millyandprudyandfriends asked:

Why was there deliberation for the An Ember in the Ashes sequel? (I'm late to the game, so I'm hearing about it second hand, sorry if I have it wrong.) Did you originally plan on writing a sequel? If not, why?

I always saw quite a long story arc in my head, but Penguin initially only bought one book, so I had to make it work as a standalone. They wanted to see what reader response would be to the book and when readers really enjoyed it and started asking for a sequel, they asked for a second. 

I think readers often feel like they have no power, but in this case they really did. It was reader requests and tweets and emails and letters that made this sequel happy. THANKS GUYS!!!!!

anonymous asked:

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1 and 2 are already answered

7) Best friends?

dontbesuchalamp octotax pretzel-bender

11) Last time you cried?

unmmmm, like a day or two ago i’m not exactly sure

21) Kiss or hug?

let’s make out

22) Nicknames people call you?

you resident lesbian, friendly neighborhood lesbian, and soulless fake lesbian

25) Worst thing that has ever happened to you?

this sunburn’s pretty fucking bad

26) Best thing that has ever happened to you?

pretty boys with rad sunglasses

27) Something you would change about yourself?

there’s a list and this list is huge and i don’t know exactly what one thing i want gone most but having boobs gone would be nice, also being smaller weight wise would just be fantastic

29) already answered

31) Ever had a heartbreak?

no.. haha… i did all the.. heartbreaking…….

32) Favorite show?


35) Do you wish you could ever start over?

i wish i could start everything over

or disappear

same difference

36) Any bad habits?

lots. i bite my nails, i pick at any scabs that happen to be visible, number 2, i flip out really badly whenever i think about bruises, and i tend to berate myself for things about myself that i can’t change, or things about myself that have hurt other people

44) Selfie?

that’s from a while ago, but i like it