felrender  asked:

Do you have any tips for keeping squirrels off of your feeder? I'm apparently not allowed to have nice things because of the foot-long menace that tears up my feeders and steals whole suet blocks

Hi! I feel your pain… I have baffled my main feeder pole and use weight activated squirrel proof feeders for the other shepherd hooks. My suet block is hanging on that main pole, so they cannot get there. It is working very well. My first baffle was an upside down bucket, so there is no limits to your creativity. Other people say you can add cayenne pepper to the feeders (they even sell suet blocks that contain it), but I am not a fan of that and I heard people say it does not always work. There are several companies that make squirrel proof feeders. Mine are from Brome, and I love them. Good luck finding a solution!


Ok, like I know there were a lot of other pictures of the dance battle at the banquet, but these are just a few of my favorite with Yurio in them because

The fact that Yurio actually did this???? Oh my gosh???

Also holy crud they can breakdance

Yuri and Yuuri can breakdance

*deep inhale*

How can these bois get any more perfect like pls spare my heart