L, Mello, and Near are literally meant to make you uncomfortable appearance-wise… As a visual representation of their contrast in personality when compared to Light’s natural beauty/charisma… Its stated in volume 13 that if you saw L in real life you’d basically cross to the other side of the street. Mello is always drawn from the weirdest angles making the most unflattering and terrifying faces because he is a literal KIDNAPPER/MOBSTER/INTERNATIONAL FELON and y'all still want to be like noooooooo… Please… Anything but making My Precious Babbu Cinnamon Yaoi Sons ugly… please… How will I get off at night… How will I feed my family…

  • Ruvik: I want to talk to you about child support, Sebastian.
  • Sebastian: What child? We never had a child together. It's not even physically possible without some major adjustments of some kind.
  • Ruvik: How could you
  • Ruvik: Talk about
  • Sebastian: Weren't you the one that put him in terrible conditions?
  • Sebastian: Shouldn't you be taken to court for child endangerment?
  • Sebastian: And WORSE? Multiple counts of murder! What kind of parent are you?
  • Ruvik: Honey no I didn't mean it.
  • Sebastian: I don't want to see your face around ever again.
  • Ruvik: Honey-
  • Sebastian: Out.
  • Ruvik: [Sadly phases the fuck away]
  • Sebastian: I didn't think that would actually make him leave.