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lol you blarkes are so pressed about that poll huh just accept the fact that your fandom is as small as belljar's dick

yuh stupid or yuh blind??

i have said time and time again that i don’t care about the fucking poll or fandoms or fandom sizes so u can go flick ur clit to winning another worthless poll while i’ll be over here crying over bob talking about bellamy because unlike some people he likes his character and his fans and doesn’t hide from them but that’s none of my business now bye bitch

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Hey! It's ukelelerapgirl here, sorry I'm on anon. I was just wondering earlier, do you think of all your comics as happening in the same universe/timeline? Or do you think of them as kind of happening in a void of sorts, just standalone..I just wondered because sometimes characters and context seem like they are a little different from one comic to the next. I might be seeing things in a silly way. And it might just be how you write, of course. just wonderin if you thought about that at all! :)

Hello there!

Hmm. Legit question, I think.

I have to apologize for not mentioning this earlier, but I thought it was like obvious that each comic/story stands on its own, especially when the ship is different. My fault.

I know that some of my personal headcanons about a character might figure in more than just a single comic because, you know, I try to be coherent in something, sometimes, eheh! But still…

Ok. Let’s make it simple: no, they’re not connected. Think of them like… on-shot fan fictions? Is that the correct definition?

If you were wondering specifically about my R76 comics, like Reaper’s New Toy and the Powerless Series, they’re definitely NOT connected.

Mercy76 Week’s Comics, otherwise, yeah, they might be a little connected in time and universe, because  I thought of them as a big, single thing.

The Mercykill series stands on its own as for this new title-less comic about the dads and the cowboy.

Btw, some time ago I created a page in which you can find a list of all my comics and they’re labeled as One-Shots, Series Finished and Series In Progress.

I hope I managed to answer your question! Thanks for asking!

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How did you start your art, what was your inspiration

Ohh that’s a bit long to explain :0 

So I’ll put some pics to make it more dynamic :D

I started drawing around 11 years old, things like Sakura Card Captors, Pokemon or Sailor Moon (Yeah I still have all my drawings, I like to save everything I draw), and of course, I sucked at it.

At that time I really enjoyed drawing, but I didn’t drew very often, maybe around 10 times per month until I turned 14. When I was 14 I met a friend who liked animes, mangas and drew like me. The both of us agreed that making our original story would be fun so that was the moment where I started drawing more oftenly: OC’s, characters from my own story (well, a lot of stories tbh), practicing manga panels, a bit of buildings (lol now that i see those things i’m embarrased how much i sucked at it)

My artstyle changed a lot of times, since my style depended a lot of the current series I was watching at that time (That was my inspiration). In the middle of that year (Still 14, almost 15) my friend recommended me Fairy Tail.

I really felt comfortable with Hiro Mashima’s style but even if I wasn’t very good imitating his style I was pretty satisfied with my draws. The problem was my non-existent knowledges of anatomy and perspective. I never tried to drew with base lines (like circles for the head, and lines of proportion) until I was 17-18, I was such a dumb head TuT

And well, the end is pretty predictable: I stopped drawing OC’s and my own manga for doing fanarts for FT around 2 years ago (But I’m trying to return with that tbh!). And with a lot of practice (Sometimes I can draw for almost one day, literally) I reached my actual level .

TAG!!!! 4!!! WHOA!

Innocent or Guilty?
I was tagged by @poetbitesback (thank you!) to do this. Rules: answer the questions with only “innocent” or “guilty”, with no explanation. (I’ve put off doing this one cause LOTS of explaining, a huge amount of alcohol and craziness, and I felt TERRIBLE knowing how this could make me look.)

Asked someone to marry you?: guilty
Kissed one of your friends?: guilty
Danced on a table in a bar/tavern?: guilty
Told a lie?: guilty
Had feelings for someone you can’t have?: guilty
Kissed someone of the opposite sex?: guilty
Kissed someone of the same sex?: guilty
Kissed a picture?: guilty
Slept until 5 pm?: guilty
Fallen asleep at work/school?: guilty
Held a snake?: guilty
Been suspended from school?: guilty
Stolen something?: guilty
Done something you regret?: guilty
Laughed until something you were drinking came out of your nose?: guilty
Caught a snowflake on your tongue?: guilty
Kissed in the rain?: guilty
Sat on a rooftop?: guilty
Sang in the shower?: guilty
Been pushed into a pool with all your clothes on?: guilty
Slept naked?: guilty
Made a boyfriend/girlfriend cry?: guilty
Been in a band?: guilty
Shot a gun?: guilty
Donated blood?: guilty
Eaten alligator meat?: guilty
Eaten cheesecake?: guilty
Still loved someone you shouldn’t?: guilty
Have/had a tattoo?: guilty
Been too honest?: guilty
Ruined a surprise?: guilty
Ate in a restaurant and got really bloated so you couldn’t walk after?: guilty
Erased someone from your friends list?: guilty
Dressed in a man’s clothes?: guilty
Dressed in a woman’s clothes?: guilty
Joined a pageant?: guilty
Been told you’re beautiful by someone who totally meant what they said?: guilty
Still have communication with your ex?: guilty
Cheated on someone?: guilty
Got totally drunk the night before a big exam?: guilty
Been treated by a total stranger paying your fare?: guilty
Got so angry you cried?: guilty
Tried to stay away from someone for their own good?: guilty
Actually murdered someone?: guilty
Thought about mass murder?: guilty
Actually committed mass murder?: guilty
Rode in a stranger’s vehicle?: guilty
Stalked someone?: guilty
Had a boyfriend?: guilty
Had a girlfriend?: guilty
Been totally drunk on a holiday?: guilty

I’m tagging: absolutely NOBODY cause I feel bad that I waited this long and am afraid I have some explaining to do.


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Hey, so I'm an artist, but I don't have a tablet to draw with, so I just use pencils. I was just curious, do you know of any good scanners I can use? Preferably free? I want to post my art, but I'm not a big fan of the scratches the pencils leave behind.

I don’t think you can…. get free scanners? Unless you go to a library or someplace like that? Whenever I post my traditional art or when I base my digital drawing on a traditional sketch I just take a picture with my phone and edit it on Photoshop.

Maybe you were looking for editing software??? idk??? I use Photoshop, but I downloaded it illegally so I got it free, maybe you can do that. I know that pixlr and gimp work pretty well (not for painting, but they’re good for editing) so those are good options, too! 

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Thanks to all of you ✨🐰🐙🐟🐣🐦🐬✨

(veeeery long post under the cut)

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Fic authors self rec! When you get this, reply with your favorite five fics that you've written, then pass on to at least five other writers...

Oooh I love questions like this! Bear in mind that it was really, really hard to just pick five!

1. Uneasy Lies The Head That Wears The Crown

I know Royalty AU’s aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but this was my first full length fic that I ever posted on, and my first full length Klaroline fic. I was overwhelmed with the kind reviews that everyone gave me, and fell in love with the beautiful love story that unfolded between Queen Caroline Forbes and her bodyguard, Niklaus Mikalelson.

No matter how much fic I write or how much my writing improves (and it has since this fic), I will always have a soft spot for Uneasy Lies. 

2. In The Land of A Billion lights

Now this was just pure fun to write. Possibly the most angst driven fic that I have ever written, I loved, loved, loved writing Klaus in the role of a moody and temperamental musician with the world at his feet. 

I also loved expanding on the friendship between Kol and Caroline, something that I would have loved to see in canon, but was more than happy to write in this fic. 

Also an absolute joy to write and I looked forward to sitting down each week and smashing out a chapter for everyone. 

3. Fever Pitch

This is an equal number two for me, and this fic is fast becoming a favourite of mine. I’ve basically wanted to write this fic forever (the concept has been bouncing around in my head for almost two years before I even started writing it), and I’m so happy that I finally had the chance to begin it. 

If I could describe anything as a ball of pure fluff, professional football player Klaus and Olympic gymnast Caroline would be it <3

4. Have No Fear My Darling

Also known as my love letter to Europe, this fic was inspired by my love for travelling, and the thought of Klaus and Caroline finally being brave enough to travel the world together. 

It was gentle and delicate and I loved evoking the imagery that tends to pop up in this one shot. I wished that I could have made it longer, but I was quite proud of this one!

5. Do Not Go Gentle

This was my first foray out of TVD fandom and into Star Wars. Wrote this one after seeing Rogue One and falling in love with Jyn and Cassian as a pairing. Shorter than my usual one shots, but loved writing it. 

Of course, as an author, you love all the work that you do so much. So special mention of course has to go to Up All Night Til The Sun, Growing Strong, A Sky Full of Stars, and every word that I’ve written for my fandoms :)

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What do you think of Ms. Joke (a.k.a. Emi Fukukado?)

She is a shiny positive character, so I loved her from the first appearance! I honestly can’t stop thinking that she is a good match with Aizawa-sensei, I love huge contrast and they are as the sun and the drowsy moon! 

I hope to know more about Ms. Joke (especially her eyes color that wasn’t revealed yet), her work as a hero and, maybe, also about Aizawa-sensei’s since they seem to have paired sometimes during their jobs’ duties! 

I wonder if there are some more infos about her in Boku No Hero Academia Ultra Book

Luna. Moths.

Harry Potter fanart of a grown-up Luna Lovegood with some moths in an attempt at art nouveau style. Really just an excuse to paint those moths, because they are beautiful. Also a pun. And a poem:

my naym is art-
ist and i drew
thees pretty things
tu post for yu
it’s just mai fails
yu do not see

i sigh and pres
ctrl + z

wen i mak arts
of maydns fair
so lovly fraymd
wis nudle hair
why must i tor-
ture myself so?

i shak my hed.
fuk art nouveau


okay so um if I said I had a whamjamilton story in my google docs and I could start posting it would anybody want that? Washington x Hamilton x Jefferson? Together in one ship? Anybody interested in this? 

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is it worth watching Tokyo Ghoul?? Or is the manga better??

It depends on what type of person u are anon!!

if you like knowing the whole story & want to be as obsessed as I am of it, you need to read the manga! It’s the only way

I loved watching Tokyo Ghoul after obsessing over the manga pages, but I recommend just season 1, season 2 is really vague compared to the manga; where it gets deep in that area. And even then you’ll be left with a cliff hanger ending (that’s not even completely accurate -_-) and they still haven’t even done s3, so… yeah, it’ll be a nightmare.

my recommendation is 100% the manga, and if you want to watch the characters come to life like me with every series I read, then watch s1 of Tokyo Ghoul! :)

But this is all my opinion! I say go with whatever u want!! 

see I always think I have my future all planned out but I’m so fucking indecisive and easily swayed that the slightest suggestion from someone else on what I could do makes me doubt my every choice

I’ve been planning on going to uni for bio med and then going to med school (and doing god knows what, I have some time to decide that okay) but my dad yesterday suggested I could be a lawyer and now I’m remembering every time I wanted to go into law and I’m!!!!! so !!!! damn !!!!! unsure !!!!!!!!

at the end of the day, I just want to find a career that I don’t hate, that my parents don’t hate, and that pays good so I can save enough money to travel the world and shit