[News] Key started a trend in Japan

Title: “Insta in my Hand” is the latest smartphone trend among high school students in Japan

The latest social media craze to hit Japan is called “Insta in my Hand,” for which net users share photos which look like they’re holding a transparent version of their Instagram or Twitter homepages in the palm of their hands. The boom was apparently imported from South Korea earlier this month, after Key, a member of K-Pop group SHINee, uploaded his own “Insta in my Hand” picture to his Instagram account. Japanese high school students have since tweaked the trend to include “Twitter in my Hand” shots as well.

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Cafebrería el Péndulo - Roma, Mexico City
Álvaro Obregón No. 86 

Homepage: Pendulo
Foro del Tejedor - Cartelera - Facebook 

Visiting one of my favorites places and this time brought along my camera to capture a few shots of the local Pendulum in Roma, above are some of my favorite photos before being asked to put up my camera (didn’t know that cameras weren’t allowed) The site shares similar qualities of its six other stores located in Mexico City with the first opening back in 1993. The chain combines the great atmosphere of a cafe with hundreds of books and in-store restaurant but goes above still with some sites offering live music, cinema and a great place to meet up with friends. The site in Roma offers music/cinema on the top floor with a bar to go along side with great drink options! Come and visit!

“El Péndulo cuenta ahora con seis sucursales, todas dentro de la Ciudad de México. En cada una de ellas, se encuentran las mismas características que lo han distinguido a través del tiempo: una arquitectura abierta y luminosa de decoración ecléctica que, en conjunto con sus mesas tipo bar de café, sus salas de estar, y su hilo musical, logran un ambiente inigualable. Sus librerías se distinguen por su excelente surtido y selección, especializándose en literatura, arte y humanidades.”  -

i am a student who is way too much into photography, films and music. love to experience and try out new media to experiment with. i take photos with the gear i have with me which switches between film, digital and sometimes even the smartphone.

on my tumblr i only present my black and white works

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This is Austin, from Things Organized Neatly. In case you missed it, this blog has been nominated for a Webby Award. You can click the pink button on my homepage to vote. Or click here.

This photo is by Anton Moentenich

I will also publish a special new Webbys Organized Neatly photo next week, very excited about that. VOTE!

To be found on my homepage. Will be added to and updated.

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Vierwaldstätter See, Switzerland

Photo by Johannes Beiharz, 2014.

I am a German painter and amateur photographer. My art and photos are in symbiosis and often confluent. Photography to me is an intense way of discovering and experiencing my environment, be it where I live or on the road.

I mostly work with an Olympus DSLR and Android smartphones but also occasionally with analog Leica and Rollei cameras.

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KNK on 내키스: vote!

KNK got their own homepage on 내키스 (my kiss)!!
They will reveal special content like videos, photos and events.


Click here to watch their introduction videos and gifs. Use the arrows on the sides of your screen to navigate!
Every video/gif has a kissy icon beneath it. Keep pressing the icon as much as you can to support them! 

When they will reach 3,000,000 kisses a special launcher will be revealed
6,000,000 a 360 degrees video
10,000,000 KNK’s back hugs

Deadline is May 19th 6PM KST!!!

Photo Gallery

Hover over the picture to get two buttons pop up, the red one is: ‘heart attack’ and the green one is ‘cute’. Choose one of them to vote for their pictures! It will give them more kisses.

Cheering Message

You can also leave a cheering message here. This will give them a higher score!!!


Scroll down their homepage to watch their videos! You can vote here as well!!!

Just click on a thumbnail and then this will appear:

Click on the lips!

All these kisses and comments add up to some kind of ‘thermometer’ of the fans love

They are ranked 7th right now. Not sure what happens when their rank gets higher for this but just vote anyway!! It seems like they will add up the comments, voting for pictures and voting for the interviews as a final score.

Current idol ranking:

As you can see they are ranked very low so make sure to keep voting! You can click as many times as you want!

Hello, I’m Pete, I live in Manchester England, and I’ve taken a photo every day since January 1st 2010.

I bought a Nikon D300s DSLR after graduating from Manchester School of Art, and I started a 365 project to help me learn how to use it… I’m still going.

Most of my photo’s are architectural, or abstract macro images. I have more frequently been experimenting with triple exposures, and with my new fisheye lens. I was recently diagnosed with Autistic Spectrum Disorder, which very much explains my continued, persistent obsession. One day, I will take a photo of a person.

My Tumblr homepage is HERE

My Twitter page is HERE

My Flickr page is HERE


I have a friend who likes stargazing more than she likes people
And her obsession has seeped into my skin. She made me realise
How many stars were scattered around me. My wallpapers, my iPad’s lock screen, homepages, and poetry.
I tag in her in photos of starry skies captured by photographers
Whose names I cannot pronounce and I think of her
Every time I look up.
Now, I know the name of two and a half constellations
(and that is being generous) but if I connect the dots
Between me and her, I think we end up with something bigger than two girls.
A duo in a cosmic dance, she and I take shifts in existing:
One day, straining overachiever. Second day,
The green tea slipping warmly into the other’s stomach
Because she is sick again. Which she? There is only one -
We pass her back and forth like hot coal. Your turn, then mine.
This way, we share the burns of being ourselves.
And the poets talk about stardust and rust and I must
Say - I do not agree with that metaphor. My friend and I
are more like the sky:
I, the vast darkness, and she, the pinpricks
Of hopeful light embedded in it.

Honored to have my Psycho'78 included in Chopcult’s “Year in Reverse” recap currently featured on their homepage. Some great bikes and event coverage from 2015 to check out! Thanks @chopcult @lisamballard
#pyscho78 #chopcult #harleydavidson #shovelhead #choppers

Photo: @jaycagney by boomboomthump