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less-than three


I was reminiscing with my roommate yesterday over the tumblr boyfriend I had like five years ago, fondly remembering how we’d message each other and hating how we didn’t have a chat feature back then but i digress

anyway I decided to put Derek and Stiles into an online/long distance relationship so have some fluff :D

d-hale: Hey.

star-wolves: Hey! How was your day?

d-hale: Pretty good all things considered. Been a long week.

d-hale: and you? How was class?

star-wolves: ugh, class was class. almost skewered myself on a lacrosse stick AGAIN

d-hale: ???

d-hale: I won’t ask.

star-wolves: But don’t you care about my well being??! DEREK RUDE

d-hale: of course I do

d-hale: But that’s the fifth time you’ve typed those words out to me, which is why I don’t need to ask. 

star-wolves: aw sweet

d-hale: am not

d-hale: change the subject

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Hey guys! My name is Landon, I’m 17, He/Him pronouns! I LOVE music, writing, movies, the supernatural, and reading! I’m into guys romantically, and I’m looking for someone sweet and caring who will message me everyday and put up with my sarcastic jokes ;D Lmao also sorry that the photo I submitted is also my profile photo, i’d be happy to exchange other selfies with you once we start talking!

Btw I live in Northern VA(near D.C.), and my tumblr is @ouresidentcynic 

instagram: our_resident_cynic

snapchat: cynical_prince