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so i have a lot of huge, open pores on my forehead from all the times that i've removed my blackheads/whiteheads. what do you recommend for me to use in order to close those pores?

Wash your face with cold water, and if you wanna invest in a good mask I’m telling you the glamglow Supermud Mask will help you out
If not, the L'Oréal Detox and brighten
And following those masks you can use the Tony Moly red wine sheet mask (for pores)

Honestly can we just have a moment of appreciation for season 4 Clarke??? My girl is healin and cleanin and tryin her best and letting Love back in and tryna take a nap?? She’s well-rounded and relatable but also still so determined and ruthless? She’s learned to let in her friends, her mother- she’s learned to lean on Bellamy, to find hope in the darkness. S4 Clarke is cleansing my pores and tending my crops s3 Clarke is shook

You guys. You guys.

Go see Hidden Figures. If you can afford it, go twice. I laughed, I cried, my heart grew three sizes, my crops were watered, my pores cleared. It is FLAWLESS. 

FLAWLESS. Just… women being amazing, and funny, and strong, and clever, and being allowed to be angry and having their anger listened to and validated, and having such important connections and friendships with other women and and and

And the scene where one of the main characters, a black woman, runs into a room full of her middle aged white male colleagues and excitedly says, “I got a court date!!” and there’s a beat of silence and they start applauding for her

and every scene where someone stood up for someone else or for themselves, where someone (either on or off camera) said “no, you know what, i’m going to do something about this, right now, today

Because we all get there together or we don’t get there at all. The thesis statement of the whole film.

The sun is wrapping its arms around my shoulders
I can feel it squeezing
it is burrowing its light into my pores
filling my bones with it
the light heaping into them like sugar
does in a spoon
on a tongue
down a throat
this poem has turned into me swallowing a star
taking it for my own
slipping its glow behind my own teeth
with purpose
a conquering
maybe if I eat enough
it will start to seep out my irises
reaching like hands
grasping at other people
their eyes
their bones
their light
I sure do like the way it tastes
—  A.O.A.M. || Light

me, who has not left the house in a decade and watches nothing but grandpa shows with a 20+ year vintage: aw man yeah gonna see what’s current, gonna be hip *turns on tv*

-muddy color grading
-shitty shaky cam
-cgi and explosions everywhere
-can see every pore
-all my senses are assaulted, including smell somehow
-antagonist punches me through the screen
-“this isn’t about right or wrong, it’s about the family business” Sexy mom
-crying, lots of crying, i’ve already lost 6 beloved characters
-not a single shoulder pad in sight

me, cowering: please don’t hurt me I’m fragile