A few changes to part 5 to make the Vento Aureo anime enjoyable for everyone
  • Giorno gets killed by Koichi at the start. The protagonist is now DIO’s adoptive son Bruno Buccellati (who won’t bleach his hair)
  • Jotaro forgets to give Koichi enough money to return from Italy, so he joins the gang
  • Echoes Act 3 and Sex Pistols constantly shit talk each other
  • Everyone keeps getting mad at Koichi because he calls gelato ice cream
  • The entire convoluted boat fight is replaced by 20 minutes of the gang doing that dumb dance (you know the one)
  • Doppio gets his screen time doubled
  • Ghiaccio is slightly more pissed off about everything
  • Fugo: “I must go now, my planet needs me” *floats away*
  • Half of the budget is spent animating King Crimson’s faces

Start taking notes, David Production