Your Daily Hiatus Pick-Me-Up ⚓ [Day 107]

Missing Scene from Kings Rising

Laurentโ€™s cell was comfortable, this time. Ios was old and rich and political enough to have the right places to put the right sort of prisoners. The bed was soft, and there was a fire in the little grate. No one came to dislocate his joints.

But there were still bars on the door, immune to all forms of scheming and manipulation. A more comfortable trap than his last one, but it promised to be more final, in the end.

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my dark magnificent prince

(a bit of my Khan head canon for this WIP )

Khan had a lifetime predilection for women of a softer sort; Augmented women—brilliant and beautiful as their biology dictated–were the worthiest of consorts, but they lacked a softness, a feminine vulnerability, which he had always found appealing, as far back as the first time he experienced the stirrings of sexual desire.  Females of his kind could be as selfishly cunning as he was himself; cold and calculating, which made them perfect compatriots in battle and in governing—but in intimacy, he had found that they usually lacked the willingness to let him fully lead; to give themselves over to the act completely and surrender to his will.  With such women, there was mutual satisfaction, but no marrying of spirit, no sacrifice of self to please their partner more than to achieve pleasure of their own. Oh, they would meet his passion with equal heat and ardor, but the tenderness that he kept well hidden—and which he longed to receive as much as to give, in the depths of his secret heart—they would spurn as pure weakness.  Only in the beds of simple, human women, did he find the satisfaction of connection at a deeper level than the physical.  On this matter, though, he always kept his own counsel, letting his brothers believe he preferred such simple women as mere playthings, just conduits for pleasure…
The Ice Prince Ch. 3
By Organization for Transformative Works

“Don’t worry, my hopeless romantic of a friend,” Lance grinned and slung an arm over Shiro’s hunched shoulders, “Hunk and I will help you drown your troubles in rum.”

“This sounds like a bad time,” Shiro said with a frown.

“Trust me,” Lance sang, as he flipped off the lights to the rink. “This little crush will pass. One round of shots and you’ll be saying, Keith who?