for so called "FANS"......

   I’m so angry right now….This things got too far…small incidents happened before…but NOW you F**KING THROW A BOARD AT THE BOYS ..A HANCHUL BOARD RIGHT IN HEECHUL’s FACE ..LITERALLY ..DAMN IT ..

HOW CAN YOU BE SO CAREFREE ??????? You can’t call yourself a fan…neither a ROYAL if u do this….

You’re lucky enough to get the opportunity to see them LIVE and what………HURT THEM ??????? NO WAYYY … You’re happy now ??? Cause of your f**king “LOVE” for him his eye got hit..he’s BLEEDING..He’s HURT ..and angry …is this how you show your love for the boys ??????


~~ the board that hit Heechul : the size could be around 20*30 cm, some people said his eyes was bleeding, but the staff said it’s okay. Teuk and Hae also got hit with the board D: (cr: @sinyi88) #SS3Shanghai

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I hope you're still doing the one word with an idol Drabble thing ❤️❤️ I love your drab bless they're so cute. Can i get something with Dino + duet 😊😊 my poor maknae oppa isn't getting enough love OTL thank you~

Sing With Me

Rated C for cheesy from the beginning to the end

Chan’s voice cracked again in the last five minutes attracting the teacher’s attention and earning a “Mr. Lee, please concentrate”. His cheeks burnt again and he didn’t know how much he could handle anymore; he needed to focus and do his thing like he always did, but it was hard to do so when he had you to distract him.

It was his first time getting a solo part in the school’s choir and once he knew about it, he couldn’t hold himself back. He jumped around and made sure all his friends knew about it - Lee Chan finally got recognized by his voice. Funny thing though was that he didn’t even pay attention to what song he was called out for - a love song with a female part, which he probably thought for a split second that his teacher was going to sing it, anyway. Little did he know that you were singing with him, his ultimate crush since the universe was created.

And boy, when he found out about it, he literally considered quitting the choir. After all, it wasn’t everyday that he was going to sing a love song to his crush - the lyrics were very straight forward about the singer’s feelings. 

So since he entered the room and started singing his part, there wasn’t one single moment in which you looked at him that he didn’t choke on his own saliva or forgot the lyrics he was supposed to sing (adding to that, his cheeks were absolutely red all the way and Joshua, a senior year friend of his who was playing the guitar, kept grinning at the whole situation, making it very obvious for Chan).

“alright, let’s give ourselves a break!” the teacher said directing her eyes to Chan, making it obvious as to why they were stopping.

“hey, are you alright?” you asked Chan, concerned. He looked at you and quickly looked away, laughing awkwardly. 

“y-yeah, I’m… okay yeah, I’m super okay…” Chan choked out his words, making you raise an eyebrow at him “it’s just… it’s my first solo and I’m nervous about it” he lied.

“it’s my first time too!” you smiled at him, earning a wide eyed stare “I mean-! Singing like this… alone” your cheeks burnt bright pink and Chan smiled because maybe he was part of the reason why you were like that “I’m glad I’m singing with you” you mumbled.

“are you?” his voice rose a bit, making a few students look at him. You were about to reply him explaining how you adored his voice and his presence in general, but the teacher cut you two off while entering the classroom and going back to practicing.

For the rest of the class, Chan sang a little bit better than before, and he kept stealing glances, too. If he was going to make you notice him, he had to make it big style.

(if he knew you were looking at him every now and then, he would probably go back to stuttering his own lines. Good thing you were a pro)

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