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psa from a hufflepuff: bitty is the protagonist so he's obvs a gryffindor but seriously tho it ain't that big of a deal what bout this twig makes y'all think he's a hufflepuff other than he's small

ok my real question is what about William J. Poindexter makes people think he’s a Gryffindor aside from red hair and freckles. this boy fixed a whole building 

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Hi I'm a big fan of your D:M series and you actually answered one of my questions not that I didn't think you would but you know, um anyway I was just wondering since in D:M when they were having the interviews with the miracles you only put youji answer what we're the other guardians answer and was masaomi there? And what we're there answer to the question dn reaction to what hinata revealed thanks big fan can't wait for more of your stories bye!!

Colonel Kobayashi Kyouma’s response to Michiru’s uniform is to stare at her flatly and say, “You are wearing the wrong jacket.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Michiru says.

“You’re wearing my jacket,” Sayuri says.

“You are also wearing it incorrectly,” Kyouma says.

“Nope, I’m wearing it exactly the way I intended,” Michiru says.

“Please take this seriously, Sergeant Sakurai, our jobs are on the line,” the colonel says. He seems singularly unimpressed with the tightness of her shirt, particularly in the breast area, and also the fact that the top two buttons are unbuttoned. Michiru sometimes suspects he is a robot.

“Also, it’s not going to work,” Youji adds. “The Diet is being led by Kitihara.” At Michiru’s confused look he adds, “Kitihara Reika. You know, a woman.”

“Oh,” Michiru says, glancing over Youji’s shoulder as if she could verify the statement. “Nope, doesn’t change a thing. Same plan.”

“Don’t you dare,” Sayuri hisses.

“It’s like you have no faith in me,” Michiru says.

“I don’t have any faith in you,” Sayuri says.


As the first responding officers to the Teiko children and also guardians of Miracles, Youji and Michiru are the only sergeants called in for questioning during the Special Diet. When Michiru is called to the front she turns to her friends, unbuttons a third button (the top of a very lacy bra now visible) and blows them a kiss.

“Oh god, we’re all going to jail,” Sayuri says.

“She knows what she’s doing,” Youji says.


“Sergeant Sakurai, what do you recall from the night you first found the Miracles?” Kitihara asks.

“Oh, gosh,” Michiru says, fluttering her eyelashes, she makes a whining sound, “That was sooooo long ago! And there were, like, guns? It’s all kind of a blur.” She pouts and flutters her eyes again.

Kitihara’s eyebrow twitches. “Did you see the Miracles attack anyone?”

“How scary!” she says, dragging out the word adorably, “What a scary thought! I’d probably remember something like that.” She shudders, dramatically, drawing attention to her breasts as she does so.

“You. Are. A. Military. Sergeant,” Kitihara says through gritted teeth.

Michiru giggles, “Oh, but I don’t do anything dangerous, that’s for the men. Surely you understand, Kita-chan, men handle all the dangerous things. ” She drops her voice into a faux conspiratorial whisper that the entire room can hear, “And they look so sexy in their uniforms, don’t you think? Give me a firm butt and nice arms in uniform any day.”

“Sergeant Sakurai, I am finding it difficult to believe you’re really this airheaded.”

“You think I’m—how mean! Why would you say that?” Michiru’s lip starts to tremble, and very pretty tears start to form in the corner of her eyes.

Kitahara sighs and rubs her head. “No further questions.”


“Told you it would work,” Michiru says smugly when she returns.

“Way to set feminism back a hundred years,” Sayuri snaps.

“But you did notice she stopped asking me questions?” Michiru says. Youji surreptitiously bumps her fist.

A/N: Thanks, anon-friend! The rest of the guardians didn’t appear in the original scene because they didn’t exactly exist yet. Fujimaki’s interview is mentioned in “I Kept My Promise” though. But I’m glad that is something you were interested in! I thought about it, and I figure, the Special Diet was primarily to investigate whether or not the JSDF had mishandled the Miracles/exposed the public to a known danger, so probably only the military was interviewed, and only the high ranking officers. So the analysts and doctors like Yumeko and Dr. Kishitani would not have been interviewed, and Masaomi as an unaffiliated citizen, also would not have been (although I’m sure they were all there). But Michiru as one of the first responding sergeants (like Youji) would have been, so here we are! Thanks again!! 😊

It’s been probably 5+ years since I realized I was ace-aro and I still have people telling “never say never!” and “maybe you just haven’t met the right person!”

Look, I’ve only questioned my romantic orientation once, and it was because of a fucking cartoon skeleton, but in the end I came to the conclusion I was still aro.

God I’m pathetic and I hope my family never finds this post

I'm up on baby watch for the night! Please send me questions!

I’m currently babysitting my six month old cousin and apparently infants don’t need sleep and they refuel themselves by screaming at the top of their lungs. Please send me questions in my ask before I actually die from exhaustion! It could be anything I just need something to keep me up! I love you all😘😘😘💉

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Questiont aro anon here! First, thank you for answering my question! And well, I've been in a few relationships before and they all died down pretty quickly. I kind of realized that it was mainly because I couldn't respond to their romantic gestures and they took it as like I didn't care enough about the relationship? I mean, I did care. At least about them. But I always felt very weird about the relationship. Like I could go days without speaking to them and not feel any different. Idk man.

And looking back, I don’t know if I got into the relationship because I liked them or because I wanted attention or to feel normal because I saw everyone else getting into relationship. I just never got it, really. -Question Aro Anon  

Oh, I totally understand, questioning anon! Of course, I was glad to answer you!! 

First, remember that it is totally your choice to label yourself as aromantic or not. It’s all on your comfort level! Maybe you did get into them for that reason. I know I daydream about being in a relationship all the time. It’s comforting, in a way. But don’t pressure yourself to date anyone! It won’t end well that way. Others may be dating and you could have never dated a single person and that’s okay! So is not having your first kiss me @ myself tbh or any of these things. Maybe one day you’ll find someone you actually really want to date. Or maybe you won’t and you’ll end up labeling yourself as aro. As long as you’re comfortable, it’s fine!💛

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TMI Tuesday: When did you and your hubby talk about you writing fan fiction? How did you have that talk with him? I want to include my SO in my writing practice but am never sure how to discuss it

Hmm. This is a good question. My husband and I are both writers, and we come from a different fiction realm altogether, so he was actually a little surprised when I first told him. Not in a bad way, just like, “OH. Really?” But once he thought about it, I think it made perfect sense to him. I write a lot of magical realism and fairy tales, and I play video games, and I have always ALWAYS been a fangirl. He definitely likes this about me, so there’s that. Before Solavellan I had also just put a huge fantasy novel in a drawer because like…bleh. It just wasn’t working and I wasn’t prepared to spend another year on it. I think he was more surprised at the ease with which I put that away to write fanfiction. He was like, “So, how do you feel about the novel in the drawer?” And I was like, “I’m good.” This, that I can move right on, astounds him.

I think he is proud of how much I have produced in the past year. I think he is secretly jealous of how prolific I’ve been lol. But we are not competitive. I have never once let him read my fanfiction. That is just me. I might some day, let him read it. I think this made him a little bummed at first, that I was reluctant to give him my stuff (he’s usually my first reader), but like, he deals just fine. Sometimes I’ll read him a sentence or a paragraph. He’s only ever been supportive of me. He doesn’t belittle what I do at all. Work is work.

I was reluctant to tell my husband at first, because yes, it seems silly out loud. But the more people I tell, other writers, my friends, my parents, him, they just nod and are like, “Neat. Do you have readers? Do you have fans?” They think it’s incredibly interesting, and fanfic has really changed, I think, in terms of its respectability as an art form. People like it. They know it’s real and they nod in respect when I tell them I’m writing fanfic.

So I totally relate to not being sure how to tell my SO about writing fanfic!! Eventually, mine asked enough times, and so I just…told him. I got all red in the face and self-conscious, but that’s just me. He was just like, “OH. Okay. Tell me about that.” I was surprised. For me it was just about accepting that what I’m doing is meaningful to me and to others, and that, YES, it matters, and to feel confident enough to communicate that passion to others. He got that in the end. Maybe that’s helpful? This is a really good question. If anyone else has advice for this lovely anon, feel free to chime in. <3

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will i ever stop making fanart for this fic????????? 

more gifts for @adreamingsongbird!! just think of this as me stuffing love letters in your shoe locker like in the animes 


my video of his full performance of “woman” from today :-)

🍰 Cake Shop Asks 🍰

Cheesecake: What is your favourite sweet treat?

Pound Cake: A picnic on a summer’s day with all your favourite treats or a rainy day in a cozy coffee shop with a book?

Chocolate Fudge Cake: What song can always make you dance/feel good?

Strawberry Shortcake: Name five of your favourite fictional characters.

Vanilla Cake: How do you spend a lazy, rainy day?

Coconut Cake: A lazy, beautiful tropical paradise or a busy, wondrous city?

Angelfood Cake: Tell us a cringey childhood story. 

Chocolate Cake: What was the last movie you saw? Did you enjoy it? Why?

Red Velvet Cake: Name your ultimate guilty pleasure. 

Ice-cream Cake: What is your go-to ice-cream order (toppings included!)?

Princess Cake: Name some of the things you wanted to be when you grew up. 

Fairy Cake: If you could live in one imaginative land (eg: from a book, movie, etc), where would it be and why?

Mooncake: What is your Chinese zodiac sign (eg: Year of the Rooster, etc)? 

Carrot Cake: What does someone have to do to get you to be their friend? 

Birthday Cake: What is on your birthday wishlist? 

Victorian Sponge Cake: You are at a shop that sells body lotions, soaps, shower gel, etc in lots of different smells. What scented lotion do you get?

Lemon Cake: What/who makes you smile the most? 

Coffee Cake: How do you usually take your coffee/tea? 

Italian Cream Cake: Name five of your top travel destinations.

Oh, yeah. Without a doubt,“ Lincoln said of Rick and Michonne having a child. “I think the whole point is to start again and to restart and it’s about the future, and it’s obviously the next generation and, as far as we can tell, we’re outnumbered undead to human a lot. It is about repopulating the world. I think that they make a terrific couple and I don’t think he would hesitate. Also, maybe in a couple of episodes time, there may be a jump ahead in the curve and maybe setting themselves to that job at hand.