Pretty Baby Pygmy Goat with Purple Leash. Westadale, Hamilton, Canada.

EF50mm f/1.8 II
ƒ/7.1  50.0 mm 1/320  ISO 100

I found this little adorable goat randomly chillin’ with a water bowl outside a pub near my place.  (the owner was sitting by the open window, keeping a very close eye on her, and he made sure he gave her water). I chatted with him; he owns and runs a Sustainable farm just outside of town, and was bringing the goat along for his afternoon out.


The United States Fish and Wildlife Service just updated their info page on eagles, and asked to use of my photos from that time I found a golden eagle nest in Redmond for educational purposes on their site. The site has now launched, and the images can be found HERE

Mine’s the one with the two eagles sitting at the edge of their giant freakin’ nest on a cliffside. You can view video of the nest (and the climb I took to get to it!) here!