Your Hand

Theyre scum, just 0% of value
Put in since i piss so much
Lady,  to Glue me, to the glue
Level from increasing toom uch

That board game thats in a mall
Wearing a trenchcoat and sunglasses
Dick stuck in a moth ball
Today just by thinking aobut asses

All of the swimmers to wear shirts
Followers also. nuff said dip shit

Simpy slide up the fireman pole
By my seven identical uncles
Of human teeth into my ass hole

(a randomly generated dril sonnet)


"Okay, I’m coming, I’m comi—POLE!"

Can we just appreciate that right now Kristoff is being pulled by probably the clumsiest girl he knows, who he also just met a few days ago. He doesn’t know where he is going or why she’s doing this, but he’s still smiling, not one bit worried.

And then he just hits the pole and it hurts for a second but that doesn’t matter. HE SMILES. HE ACTUALLY SMILES. He doesn’t care that she hurt him like he did when she "almost set him on fire". Because now he is fully fleged in love with her.

And nothing else matters.


The interviewer - about a fight scene in Thor : You missed him and then the pole went to the ground, you spun around the pole and there were people saying - as you went round that pole - ‘He has done that before’

Conversations about Pole
  • Person:This girl I met does "pole fitness." I mean, sure, MAYBE it's exercise, but if she wants to strip down to a bikini and strut her stuff around a pole... well, that's her prerogative.
  • Me:I know EXACTLY what you mean. I knew a guy once on a wrestling team.
  • Person:...?
  • Me:I mean, sure, MAYBE it's exercise, but if he wants to strip down to a singlet and roll around on the floor with other men... well, that's his prerogative.
  • Person:Well, that's-
  • Me:And I saw a shirts vs skins pick-up game going on yesterday. Can you believe it??? SKINS?? Obviously they cared more about the girls walking by than about the actual sport.
  • Person:That's not-
  • Me:Ugh I just don't understand how guys can publicly admit they swim laps. Like, sure, I get that you are confident in your body, but there's no need to flash it around everywhere. Did you know they wear SPEEDOS??
  • Person:Not all-
  • Me:Yeah yeah, I know what you mean, not all sports have the same uniform requirements, but I still don't understand why you dudes are so comfortable watching football every weekend when it's obvious they only wear those tight pants to show off their thighs and buttocks.
  • Person:No-
  • Me:So you're a runner, right?
  • Me:Do you wear mini shorts?

The Big Dipper Facts and Finding North

The asterism of seven stars that make up the constellation Ursa Major - The Great Bear.

The Big Dipper can tell you where north is since it is a circumpolar asterism (from our latitude of about 42° north), all of its stars are visible regardless of the time of night or time of year. When you have located the Big Dipper connect the two outer stars of the bowl opposite of the handle,  Merak and Dubhe. With an imaginary line extend that line up and beyond the open end of the bowl, the next star you will encounter (just over five times the height of the bowl away) will be Polaris, the North Star. Polaris is apart of the Ursa Minor constellation.

A lot of people mistake Polaris to be the brightest star in the night sky which is not true. Sirius is the brightest star in the night sky. People also confuse Sirius with the North Star. Polaris, at magnitude 1.97, is only about the 45th brightest star in the sky, and is in fact outshone by three of the stars the Big Dipper.

Ancient Observers

The constellations we are currently familiar with originate from “Ptolemy’s 48 constellations” compiled from ancient Greek constellations by Claudius Ptolemaeus (from 90 A.D. to about 168 A.D.). He was a Greek astronomer flourishing in Alexandria, Egypt in the second century A. D. In Hindu Astronomy the stars are known as the Seven Great Sages. Ancient Egyptians represented the stars as an ox’s foreleg. The location of these seven stars were very important to the ancient Egyptians and were monitored throughout the night and the course of the year.


1. Vintage Illustration 1800’s

2. Big Dipper (upside down) taken from the ISS in 2003 NASA

3. The Big Dipper above my house. I labeled the stars so you can find Merak and Dubhe.