actual potato ✨ (she/her)

thanks to the lovely @cuddlybucky to post 2 selfies and tag 10 people

i tag: @buckysbumpkin, @minxbuck, @peggscarter, @emmafrosty, @starkroqers, @jamesesbarnes, @jackfryst, @kokoiki, @festiveseb, @bravobarnes
*as always please don’t feel pressured to do this loves!*

Here was the thing! Ahhh, I spoiled it… qwq;; I hope you like it, though! I suck at drawing people, so… i just xame up with pokemon eggs with a bouquet of yellow and pink roses. qwqb


I was tagged by @krindor so behold:
My lock screen is @screaming-at-the-cars, my friend Esther, and I at a Jerusalem Day thing at the Western Wall (rip my dyed hair one day soon)
My last selfie is with @themonsterunderthebed Saturday night, drunk at Adam’s actually
And my last song played is this Israeli song I’ve been into since the summer, it means ‘a small apartment in Haifa’ and idk it’s just really cute and I love Israel

So I’m gonna tag @screaming-at-the-cars (though I know she won’t post a selfie) (happy birthday babe) @witchofeindor @breathlessammy @mischieviouswolf and @gaysilk and whoever else