So I was checking tags for one of my more jokier posts where I say that a photo of Pete Wentz holding his hands in the shape of a gun to his head is clearly Tyler Joseph from the band 21P during their song Guns for Hands when I came across this. Now, I’m not the person to write a whole post on this one persons comment except I’ve been seeing a lot of this around recently, so have this post from me.

For the ‘that’s not the point of the name’ part??? Quote from Wikipedia about the name  ‘ Tyler came up with the band’s name while studying All My Sons by Arthur Miller, a play about a man who must decide what is best for his family after causing the death of ‘twenty one pilots’ during World War II because he knowingly sent them faulty parts for the good of his business. Tyler explains that this story of moral dilemma was the inspiration for the name of the band

I have no idea how writing 21p removes the point of the name just by writing it like that (I know Tyler has said he prefers it written TOP, but I can’t see removing the point thing? I mean if anyone would like to educate me on this please do!)

I’m so tired of people saying how you can and can’t abbreviate Twenty One Pilots so I made a list of acceptable ways of writing it for everyone!

  • Twenty One Pilots
  • TOP
  • 21Pilots
  • Pilot Pilot Pilot Pilot Pilot Pilot Pilot  Pilot Pilot Pilot Pilot Pilot Pilot Pilot Pilot Pilot Pilot Pilot Pilot Pilot Pilot
  • 21P
  • Any other way of writing or abbreviating it? It means the same thing no matter how it’s written!!

And finally, the way someone chooses to write Twenty One Pilots makes them no less or more of a fan. If you heard one song and you liked it, you’re a fan. If you’ve been here for 3 years, you’re a fan.

Thanks |-/

A message from VIPs to BIGBANG

BIGBANG, thank you. Thank you for this amazing comeback. I’m lucky enough to have experienced 2 comebacks prior to this one, and this one was the best. Some have been with you since 2006, some since 2015. But we are all here for the same thing. We are all here for you. No matter how long we’ve been a fan, we are all equal in this fandom. Because we are all here for the same purpose. For the 5 men who have made our lives so much better. For some, BIGBANG has brought us out of the darkness and made us live. For others, you’ve made us dance around our bedrooms singing at the top of our lungs, and for some, in a language we don’t speak nor understand. But we’ve stayed. And we support you. BIGBANG, VIPs will continue to support you through this comeback. Once the promotions are over, once the tour is over, and when you finally go into the military. We will still be here supporting you and cheering you on. Thank you BIGBANG. Thank you for being our beacon of light.
Until Whenever Boys ❤️❤️❤️❤️