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Hello :) I clicked on that link about dgs from yesterday and I don't know if it's blocked outside of japan or something because I cant see anything :S


No, the webpage is not locked to Japan-only. DGS has DearGirl and DearBoy outside of Japan (mainly in East Asia) so I also doubt they’d do that C:

The link to the recording photo → (if that link somehow doesn’t work too for you, refer to this tweet.

This is how the page looks like if you open it through PC:

You’re not directed to the page it’s supposed to open, but redirected to the homepage for DGS in the animelomix website.

However, this is the screenshot for the-

-mobile view

And here you have it!

C and D passing tanabata together yet again this year. ( ˊωˋ  )♡

It’s stated in the website about reposting its content to sites including SNS, so I have my reservations on simply just posting the image (though a lot of people across the web have reposted it already), thus, I just post the link.

Hope the it opens for you! c:

This Just In: It’s Contest Time!

Theme: Science Fiction
Start Date of Contest: 7/15/2016
End of Submissions: 7/31/2016
End Date of Contest: 8/10/2016
Photos can be submitted to the ‘Show Me Your Avi’ button on my homepage or here.
If you’re having complications submitting, please contact me and we will sort everything out.
Contest Rules Here
This Contest’s Tag: #imvu scifi
Prizes: 1st place - 3k
2nd place - 2k
3rd place - 1k

Star Wars Cosplay shoot

So a bit back there was a Star Wars Photos shoot at the Forks here in town and I got a chance to wear my Rey Costume again I thought I'd post some photos from the shoot

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Photos by

Excalibur Photogrpahy

Stephen Armitage Photography


Foto D’Adriano

We also had a fun blooper shots taken like myself with Darth Vader and this really awesome Grandma!