I’ve been working all day at a conference in the city. The party in my room tonight is just me watching The West Wing for the thousandth time and trying to face mask the exhaustion right outta my pores.

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What kind of brushes do you use to paint skin/hair? Do you have any favorites?

Yes I do! This is my favourite skin pore brush set! And the first section of this brush set has some of my all time favourite brushes that i use in almost everything (besides from basic rendering, I just use adjusted default brushes for that!)

It was like he knew exactly how my nerves would react,how my pores would close up, how my heart would beat faster;just the way his eyes looked at mine. Not in a seductive way either, just a gaze that made me feel like I was dissolving. The way you feel when your on a plane and about to take off. Light and free.

He held my ponytail and pulled it gently to one side to expose my neck. Cradling my face he kissed and nibbled from my ear down to my collarbone sending chills down my spine.Then he whispered in my ear: “Let’s stay here until we run out of food.”

A paroxysm of laughter escapes my mouth, as we only have a couple of crackers and a cheese stick left. I scoot closer to him and swing my legs over his mid section.

“Fine."I reply, my eyebrows arched teasingly, "But after that, we are going to have to resort to cannibalism.”

“I like your taste better than cheese sticks anyway, baby.”

I throw a cracker in his face for his crude comment. Then I nestle on his chest looking up at him admiring his beauty. He looks down at me smiling, revealing a set of perfectly pearly white teeth and I basically fall in love all over again.

That’s the thing about true affection: it has no expiration date. What it does have is mini timed bombs that go off ever so often. Just when you’re comfortable loving the way you do, they do something…it could be anything really. It could be the way his hand slides smoothly to rest on the small of your back or they way he says your name like it’s his favorite word. Today the bomb went off at this very moment when we were having our spontaneous picnic and I looked up at him and he smiled. My gosh, I’ve seen him smile hundreds of times but today it felt like the first time.

I’ve waited my entire life to live a movie-like romance and now I have it and I can’t believe it. I feel like we are unstoppable and I really refuse to believe our story will be cliché. Our story won’t be one about forbidden love or cancer or betrayal or some tragedy that usually ends young love. No-our story will just be love and freedom and joy.

if we can have dozens of unnecessary “beautification” mods for DA characters

then can I at least have 1 freaking mod for Leliana that gives her human skin so I don’t have to look at her terrifying porcelain doll mask of a face every time I play DA:I?

people be saying don’t use coconut oil on your face/skin but it does wonders for my skin like its my go-to product for moisturizing and it’s amazing at helping to prevent razor bumps and ingrown hairs and removing makeup!
and it doesn’t really clog my pores like maybe it’s not for everybody but imo it’s lit

There was a point in my life where I felt my moods switch and my feelings change. I’ve never been the kind of person to love something deeply, because I could never bring myself to do it. I’ve always been too scared or too nervous or too unattracted to the idea of loving another human. But there was a point in my life when I looked at myself in the mirror and swore that I could feel my heart beat in my eyes and saw love oosing from my pores. Never in my life have I ever loved someone this much, this deeply, this quickly. I was too young and too dumb to know what to do with it, but I made do with what little knowledge I had. I found myself crying in the middle of night for him and flying across the country after six months of being apart. On couches and in cars that were foreign to me, I held him close. He was always there and I always loved him; just not correctly. Pressing buttons on game controllers and the ones in his mind. All the same, I had no idea what I was doing. Now I lay in my bed without him here and it’s been seven months but I still miss hearing him at night. And I have never loved someone so deeply; or anything, for that matter. And I don’t think I’ll ever feel that way again.

Since then I cannot physically bring myself to that point of happiness that I felt when he held me. I was at home when I was with him. But home ended up being a temporary space for me to lay down my mental problems. Home got up and walked away. I miss my home. I miss him. I will always miss him.

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  • my dad:hey i lost a bunch of weight without even trying
  • me:-gains weight via food flowing in through my pores-

I really can’t tell anyone in kpop apart from each other. All the guys in the boy bands are the same build, height, and have eerily polished faces. Someone out there is just churning them outta a factory, already in their early twenties and ready to dance, grouping them together under names that might also be someone’s license plate number.

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I used to have severe cystic acne and though it has cleared up I'm covered in scars and I have huge pores and I always feel bad about my skin texture because you always see these people with baby smooth skin but I can honestly say that your post to that mean anon made me feel so much better thank you so much you are honestly the sweetest person

u r too bubble <3 <3 

and everybody got pores they r v normal 

Brewing in you

I bury my nose in you
A deep pull and a soft push
A heady aroma, I’m awake, I’m reeling
I scoop you in my palm.

Your pores slide down my fingers
Soft bruises and a whiff of you residual
I ground you fine and long and slow
Till you glow, till you are silk on my tongue

I bring you to boil, make you writhe
Kiss your first notes. Savor your last hints
Breathe in your body and your wine like being
You are the start of my day or the end of good night