Lady in Red

One of my favorite female characters (besides my precious ray of sunshine Lizzy) would have to be Madam Red. This is a woman who broke social barriers, became a doctor, literally transformed herself into a bona fide society diva and yet. All these achievements were mired in her own insecurity and self-loathing. She became a doctor so she could find a cure for Rachel’s various illnesses and while some might say this is as pure and altruistic a reason as they come, I think it’s the exact opposite. Ann was always insecure—even as a child—and envied her sister’s beautiful auburn-gold hair, her beauty, grace, and wit and how she was probably the focus of their parents attention, due to her being constantly sick. Ann’s decision to become a doctor was twofold—one to genuinely help her sister and two, to “fix” Rachel so maybe she herself could get some attention every once in a while.  

Ann also became the glorious, flirtatious Madam Red we know and love because she thought Madam Red might be the sort of woman Vincent Phantomhive would love. This is fatalistic attraction at its finest—unhealthy, improbable, insane, and so beautifully addictive to reflect upon. Madam Red used all her ingenuity and wit to overcome (or pretend to overcome) her shyness, insecurity, and weaknesses all for the love of a man—and not just any man, the man who’s betrothed to marry her own dear sister. How could you not be intrigued by Madam Red? She is, by far, one of the most complex and complete characters in all of Black Butler.

Highly aware but also blind; intelligent but also ignorant; loving but also fiercely selfish—Madam Red’s psyche has been battered and bruised and her encounters with Grell warped her fragile sense of morality even further. (It’s fascinating to think just how broken Madam Red became, to the point she began killing other people—whether that was symbolic of the hatred she felt for herself, who knows.) She is the finest example of a tragic heroine who was not a victim. Madam Red fought—she fought all her life: against the stereotypes and prejudices towards women in the 19th century, against discrimination of her own red hair and bookish, introverted personality (women were meant to be sparkling examples of grace and elegance after all), and against the brutal heartbreak of watching her sister get the man she herself was obsessed with. (I hesitate to use the term “love” because, let’s face it—Vincent only paid Ann a single compliment. I have no doubt Ann romanticized him to medieval levels and was in love with the idea of Vincent. But that, in my opinion, just makes her all the more compelling.)

To this day Madam Red is probably one of my favorite fictional characters mainly because she’s someone every person can relate to. The feelings of insecurity, of not belonging, of always being second best…the main difference is, Madam Red’s determination (and obsession) drove her to overcome all this by transforming herself into another person entirely. She modeled her secondary persona on a femme fatale worthy of Vincent Phantomhive—and that, I think, is one of the finest examples of gothic tragedy in Kuroshitsuji.


You’ve described having a love/hate relationship with social media:
Social media helps people communicate. That’s just a part of [the] reality we’re living today. That’s how people get their news, that’s how people share news back in the day you had to actually watch the news on television or read the paper. Now, everything is so instantaneous because of social media. I don’t like to share too much of my private life because to me it just doesn’t feel right. I do sometimes because I may think a moment is funny, cute or harmless. But it’s also an opportunity to do a lot of good. It really is.

How Many Fics Each Seventeen Ship Has on AO3


Meanie - 13.0%

JiCheol - 10.3%

JeongCheol - 8.9%

JiHan - 7.8%

SoonHoon - 6.7%

VerKwan - 6.6%

JunHao - 6.3%

CheolSoo - 3.2%

SoonSeok - 3.2%

WonHui - 3.0%

GyuHao - 2.8%

SoonWoo - 2.0%

JiGyu - 1.8%

JunHoon - 1.5%

Every other ship < 1%

Can I just say that this very clearly illustrates how underappreciated Seokmin and Chan are in terms of fics? I can understand why Chan isn’t really in any of the pairings since he doesn’t really have a main pairing along with the fact that he is the youngest, which  leads to not many fics including him.

But Seokmin, my precious ray of sunshine, rarely ever gets written about. The top two ships that he is a part of, are SoonSeok and SeokKwan. These two combined, he is only in 4.2% of the fics, and that’s assuming all these fics that were being counted, had the pairings as the main pairing. Taking that assumption away, the percentage of fics with a main pairing including Seokmin goes down even more. I’m really not sure what it is about people not writing about Seokmin and just not appreciating him in general, but yall need to stop sleeping on the sun.

Another thing I don’t understand is the lack of SoonSeok fics in general. They are very clearly, one of the main ships within Seventeen, along with Meanie, JiCheol, etc…and yet, the amount of fics they have is on par with the secondary ships like WonHui and GyuHao. It really feels like even though people say they ship SoonSeok, they just get put in the back burner 24/7.

This is a major reason why I’m running the SoonSeok fic fest, and I really hope that all of you out there can help spread the word and/or participate. WRITE SOONSEOK!!!

My Otabek Altin’s headcanons, because he’s my precious ray of sunshine and I will love him forever:
- Otabek’s always emotionless expression is a very well trained feature. He worked on this for years
- it helps him to cover up his anxiety
- he fights with anxiety since the training camp in Russia when he was smol bean
- he feels he’s not as gifted as others and needs to work twice as much to achieve the same results as his peers
- since then, he always covers up his emotions with his mask of calmness, being himself only behind the closed doors or with family/his few friends in Almaty
- deep inside he has a lot to offer, being warm, complex and really devoted to things he’s passionate about, but at some point he stop caring about showing those features to people he doesn’t care about
- 100% boyfriend material, would give the other person entire world if he could
- his friends are always surprised reading news or comments about Beka as someone cold and distant
- he says he doesn’t care but it’s bullshit and they know it
- beginning of his friendship with Yuri gives him a lot of courage and self confidence
- and Yuri is definitely very surprised getting to know Otabek and discovers other boy’s golden heart
- he isn’t dissapointed though (he is completely charmed by all complexities of Beka’s character)
- Beka loves reading books, especially classical literature
- he is very family oriented person
- and you can fight me with that, but I really think he’s shy
- and definitely has no idea how romantic relationships work (I believe this with all my heart and you won’t change my opinion,  ever)
- and Yuri definitely laughs at him so much because of this
- but Beka has none of this and definitely can bluntly respond
- he is just perfect, period.

Everyone needs a hobby

A/N: @courtneychicken​ came up with this idea late one night and a recent anon request brought me back to it. Most of these dogs I know personally so feel free to message me question about cute doggos. (Not my photos originally just edited them in snapchat.)

Warnings: Terribly cute and weird

Tags: @thecupcakeconsumer

“What is this?” Nat stood above your comfy spot on the couch curled up against Clint. Both of you squint to look at the image she has open on your phone. 

Your eyes widen instantly when you recognize the url. She had not only found one of your photos, she had unearthed the entire page. You burst out into frantic laughter as Nat’s face plummeted into further confusion and annoyance. Clint began laughing with you too and it took Nat smacking him upside the head to get the two of you to stop. “I want an explanation. This is really weird.”

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» Detective Conan week - Day 1: Favorite Character

 ↳ Haibara Ai / Miyano Shiho

        “ It’s like an automated vending machine for canned juice. You’ll get what you want so long as you have the money, but… you get nothing in return without it. You can’t buy your way into the hearts of others. ”