“Okay, I’m coming, I’m comi–POLE!”

Can we just appreciate that right now Kristoff is being pulled by probably the clumsiest girl he knows, who he also just met a few days ago. He doesn’t know where he is going or why she’s doing this, but he’s still smiling, not one bit worried.

And then he just hits the pole and it hurts for a second but that doesn’t matter. HE SMILES. HE ACTUALLY SMILES. He doesn’t care that she hurt him like he did when she “almost set him on fire”. Because now he is fully fleged in love with her.

And nothing else matters.

Conversations about Pole
  • Person: This girl I met does "pole fitness." I mean, sure, MAYBE it's exercise, but if she wants to strip down to a bikini and strut her stuff around a pole... well, that's her prerogative.
  • Me: I know EXACTLY what you mean. I knew a guy once on a wrestling team.
  • Person: ...?
  • Me: I mean, sure, MAYBE it's exercise, but if he wants to strip down to a singlet and roll around on the floor with other men... well, that's his prerogative.
  • Person: Well, that's-
  • Me: And I saw a shirts vs skins pick-up game going on yesterday. Can you believe it??? SKINS?? Obviously they cared more about the girls walking by than about the actual sport.
  • Person: That's not-
  • Me: Ugh I just don't understand how guys can publicly admit they swim laps. Like, sure, I get that you are confident in your body, but there's no need to flash it around everywhere. Did you know they wear SPEEDOS??
  • Person: Not all-
  • Me: Yeah yeah, I know what you mean, not all sports have the same uniform requirements, but I still don't understand why you dudes are so comfortable watching football every weekend when it's obvious they only wear those tight pants to show off their thighs and buttocks.
  • Person: No-
  • Me: So you're a runner, right?
  • Me: Do you wear mini shorts?

A failed attempt to simulate a fall … xD
It is the first time drawing all full body and was somewhat stressful having to paint … but still amused me! 3
These designs belong to Pole-bear :)