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So my good buddies @neonjawbone, @0tacoon and myself are all doing a goofy adventure into podcasts - specifically one about webcomics! It’s called Speech Bubbles, and in each episodes the three of us just talk shop and give some insight into the webcomic process and lifestyle!

You can listen to the first episode here!

(Episodes can be downloaded for offline listening, too!)

Follow our twitter account to get updates first. We’re also planning on using the Twitter account to announce each week’s topic and also take specific questions from listeners about that topic!

-first row, left to right-

[[Lesbians are lovely]]
[[Bi people are the bomb]]
[[Pan people are pure]]

-second row, left to right

[[Gay people are great]]
[[TERFS are tacky & “radfems” are ridiculous]]
[[Questioning people are quite amazing]]

-third row, left to right-

[[Ace & Aro people are awesome]]
[[Queer folks are quintessential]]
[[FYI: All positivity on this blog transfeminine individuals (if not stated already) ]]

Layton Location Asks!!

London - What are your hopes for Lady Layton?
St Mystere - What’s the weirdest building you’ve ever seen?
Dropstone - Do you prefer rural or urban settings?
Folsense - What is your fondest memory?
Misthallery - Do you still live in the town/city you grew up in as a child?
Ambrosia - What is your favourite music genre?
Monte d'Or - Are you an early bird or a night owl?
Stansbury - Do you live somewhere of famous historical importance?
Bostonius - If you could travel anywhere, fictional or irl, where would you go?
Froenborg - Do you live somewhere cold, hot or moderate?
Kodh - Are there any large bodies of water near you?
Phong Gi - Do you enjoy local wildlife?
San Grio - Where is your ideal holiday location?
Hoogland - Are there any local myths about where you live?
Torrido - Are there any dangerous animals that live in your area?
Mosinnia - How multicultural is the country in which you live?
Labyrinthia - Do you have an ideal fictional world to live in? What is it?

anonymous asked:

I adore your work. This is an odd question but might I ask how you take your pictures? Is it with a cell phone? An SLR? In a proper studio? I'm creating a product line and the entire photography portion has me in tears. I haven't the capital to hire a professional so I'm asking anyone whose photos I love.

That’s not odd at all! In fact, let me run you through how I do mine because good photos are so essential when you want to sell anything online! I do have an SLR camera but lately I’ve figured that my phone camera works just as well, and it makes it easier for me to instantly upload pics on Instagram and the like! 

First thing you want to do is to find a spot in your house next to a big window where you’ve got plenty of natural light coming in! (or even somewhere outside your house) For me, this is the window beside my bed, so I use my bedside table for all my photography.

Next you need to decide on the overall aesthetic that will go along with the theme of your products! For me, I like to use somewhat darker colours with added decorative elements. Your style can change and develop of course, but try to keep most of your aesthetic somewhat consistent!

Here’s a bunch of decorative items that I might use as background props for my photos! Simple things like faux flowers or feathers can look really nice and make the overall look of a photo more interesting! Experiment with arranging different items until you’re happy with your result!

You don’t want the background items to be too overwhelming and stand out more than your product! Trying out different camera angles and placements can help give you a sense of what works! Take lots of photos and compare them to see what makes your product stand out more!

Another inexpensive strategy would be to get some decorative rolls of paper! Here’s some that I got from Paperchase c: 

Works really nice both with or without props! A light and simple background can really give a more professional feel to a product!

Also, if you’re photographing any kind of necklaces you need to get you one of these yo! Here’s some rather inexpensive ones: x and x!

Having the natural light source come in from the window makes such a big difference! When you take your photos keep in mind image composition and the golden ratio (maybe read up on it if you’re not familiar) to help you with your positioning and angles!


and with a bit of cropping and editing: 

Hope this has been helpful! I’m not saying you have to do it this way, but here’s how I do it! Depending on your line of products you might want to do it completely different! But I promise that it’s not that difficult to take nice photos yourself and you don’t necessarily need expensive equipment. Try it out and experiment, and I promise that you’ll get better at it the more you do! 

Voice Accent Tag thing :^)
  • Voice Accent Tag thing :^)

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After….so long, I’ve finally done this! And uh here it is! Enjoy my voice I guess? I had to cut out so many random noises, “wowww”s, and long silences.

Oh yeah, if ur at the drinking age heres a fun drinking game! Take a shot every time:

  • I say - and, like, uh/uhm, great, I guess
  • Theres a loong silence
  • I mumble, slur my words, or stumble over words

But anywaysss now to tag some random people: @chasang @taekwooniverse @forever-vixx @tvixx @wontaec @chained-up-taekwoon @hongpeenus
You don’t have to do it if you dont want to! Also sorry if u already did it and I tagged u, I have bad memory. ALSO if you dont like to do tags and I constantly tag you just tell me please!! I tag the same people a lot bcus idk who to tag lol. And hey if you follow me and like to do tags tell me bcus I could always use ideas on who to tag :^)

Questions under cut if you want to do it:

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Your friendly neighborhood Silent Hill 2 dumpster  just found a wonderful FC for Eddie Dombrowski and is now thinking about either making a sideblog or adding him to this one. Would anyone even want to thread with this trashbag though omfg