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Have you ever talked about how weretiger!arin and the other were-creatures in your au were initially infected? Cuz they wouldn't have been born a were-creature, right? It seems like it would be a big moment in their lives

I had actually thought about this exact thing shortly after this au took off! Whether they were cursed to transform against their will or maybe they had this affliction transferred to them early in their lives I wasnt sure. But the idea of them having to face society and readjust to their previous way of life with this added burden of being so unnatural and different piqued my interest!

(This is actually longer than I expected it to be so im gonna put a readmore okay?)

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Omg Peter and reader for the shipping questionnaire?? (Hope you're doing well today~!)

Today was okay, I’ve had worse lol, there were super fun and sorry they took long, I was watching a movie while doing them.

  • How did they meet?

You and Peter met after the school incident

    • What were their first impressions of each other?

You were a little over whelmed by Peter and all his, well self, but thought he was cute. Ngl Peter swore god was real when he saw you.

  • How did they interact before they got together?

Like best friends, always talking, hanging out just enjoying each others company

    • Were they close friends, coworkers, etc? Were they the type to affectionately swear at each other or were they formal and polite towards each other?

Definitely close friends, Peter is so easy to talk to, and you both are kinda inseparable, many mistake you for a couple, just two loud mouths watching movies and stuff.

  • How long did it take before they started having feelings for each other?

Not long, like I said, Peter fell almost the second he saw you.

    • Who started having feelings first? 

Totally Peter, boy falls faster then Warren from the plane ripp me bad joke I hate myself 

    • How did they respond to those feelings? (Flirting a lot more, “conceal, don’t feel,” etc.?)

Peter became the most awkward piece of shit to exists, his causally flirting totally stopped and he avoided you for a while.

  • Who confessed first? 

Peter does, completely accidentally

    • What was the confession like?

“God I really want to kiss you, wait oh shit I didn’t mean that I mean unless you did but if you don’t its fine I get it…”

    • Were their feelings returned or were they rejected?

Bro you just straight up grabbed his face, kissed him to shut him up, Peter smiled for a week.

  • When they get together, how do they show affection?

Peter shows affection anyway possible

    • Verbal affection: compliments, nicknames, etc

Peter loves nicknames, all from ‘babe’ to dumb ones of objects he sees in the moment ‘pumpkin armchair tv remote bug’

    • Physical affection: hugs, kisses, holding hands, etc. 

Peter is soooooooooooooo touchy, how? why? but you aren’t complaining. Holding hands, kissing everywhere, just one hand on you at all times

    • PDA: Yes or no? What displays of affection are they okay with?

Peter will kiss you in front of anyone, and will playfully slap your butt, or your slap his. He don’t mind.

  • Who said “I love you” first?

Peter rambled on for about five minutes before Scott shouted, “He loves you!”

    • Was the first “I love you” immediately returned or did the other person(s) need time to say it back?

You laughed at Peter for a bit, only because he’s so fucking adorable, but then you saw he got worried that you don’t love him and immediately said it back.

    • How frequently do they say it? (Do they think it’s more meaningful when it isn’t said frequently, or do they prefer to constantly remind the other of their feelings?)

Peter says is 24/7, he’s worried to lose you, but wont ever admit it so he just says I love you randomly. You like hearing it so often, makes you feel special too.

  • How compatible are their personalities?

Peter is so easy to get along with, he’s a little much, but amazing.

    • What traits do they have that are complementary?
    • What traits do they have that clash or cause conflict?
      (Not gonna answer those, don’t wanna assume anything)

  • What are their favorite activities to do together?

Being lazy, in anyway, just being in bed or relaxing.

    • What is their favorite date night activity?

Late night walks, Peter loves just being outside with you, or he likes going to the mall, or retro diners.

    • What is their favorite at-home activity?

Watching movies, or laying in bed. Sometimes you’ll read to Peter if he’s had a long day, just lay his head on your, fingers running through his hair.

  • What are their fights usually like?

Not to serious, kinda in the moment fights, usually forgotten.

    • What do they fight over?

Peter stealing things, either yours or others, you don’t want him to land in jail.

    • How long does it take for them to make up?

Peter is mad for three seconds, but acts mad longer, which in turns makes you madder, and your usually mad at him longer, but Peter is too cute to be mad at.

    • Who apologizes first?

Peter, even if it isn’t his fault, he says sorry, to worried to lose you.

    • How do they make up after the fight?

Sex! Cuddles, sometimes crying and cuddles.

  • Have they ever broken up?

NONONONO OTP FOR LIFE!!! But let’s just say you do.

    • What caused the breakup? 

Peter thinking he isn’t good enough for you, he’s always worried your going to leave, I mean everyone leaves him right?

    • Did they have a “rebound?”

No, Peter just kinda wallows in his loneliness regretting it all.

    • Did they get back together?

YES OTP FOR LIFE!! It happened with lots of crying and Peter keeps apologizing, and you keep telling him you love him and Peter promises never to leave, because he never wanted to be like his father, leaving the person he loves.

Wow the got angsty ripp me.

~ MacKenzie

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(Sorry for the random question...) what do u think aliens look like?

omg hahahahah the most random question award goes to you, mate! :D
But how could I not answer it now… so umm, well, an alien generally is supposed to look different. It’s pretty much the point of it. But like… it’s a complicated question :D We all now what a stereotypical alien looks like in sci-fi (hairless beings with huge heads and eyes), but I wouldn’t imagine an actual alien looking like that necessarily. If there are any aliens in the Milky Way, then I don’t really believe them to be anything more than just some sort of microorganisms, which is a boring (but logical) answer to your question :D And in terms of other galaxies where possibilities are pretty much endless, who knows how an alien being could look like. It could be anything! So for me it’s impossible to have an opinion on how “anything” could look like. We know so much yet so damn little about our universe! :)

i have chosen,,, a dateable boy has been picked

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Why genyatta? Like I understand the whole concept but why personally? What draws you to them? (Art pun unintentional).

I guess it started when zen started becoming one of my favorites? like i started maining him more in games which drew me into his backstory and his relation with Genji.

I really like how calm their relationship is. Zenyatta is a tranquil person, and pairing him with genji makes a really comfortable atmosphere. Genji’s personality is really interesting paired with zenyatta too, a guy who’s probably used to jumping from relationship to relationship just falling head-over-heels with the peaceful little ball of fluff 

so i guess I just like how calm and sweet their relationship is? No ‘tsundere’ stuff like with Mchanzo (though I love that ship equally) and not really sexual (not my style). Just pure robo-fluff.

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Can you draw some more concept art or full body art of your reverse hanzo? THAT OUTFIT IS SOO COOL AND IM TRYING TO LEARN HOW TO DRAW STUFF LIKE THAT AND WOWWW ITS JUST SUPER AWESOME.

Man, I’m still trying to learn how to draw stuff like that tbh. Hanzo’s cyborg design is primarily a collection of elements from Genji’s design, Hanzo’s lone wolf skin (the armor on his chest/thighs), and the original Genji/Hanzo design from when they were both still one character (the armor on his arms, his colour scheme), with some of my own elements thrown in (namely his face/visor, and the kosode and hakama ie. the easy stuff).  

Honestly, the reason I haven’t finished the fullbody I sketched for him some time ago is because all the lines in his design make it not very fun to draw haha. I can fudge it in sketches, but in terms of actually properly drawing his design, I find myself woefully ill equipped. I’m really happy you like what I put together but…I drew myself into a corner with him for sure haha…. 

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you always say you are bi though so why does it bother you if there are only male love interests?

It doesn’t bother me per se but I find compulsory heterosexuality just a tad boring by now?

some of those romances might be done amazingly, but if a game doesn’t let me choose it just becomes way less interesting to me.

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I kinda started to hate inho? He's so annoying and childish and I really hate him for blaming jung for his hand , what do you think about him?

It was the opposite for me. Inho was incredibly hard to swallow at the beginning. My level of respect for him was on the same level that Inha’s = nonexistent.

He was obnoxious when he first showed up, trying to use Sul to get to Jung, with complete disregard to how Sul might feel about him. And using that horrible dog fur name to call her out, that to me, symbolizes just how little respect he had for Sul at the time (even if it was played as comedic)

I don’t care whether he blames Jung for his hand or not, that’s his own problem but he was rude and crude to someone who’s only mistake was to be seen laughing with the guy that Inho hated. And he was a leech to someone who had no more money than him. To top it all, I’ve never found his tendency to physical violence and stupidity to be funny.  

He was also super selfish to Sul: Inho knew perfectly well that Sul and Jung had something going on (even if they weren’t dating), that’s exactly why he talked to her first. But even knowing that, he senselessly got mad at her and gave her a hard time when and since she chose to date Jung.

The thing that bothered me about him for the longest time was how he always, always, tried to meddle with Sul’s relationship with Jung. He talked down to Sul as if he understood Jung better than her, after 7 years of not seeing him at all (and ignoring the fact that Inho never really did understand Jung, even in high school), but what really got on my nerves was how Inho talked to Jung as if he knew Sul better than Jung and as if Inho perfectly understood Jung’s feelings towards Sul, when that was never the case. 

I know that at some point he was just trying to help, but he behaved like he understood their relationship better than them and he wanted to control it, when he is just an outsider. He acted very much like Inha in that sense. I may have understood his attitude of “I know better what’s best for you” if he haf also been an old friend of Sul, way before she met Jung, but that wasn’t it either. He should have treated his relationship with both as something independent to their (Sul and Jung) relationship together, but he didn’t, and that’s exactly why even his friendship with Sul couldn’t work out either.

I started to kind of like him after the fight he had with Jung (near the end s3), when he finally understood that Sul was the one making the call, not him. And when he decided to take his nose out of other people’s business and focus on getting his own life together. Because believe me when I tell you: there’s nothing more annoying than someone whose life is a mess, telling you what to do with yours. 

As I’ve said before I don’t particularly like Inho, but I don’t particularly hate him anymore.


I think I got all of them. TuT I was going to put pictures like last time, but it seems the desktop doesn’t want to accept its sticks of RAM again. So… Fingers crossed on that. 8);;

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So, I was just scrolling around on the internet, looking at random Ishqbaaz-related things, when a little something caught my eye. 

You guys! We finally have the answer to what the Oberoi business consists of!

The short answer: EVERYTHING. 

The long answer: 

  • Real Estate
  • Shipping
  • Petrochemicals
  • Energy
  • Airlines
  • Exports
  • Hotels
  • Banking


ETA: I just rewatched the 26th August episode and Shivaay also lists software, construction, pharmaceuticals, “and the list just goes on…”

Also, from yesterday’s episode, we know that the company existed when Dadaji, Prithviraj Oberoi, was around. So the business group is >40 years old.

So, they’re a fictional variant of the Tatas/Ambanis, prominent business families of India. Good to know! :)