This portrait is about 7 months old and I'ma repost it ‘cause last time it was posted here it wasn’t by me


I wanted to try making a realistic portrait of Roscoe. It took me several months and I think it’s the most high-effort portrait I’ve ever painted (I p. much discovered skin textures while working on it). There are some glaring flaws in there but I still like it. Not too bad considering I had no real life face as reference.

your faaaaace~

xiulric asked:

tell me about your first pet!

Hello friend! ^ o ^

First pet… man, I think I got my first pet before I was even in grade school! I don’t know which one was the first in particular, but I remember three old pets of mine that I had around the same time as each other - Junior, Mamma Kitty, and Mr. Hamster~ U v U

Junior and Mamma Kitty were both cats; I think they were Siamese? Junior’s still alive (though he’s pretty old and sickly now sadly), but Mamma Kitty died of a medicine overdose when she got into her meds somehow and just gobbled ‘em all up.

Mr. Hamster was a ferret! Apparently I was the one who named him, and I was little at the time so I probably thought he was a hamster or something > v < I don’t remember much about him - he was super soft and nice to be around though!

I’ve had a lot of pets since then, but I think one of those was my first! ^ v ^ 

Thanks for the ask! I hope your week treats you well~ U v U