how do I get a band member to fall in love with me

But what if by some magic he’s not dead and he shows up out of the blue at the resistance base and like tries to dip-kiss Leia hello (she smacks his chest “no” and instead grabs him by the lapel) (there’s a lot of tongue its v uncomfortable for all the youngsters)

And like Rey and Finn and Poe are standing to the side and Finns like “the planet literally imploded???” and they both look to Rey because clearly as a Jedi In Training and also the Coolest of the three of them she would Know

and Rey’s like “Maybe … The Force … Has a vested interest … in keeping him … alive????”

And there’s this thirty second pause where they just stare transfixed at the scene in front of them and then Finn just goes


“Shut up, Finn,” says Poe. “This is the most entertainment we’ve gotten in months”

(Rey giggles. Finn decides that his mates are bonkers. Also, that General Organa certainly knows how to keep her balance on her tiptoes for quite an extended period of time.)