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Mixed up different designs for John came up with this~
[mainly cos of the under cut, I love undercuts and since Matt has one now and CtH John had one…. I just drew him with the hairstyle :’)]
Put together the whole sigil design combining couple different references, lettering is witch lettering and it says things :^) It’s there mainly for aesthetics~
This is mostly drawn just for aesthetics :’D

chickenpurr  asked:

How's Buck Buck doing lately? Haven't heard much from Him!

I got my ass beat at the tail end of a shitty job followed by a summer of unemployment, but I’ve come out singing. Yesterday I was able to buy my birds a container of mealworms for the first time in months.

Buck Buck was pleased.

We’re both alive and I’ve got a bunch of videos and pics that I’m excited to share with you all. Just gotta get them uploaded and queued for your viewing pleasure.

See you all in shitposting hell.

blackwa.tch’s existence was kept a secret from the public, but there were always rumors of ove.rwatch carrying out secret black ops missions. led by commander gabriel reyes, the team was not created to be inherently malicious, but simply to function more effectively where overwa.tch could not. the larger sister organization was never intended to truly dig into the dirty work required to protect the earth; rather, to give HOPE to the public and to engage in the grander scale and deal with the more public missions. blac.kwatch was always working behind the scenes, cleaning up after the larger group’s mistakes as well as engaging in their own black-ops missions. though it was a large and sprawling organization, the main strike-team which functioned directly beneath reyes’ command consisted of ten core members.
dossiers beneath the cut.

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I got tagged in that selfie meme again, so, @sinnotalone, you wanted to see more of my (far too numerous) plaid scarves? BEHOLD questionable fashion choices plaid scarves. 

Bonus: the usual serial-killer-hasn’t-slept-in-a-fortnight face, creepy-ass smiling, all the grey hair in front, my new Imperial garbage shirt, the same ever-present map of Thedas

I tag, um… I think everyone has done this? @reserve, I feel like I haven’t seen your face in a while, if you want to? Who else wants to? @theweddingofthefoxes, typing your url is delightful, so imma tag you, too (if you want to!), but seriously, if anyone sees this and wants to post their face (and any of their questionable fashion choices), they should post their face, and any of their questionable fashion choices. Yes.

thiswasoriginallyatragedy  asked:

I have a small question but it kills me! When Daniel constantly is like "omg omg omg" Is he saying Oh My God, or OMG? It's stupid I know but I want a better grasp on his character! TY!


He’s saying ‘oh em gee’ when he says OMG LOOOL. MY SON……….THIS DWEEB. OMG and Oh My God are so his catchphrases, sighs.

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Ey, just wanna ask. Do you like/watch Yuri!!! On Ice? I see your art a couple of days ago and it's so cool. Can you draw it more? With hetalia characters of course (read: Fraaanciiis)

Anon, Anon, look at what I’m working on right now:

And I watched the first episode of Yuri on Ice and instead of getting me into the anime, it just got me into olympic figure skating, which I’ve been watching nonstop for weeks now….. 

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It's 2016 and I can't believe some fangirls still ask him about merthur... Now I'm angry and I want to punch someone.

Oh, my dear lovely anon… I feel you. You have no idea how this infuriates me. How can they not let him be already? Jfc… I’d never ask any of my beloved favourite actors questions about my OTP. Never. It’s plain rude imo. Ship whatever you like, but don’t bother the actors with it. That’s my opinion.

((Hey guys~! Just checking in to let you all know I’m still very much alive! :’D Hope everyone has been doing well and finals haven’t been too rough! I’m getting ready to face death once more next week in our thesis presentation, and well regardless whether I survive or not I shall officially be back after next week! Sorry the inbox has remained closed for so long now, but please bare with it a little longer until I manage to get through all the messages once I get back. ^^))

h-eidenberg replied to your post “What breaks my heart is that Isak will probably listen to Sonja and…”

I don’t think he will leave him because that’s what his dad did to his mum which is something that isak hates his dad for doing

TBH, I wrote that when it was more fresh then it was now. And now that I have been thinking about it for a while. I now have a feeling Isak will fight for Even and show Even that he is there for him.


new (and first) oc - luna! she is 16 years old and a high school student. 5'4, 135 pounds.  extrovert. russian and fluent. she’s not bad at sports, but doesn’t excel in any of them. basically, she can play any sport but is always in a gray-area. a total tomboy (don’t get me wrong, she loves makeup and dressing up, but her overall style screams the tomboy look). acts like she’s tough but in reality is very sensitive and wouldn’t hurt a soul.  loves plainly walking around a nice neighboring for therapy. excellent runner but doesn’t want to be in track because “it’s stupid”.  hardcore obsessed with junk food literally never studies or does homework (somehow still passing all of her classes…or most of them….).