips, lingering there for a while. I moved my lips against his, pouring out everything to him. “I need you here with me.” He said, breaking the kiss momentarily.
“Then I’ll stay.” I said back, pulling him back down for another kiss. It started getting heated, my hands going under his shirt, running up and down his torso. He smirked into the kiss, his tongue running over my lip. His hands started to pull down my sweatpants before I shook my head.
“Remember?” I asked.
“Oh right.” He answered. “In that case….” He sat us back up, getting the remote and turning on Netflix. He gently picked me up, setting me on the ground between his legs. He picked a movie and placed his hands on my tummy.
“Mmmmmm you’re warm.” I said, snuggling farther into him. I put his hands slightly under my waistband to where my cramps were and he just stroked my skin, soothing me. I leaned my head back into his chest and stole a kiss,causing him to chuckle.
“Love you.” I said.
“And I love you princess. Forever and always.”

I hope you enjoyed it! I love feedback, so just message me what you thought of it! My requests are always open! (: thankssss for staying with me!

I Needed Her - Chapter 1


I Needed Her


Blood. Blood was what covered him. All over his hands he felt the crimson liquid sticking to his skin, still feeling warm. His mind kept going back to what had just happened no more than a few minutes ago. The look on her face was what hurt him even more. It was in her eyes where he saw how evil he could truly be. And he hurt her.. Because he tried to save her.

Sitting in the same spot alone, he couldn’t take seeing the blood on his hands any longer. He found a bottle of water close enough where he didn’t even have to stand to get it. He washed the blood off his hands and face, but he saw that it had already stained his white shirt. He brought himself to this point. If only he had listened. Why didn’t he listen?

His shaking hand pulled his cellphone from his pocket and called the only person he could. He needed them, he knew that now. He needed them now more than ever.

“Taehyung? What is it? What’s wrong?” He heard Seokjin’s voice on the other end. Namjoon suddenly took the phone and he heard him say, “Did something happen?”

Taehyung wiped his tears and nervously licked his bottom lip that couldn’t stop shaking. It was another moment until he finally found the words he wanted and needed to say.

“I just want to see my friends…”

One year earlier…

“Taehyung wake up!” Jungkook flew into Taehyung’s room in the early morning. He slapped Taehyung’s butt a few times since he had been sleeping on his stomach. “Wake up sleeping beauty!”

“Five more minutes.” Taehyung mumbled still half asleep. His arm and leg were hanging off his bed, his lips were fully pouted and partially opened with his cheek glued to his pillow.

“Do you, Kim Taehyung, a star-child and perfect student, want to be late for school?” Jungkook pouted. He then jumped onto the bed, body slamming Taehyung which made him cough from the impact Jungkook’s body made on his lungs.

“Jungkook!” Taehyung gasped for air. “Get off of me!”

“Are you going to get out of this bed, you good for nothing book reader?” Taehyung opened his eyes and saw Jungkook smirking above him.

“Only if you get off me, you illiterate preteen.” Taehyung smirked back, pushing him off so he fell on the floor.

“I’m not a preteen!” Jungkook laughed as he stood and rubbed his shoulder since that’s what he landed on. “I’m fifteen! I thought you were good at math.”

“And I thought you said you were going to knock before coming into my room.” Taehyung got up out of bed and chased Jungkook out of his room. “Go in your own room and get dressed!”

Taehyung could remember when Jungkook first came to live with him and his family. When he was a kid around ten years old, his parents had brought Jungkook home from an orphanage. They were inseparable ever since. They lived like real blood-brothers.

Once he was all dressed in his school uniform, Taehyung entered the kitchen to grab some quick things for breakfast. He chugged down a tall glass of orange juice as Jungkook swung in and raided the fridge for his morning bagel and stuffed it in his mouth.

“Slow down boys, you’ll get sick!” Their mother laughed at the sight of them.

“We’re just in a hurry.” Jungkook chuckled, stuffing more bagel into his mouth then running out the door.

“Yeah. Got to go mom, love you.” Taehyung finished the juice. He gave his mother a quick kiss on her cheek then stuffed his own bagel into his mouth as he ran out the door to go walk with Jungkook.

“First thing’s first on our high school life agenda!” Jungkook put his pointer finger in the air as he and Taehyung approached the school. “My raging teen hormones demand that I get laid at least five times a week. Second! You my good sir are going to stay up until three in the a.m. for your precious studying instead of two. And you are also going to learn how to be quieter at night when your girlfriend comes over because I’m getting sick of hearing that shit through my wall on a nightly.”

“In that case we’ll just be louder to piss you off.” Taehyung laughed, pushing Jungkook a little. “And will you stop your bluffing about your so called hormones, you innocent little virgin?”

“That’s exactly why they’re raging! They’re unfulfilled!” Jungkook laughed, pushing him back.

“Your dirty mind sickens me.” Taehyung put his finger to Jungkook’s temple and poked him as they walked up the school steps.

“That’s nice. Now where is he?” Jungkook stopped on the steps and looked around.

“Where’s who?” Taehyung began blindly looking around as well even though he had no idea who he was looking for.

“Jimin, my new friend. You’d like him, he’s cool.” Jungkook replied. “Oh there he is!”

Taehyung saw Jungkook pointing across the lot to a car that was parked at the curb. He knew the girl that was driving. It was Park Nayoung, his girlfriend’s best friend. He then wondered why he never thought about talking to Jimin until now.

“Are you going in yet?” Nayoung said after a minute or so of silence after pulling up.

Jimin sighed, not looking away from his lap. “In a minute.”

“Look, I know it was a rough night last night, but it will get better.” Nayoung showed a sweet smile and put her fingers on his chin so he could look at her. “Cheer up, okay?”

“I wish I could.” He looked at her with sad eyes. That made her hand leave his face and retreat back to her lap. Another minute of silence.

“Mom said she’s going to try to do better-”

“I don’t care!” Jimin suddenly snapped at her.

“She promised me this morning. She made that guy leave and said she won’t take another dime from him.” Nayoung tried to sound more stern but it was hard since that wasn’t in her nature.

“I said I don’t care.” Jimin growled under his breath.

“Okay.” Nayoung nodded her head. “Okay.”

“Seokjin will pick me up from school today, okay?” Jimin softened his tone for her. He hated when he wasn’t nice to her.

“Okay.” Nayoung nodded again. She leaned over and put her hand on his cheek and kissed his opposite one. “Have a good day.”

“I’m always trying.” Jimin forced a smile and held her hand for a brief moment before leaving the car.

“Jimin!” Jimin looked up and saw Jungkook. He immediately grinned and ran up to him.

“Hey Kookie! What’s up?” Jimin clasped his hand with Jungkook’s and hugged him.

“The usual.” Jungkook replied with just as much enthusiasm. “Oh, Jimin. This is my brother Taehyung.”

“Hey.” Jimin greeted him.

“Hey.” Taehyung greeted back. “You know Park Nayoung?”

Jimin laughed, “Of course I do. She’s my sister.”

The three went inside, Jungkook going into a different classroom since he was a first year. Taehyung just then remembered that Jimin was in the same class as him. Not only in the same class, but he also sat right next to him.

“So,” Taehyung awkwardly spoke up as they came into the doorway of their classroom, “How did you become friends with Jungkook?”

“He asked me to help get him laid.” Jimin casually replied, stepping in first.

Taehyung scoffed before entering as well, “I thought he was joking.”

“Okay guys so my friend Seokjin is picking me up in a minute.” Jimin walked with Taehyung and Jungkook. School finally ended and they were all ready to let loose. “You both wanna come along?”

“That sounds fun!” Jungkook smiled, making his eyes sparkle.

“I don’t know.” Taehyung hesitated. Jungkook’s jokes about him being dedicated to school were very true. He planned on going straight home to go study. Even though his grades were perfect, he still felt like he was struggling to keep it that way. He needed to go study and get all his work done so he could be ready for the next day.

“Oh come on Taehyung.” Jungkook whined. “It’ll be fun.”

“I don’t think I can.”

“Come on, stop being a priss.” Jimin stuck a stick of gum into his mouth as he leaned back against a lamp post.

“I’m not a priss.” Taehyung replied, feeling bad that he wasn’t agreeing to just go with them.

“Yes you are.” Jimin chuckled, making Jungkook do the same.

“Okay I’ll go.” Taehyung gave in.

“Awesome!” Jungkook ran up to him to tightly hug him.

“Hey!” Taehyung turned to see a young and prettily handsome man drive up next to them in a truck. “Need a ride?”

“Only if it’s for free.” Jimin replied, jumping into the back of the truck and helped Jungkook up as well.

“I’m guessing you’re a friend of Jimin?” The guy said to Taehyung as he calmly entered the truck, settling in the passenger seat.

“I’m guessing you’re Seokjin.” Taehyung replied and Seokjin smiled.

“You guessed right.” Seokjin rolled down his window. “Hey Jimin! We’re going to get the others!”

“Sounds good!” Taehyung heard Jimin call back.

“Others?” Taehyung asked.

“Our other friends. You’ll like them, they’re really cool.” Seokjin smiled cutely, putting the truck in drive. Taehyung could hear Jimin and Jungkook at the back of the truck cheering in the wind as they drove off into the growing night.

They drove to a gas station, where three more guys were waiting. Two blondes, one of them bigger and the other more petite, and one with dark hair.

“Jungkook!” The husky blonde with a really deep voice and a lollipop in his mouth approached the truck once they came to a stop. “Hey what’s up little man?”

“Nothing, just finally found the time to come out tonight.” Jungkook and Jimin hopped out off the truck so they could greet him and the others. “My brother is with us too.”

Taehyung took that as his cue to get out of the truck. Taehyung gave an awkward shy smile to him and shrugged his shoulders.

“What’s up? I’m Namjoon.” Namjoon cocked his head, giving him a little smirk. “And that’s Yoongi,” he pointed to the smaller one with the blonde hair then the one with dark hair, “and Hoseok.”

“Hi.” Taehyung gave them a little wave. “I’m Taehyung.”

“So you’re Taehyung.” Namjoon came over and put his arm around his shoulders which made him grow very tense. “Jungkook’s told us a lot about you.”

“Really? Like what?” Taehyung asked, trying to not sound nervous even though he really was.

“Don’t worry, I didn’t say anything embarrassing.” Jungkook laughed in the background. “I’m starving, where can we go eat?”

“Just go get something in there.” Namjoon pointed towards the gas station store behind him. “Make it quick.”

“I’ll go with you!” Hoseok grinned and ran inside the store with Jungkook.

“Hey Namjoon, would you mind filling up the truck? My dad will kill me if he sees the tank on empty.” Seokjin called out, still in the drivers seat.

“Sure thing mama Jin!” Namjoon opened the gas cap and put the hose inside to fill it with gas. “You got cash?”

“Not really.”

“That’s cool. I’ll let you off for free tonight okay?” Namjoon threw his lollipop stick on the ground and replaced it with a cigarette. “Yoongi, can you spot me a lighter?”

“Sure.” Yoongi pulled out his lighter from his jacket and lit the cigarette for him.

“Thanks.” Namjoon then proceeded to smoke it. Since Taehyung was still standing incredibly close to him, the cigarette smoke blew right into his mouth. He coughed and coughed, waving his hand to clear the smoke away from him. “What’s the matter Tae? Never been around a cigarette before?”

“No, I just have sensitive lungs.” Taehyung replied, hoping that will give Namjoon the hint to either put it out or back away so he wouldn’t have to breathe it in. Namjoon’s only response was blowing smoke from his mouth right into Taehyung’s face. Taehyung coughed more and waved the smoke away again. It only made Namjoon chuckle to himself and continue smoking.

“You’re fun.” Namjoon showed a sly grin. “We’re gonna be good friends.”

“Who wants chips and beer?” Hoseok shouted as he and Jungkook ran out of the store. Jungkook held up two huge bags of chips while Hoseok lifted five six packs of beer.

“Yes thank you! Throw me one!” Jimin shouted back. “I plan on getting drunk!”

“You have one too Jin!” Yoongi grabbed three beers from Hoseok and handed one to Seokjin through the drivers window.

“But I’m driving.” Seokjin kept his sweet smile which Taehyung found kind of admirable. He seemed nice.

“Priss!” Jimin shouted at him before opening his beer and pouring it down his throat.

“Okay okay fine!” Seokjin laughed, taking the beer from Yoongi.

“You too Taehyung.” Namjoon gave Taehyung a look as if he didn’t have a choice.

“I don’t drink.” Taehyung put his hands in his pockets.

“Must I say it again?” Jimin laughed.

“No.” Taehyung replied.

“Come on Taehyung!” Jungkook whined. Taehyung was shocked that Jungkook was just going along with taking alcohol from them. Since when did he drink? Hoseok shook a can for Jungkook and they both hysterically laughed and cheered when Jungkook opened it and it sprayed everywhere.

Taehyung saw Yoongi holding a can of beer up to him, the annoyed look on his face saying “are you going to take it or not?”. He finally succumbed and took it from him. Yoongi smiled a little and opened his can together with him. Taehyung sipped the substance and noticed that it didn’t taste that bad, but it still wasn’t good either. It didn’t stop him from making a slightly disgusted face as the aftertaste settled in his throat.

“Alright boys, in the truck!” Namjoon announced and they all ambushed to the truck. Taehyung got back in the passenger seat but Namjoon came up behind him. “Scoot over.”

Taehyung didn’t see how he could possibly do that. He moved as much as he could so Namjoon could squeeze himself in. Taehyung found himself squished in between Seokjin and Namjoon with the other four hopped into the back.

“You buzzed yet mama Jin?” Namjoon leaned over to look at Seokjin.

“Just about!” Seokjin swallowed the rest of the beer in his can and tossed it out the window. “Thanks for the gas by the way!”

“Oh! I forgot to take the hose out!” Namjoon started cracking up laughing. “Hey! One of you back there go take the hose and put the gas cap back on!”

“Yes sir!” Yoongi shouted then looked at Jungkook and spat, “You do it.”

Jungkook rolled his eyes but decided to not complain about it. He was willing to do anything to please him and the rest. He had Hoseok hold his beer so he could stumble out of the truck. His tolerance was pretty much zero, so he was way more than buzzed already. He clumsily pulled the hose out and put the gas cap back on.

“Okay drive!” Jimin called to Seokjin as he stood and pounded his palm on the roof of the truck.

“No wait!” Jungkook was only halfway climbed in. He held on tight to the side of the truck, his feet hitting back tires. Jimin found it hilarious while Hoseok helped Jungkook climb the rest of the way in as Seokjin continued driving. “That wasn’t funny.”

“It kind of was.” Jimin laughed. His laughter made the rest of them, including Jungkook, laugh so hard that their eyes shut.

Taehyung held his beer with both hands as they drove to who knows where. He took another small sip of it which made Namjoon roll his eyes next to him.

“Come on don’t give me that shit, chug that like a man.” Namjoon nudged Taehyung’s shoulder.

“I don’t really like it that much.” Taehyung smiled politely which faded quickly.

“Alright, since you’re new at it I’ll let you off easy.” Namjoon chuckled as he threw his cigarette out the window. “I’ll take it for you.”

Taehyung handed Namjoon the can and he chugged it quickly.

“Where exactly are we going?” Taehyung asked him.

“Wherever we want.” Seokjin answered. “The highway is a path to anywhere.”

“I’m this truck’s dj tonight! Calling it!” Namjoon plugged his phone into the speaker. The music blasted so loud that it hurt Taehyung’s ears at first but he realized it was a song he liked. It was a really cool hip-hop song he had been listening to a lot lately. Namjoon took notice of Taehyung slightly nodding his head to the beat. “You like this song?”

Taehyung only nodded his head and pouted his lips confidently.

“Nice!” Namjoon put his arm around him again. This time Taehyung felt a lot less intimidated. Namjoon started rapping along to the lyrics, Seokjin joining in and making a beat with his hands against the steering wheel. Taehyung put on the biggest smile of the night and joined in with them. The three of them got really into the songs which helped Taehyung actually enjoy Namjoon’s company for the first time that night. Seokjin was right, these guys were pretty cool.

At the back of the truck, Hoseok and Yoongi were also singing and rapping along to the song that was playing inside the truck since it was just that loud enough. Jimin was chugging down beer after beer, keeping his word that he wanted to get drunk. Jungkook was laying flat on his back as Jimin shook another can. When he opened it, it sprayed all over and he put it above Jungkook’s face who had his mouth wide open, taking in as much as he could of what was spraying on him.

“Best new drunk I’ve ever seen!” Jimin chanted as he laughed at Jungkook. His comment made Yoongi and Hoseok cheer with him.

They drove on the highway for a long time. So long that they all lost track of time. It must have been hours. Taehyung couldn’t remember the last time that happened while having fun. The only time he ever lost track of the time passing was whenever he was studying late into the night. He felt as if he needed this. He was actually able to let loose for the first time in his life and with friends. His girlfriend would help him let loose sometimes but it was different being with friends.

With these guys and Jungkook, he was able to let his mind go completely foggy. They could go absolutely nuts, blasting music, drive for hours, get drunk, laugh hysterically over nothing, and that felt so good. Being with his girlfriend was relaxing and soothing. This was the exact opposite. Right now his mind needed something like this, and it was the best thing he could have ever asked for.

They had to double back and go to the gas station to fill up the gas tank again because they drove around for just that long. That was when everyone started to calm down, realizing that it was a little past four a.m.

“Kookie’s out you guys!” Jimin announced once they stopped. Hoseok and Yoongi looked down to see Jungkook past out. Jimin hiccupped a few times from his own drunkenness.

“I guess I should take him home.” Taehyung turned to Seokjin.

“Okay, I’ll drive you.” Seokjin smiled. “Did you have fun?”

“Yeah. Thanks for bringing me.” Taehyung smiled back.

“I think it’s about time Jimin went home too.” Namjoon got back into the truck and slammed the door shut for no reason. “He is drunk. I’m talking extremely off his ass drunk. Let’s take these two home first then I’ll dump Jimin on his doorstep.”

“Sounds good.” Seokjin put his key back into the ignition and turned it. “I hope he doesn’t get randomly angry again, I don’t need this truck destroyed just yet.”

“You hear that Jimin?” Namjoon shouted which hurt Taehyung’s ear.

“I’ll do what I want!” The three of them heard Jimin shout back and felt the truck shake a little from him slamming his fists on the roof of the truck. “If I want to take a tire iron to all your heads I would do it!”

“And here we go.” Hoseok rolled his eyes. Jimin was always so moody when he was drunk. It was like he went through every single emotion one after the other in a matter of minutes.

“Shut up you stupid ass wipe!” Jimin grimaced at him, his words slurring more and more. “I hate all of you.”

“Quickly Jin, lets go.” Namjoon made Seokjin quickly drive off so he could get him home. Taehyung looked at Namjoon and saw that he was laughing. “He may be a pain in the ass sometimes but it’s also pretty damn funny. Oh I think he’s about to start crying!”

“Shut up! You don’t know anything about me!” They heard Jimin shout following him hysterically crying. Namjoon laughed more which made Taehyung feel like it was okay to find it funny. He started laughing along with Namjoon which made him feel like maybe Namjoon was right. Maybe they really were going to be great friends.

“Is this your house?” Seokjin parked the car in front of Taehyung and Jungkook’s house. Taehyung had to give him the directions which were hard to remember since he ended up drinking more beer and recalling the directions were somewhat harder. That thought made him laugh as he nodded his head.

“You’re not much of a bad drinker yourself, Tae.” Namjoon chuckled as he playfully punched his arm. Taehyung clutched his arm since even though it was playful, it still hurt. “This was fun. We should do this again sometime.”

“Yeah, definitely.” Taehyung happily replied. Namjoon got out of the truck so Taehyung could get out. Taehyung helped Hoseok get an unconscious Jungkook out from the back of truck so they could carry him to the door. “Thanks.”

“No problem.” Hoseok handed Taehyung all of Jungkook and gave a small wave. “See you guys later or something!”

“Yeah. See you later.” Taehyung couldn’t wave back since he was holding Jungkook who showed no sign of awakening anytime soon. He watched as they drove off into the night. He opened the front door ever so quietly so he could sneak in. He tiptoed to Jungkook’s room and rested him onto his bed. He was too tired to do anything else so he left him there still fully clothed and went to his own room to pass out himself.

He definitely knew he was going to be seeing more of those guys who he guessed he could now consider his friends. He just hoped that things like this wouldn’t be a nightly thing. Hopefully not.

Namjoon and Yoongi dropped Jimin on his doorstep like Namjoon said he was going to. Yoongi gave him a pat on the back and they left to all go home themselves. Jimin, who felt like he was going to pass out any minute, sloppily opened the door. He slammed it shut behind him and dragged his feet through the room. His shoulders slumped forwards and he felt as if his eyes were burning to stay open. As he passed the kitchen, he saw his mother who looked like she was having herself a middle of the night drink; again. He quickened his pace to his room, hoping she didn’t see him. All he could think was, please don’t see me.

He went into his room and shut the door, wishing there was a lock on it. He laid on his side with his back to the door.

“Jimin? Was that you?” He heard his mother’s slurred voice. That’s right, he had slammed the front door. How could he be so foolish? He should have stayed in Nayoung’s room, at least she had a lock on her door. Please don’t come in. “Jimin, are you home? Nayoung was worried sick about you! You stupid mistake!”

Jimin heard his bedroom door open which made his heart quicken. He got that sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach. He knew what was coming now. Please no.

“I’m sorry sweetie. Are you asleep?” She apologized as she shut the door and sat next to him. He was happy that he didn’t have to look at her right now. “I mean, it’s not a lie that you’re a mistake. The guy paid me twenty bucks for one hour and then you just happened.”

Her words about that weren’t what cut him deep. He could honestly care less if she thought he was a mistake. If anything he thought she was a mistake too. Also, this had to be the millionth time he’s heard the story. Her standing at some street corner, some guy picking her up, paying her twenty dollars for an hour, and now here he was; just some mistake who was now being punished by her in a way that made him want to scream and cry but he just couldn’t find his voice to do so.

“But listen honey, just because you were a mistake and should’ve never been born doesn’t mean I don’t love you.” She laid down next to him and put her arm around him which made him flinch. “It’s okay sweetie, there’s nothing to be scared of. There’s no strangers here tonight. I’m going to be done with that kind of life. There’s no need to be scared of strangers being here anymore. It’ll just be you, me, and Nayoung. We’ll get better.”

Too bad it wasn’t the strangers he was scared of.

His lips trembled when he felt her hand go underneath his shirt, feeling his toned stomach, making him hold his breath. Please stop.

“I love you so much.” She whispered into his ear which made him cringe and stiffen as much as he possibly could. Her hand shifted from underneath his shirt to underneath his pants. He hated it, he hated it so much. He hated it so much yet his body continued to betray him by sending unwanted waves of pleasure. It encouraged her. He wanted to shout for it to stop but he felt as if his voice was dead. He felt tears beginning to spill down his cheeks and onto the pillow as she continued.

Why did he have to be so pathetic like this? He couldn’t understand how it started in the first place. He didn’t think he could ever understand. He begged his mind to lose consciousness. Just blackout. The only thing he was happy about was that he drank as much as he could.

That way he hopefully won’t remember any of this in the morning…


Hi there so yeah, this is a pretty mature fic so read with caution since there are mature themes. I’m sorry Jiminnie baby I hate that I did this to you T_T hahaha anyway, look forward to more updates coming soon! Love you Bunnies! ^^

One Direction + Philly = YAS

One can’t be to sure as to why…but August 13th One Direction basically put on what i would like to think the most entertaining show of the tour thus far…in no particular order here are my reasons why.

1. Lets start with Harold’s hair shall we

It started out all nice and tucked away in this sweet innocent head wrap turban headscarf whatever you wanna call it..then

It ended up unleashing itself from the head wrap where it remained flowing free similar to my raging hormones for the rest of the concert 

2. Zayn did a thing… aside from looking like a damn god who was sent from heaven to grace the earth with his vocals and soft feathery eyelashes

3.While this was occurring we had Liam beatboxing…how does one go from beatboxing to giggling like a school girl? Idk but keep it up Liam.*cue mic flip every .3 seconds

4.Did i mention Harry wore the shirt…

yes this photo was necessary because that was the exact face i made when i found out he had this shirt on his body

Just kidding because this was my face because i actually started crying.

5. Everyone hugging Niall

Im actually offended by this because what about me

6. Liam tossing on a purple hat and singing some MJ

7.Harrys Hair

8.Louis Just being cute as shit like always 

Like did i say you were aloud to prance around with your perfect little ankles showing and jeans so tight on your thighs that some fans including myself were actually begging you to suffocate us with them?


no i did not say you could do this.

9.Harry decided he was going to become my spirit animal and throw a unicorn mask on his head.

also some cheese


11.Harry Styles MOther f-ing HAirrR

12.Liam decided, that he was going to be cute as fucking shit

And then Zayn Liam you are not going to be cute as fucking shit.


Olly short for Oliver because i fucking like that name it just fits well.

14. Zayn..just Zayn


15. Finally we spent the afternoon on Twitter wondering why this girl wore a wedding dress to the concert..some of you may have even laughed WELL YOU CAN GUESS WHO WAS FUCKING LAUGHING WHEN HARRY STYLES HIMSELF PROPOSED TO HER ON STAGE DURING THE CONCERT

Basically at this point i was being strapped to a gurney and rushed to the ER because my vision went blurry and then my life ended.

16. Last but not least…Lirry dancing oh my sweet jesus this was just wow.














Remind me again why I’m sitting here writing this post and not at the Concert in Philly tonight like i had planned….

Hope i didn’t leave anything out if i did be sure to set my ass straight and tell me