Don’t try to make me stay
Or ask if I’m okay
I don’t have the answer
Don’t make me stay the night
Or ask if I’m alright
I don’t have the answer.

Heartache doesn’t last forever
I’ll say I’m fine
Midnight ain’t no time for laughing
When you say goodbye.

It makes your lips so kissable
And your kiss unmissable
Your fingertips so touchable
And your eyes irresistible.

I’ve tried to ask myself
Should I see someone else?
I wish I knew the answer.

But I know, if I go now, if I leave
Then I’m on my own tonight
I’ll never know the answer.

Midnight doesn’t last forever
Dark turns to light
Heartache flips my world around
I’m falling down, down, down,
That’s why.

I find your lips so kissable
And your kiss unmissable
Your fingertips so touchable
And your eyes irresistible

It’s in your lips and in your kiss
It’s in your touch and your fingertips
And it’s in all the things and other things
That make you who you are and your eyes irresistible.

It makes your lips so kissable
And your kiss unmissable
Your fingertips so touchable
And your eyes, your eyes, your eyes,
Your eyes, your eyes, your eyes

i just want to reiterate that it costs literally $0 to just unfollow me or blacklist “pens” or “pens lb” instead of anon messaging me “fuck the pens” lol like i think it’s fair to say i’ve been very open abt my love of the penguins i don’t feel like it should come as a surprise to you at this point

Okay so the wildest thing I ever did on club penguin was I met this girl penguin and I asked her to date me, and note I was like eight years old and had just me this girl. She said yes and so we were dating. For about half an hour we just walked around chatting and like waiting for each other to finish mini games when we played them. Eventually she invited me back to my igloo (which was nice as hell, it made me embarrassed that I spent so little of my coins on furniture) and put out the cake she made, right on this really nice oak looking table. Anyways I ate some of the cake and my penguin immediately started to feel funny. I let her know I was feeling a little bit strange, but that her cake was absolutely delicious. I finished my piece and that was when I just couldn’t hold it in any more. I hid behind the armchair and began to hit the vomit emoji. I assured her that it wasn’t her fault, but perhaps the eggs had been rancid. I was violently I’ll for about five minutes before she decided she actually didn’t enjoy that very much and left her house. I followed her into and around the town for about an hour more, puke emoji constantly up in between messages of “you did this to me” and “please just make me better again” drawing together a rather large crowd as well as the health department in the pizza parlor. It finally climaxed in front of the ski lodge. She told me I was too immature and she didn’t want to be with me. I told her it was a sickness, I just needed her to help me feel better. She didn’t want to try. She left me, then and there. She blocked me, reported me, and switched servers.

Everyone keeps taking you away
I want to keep you.
For weeks and for months, I say
I want to kill you.
Slowly, dragged out, sighs and whimpers.
If I say this to myself enough, am I lying?
Every time I see you,
It’s simultaneous living and dying.
Every time you say my name, I’m a fucking mess.
I came up with that other shit so I wasn’t like the rest.
There are definitely answers I seek,
But the real riddle is which question?
What caused this obsession.
Who was she, what was she.
She was too god damn perfect
Killing you was too god damn worth it!
If I tell myself that, does it become the truth?
I keep telling myself that every love song isn’t about you
I keep telling myself that she was my everything
And I keep coming up with more questions than answers
When the denial began with one quick glance.
Everything with her was one ironic happenstance.
If I could’ve gotten that wine, colored red.
Would I still want to see you all bloodied and dead?
Under these circumstances, I say there’s no choice.
These circumstances are what cause me to want this.
These circumstances are bullshit!
Who the hell was she? Was this all worth it?!
Though it pains me to admit, I’m an ordinary man.
I can’t go on denying the truth much longer,
When I was with you I was always stronger
Though you made me weak.
When I was with you I was full of life
Though you made my stomach drop
Every time you walked into a room
In your wake bringing chaos and doom
God, I loved it, you enticed me.
Perhaps it was the notion that the chaos could touch me
The very fact that both fear and
Drastic emotions were not some illusion
I could’ve been looking for power and
Ways to disprove my own confusion.
Sometimes life doesn’t give you those answers
Now that, I refuse to accept.
Even if it means something bad happens…
I destroyed myself until I had nothing left.
I’ll admit that I miss you.
I’ll admit that I want to keep you.
But everyone, even me, keeps taking you away.
—  Listen y'all. This is the poetic equivalent of me slamming a glass of some drink (probably this new juice called Green Machine: it’s so good everyone should try it) and saying “WELL SHIT” so .. here you all are. I hope you enjoy!!

My June setup! This is the first time I’m tracking lots of habits, so we’ll see how it goes. The ones with arrows next to them are ones I’ll likely carry over to next month if I like it. Also, the Penguins are in the Stanley Cup Final, yay!!!

i lost my virginity on club penguin. i invited this penguin into my igloo and we both had premium memberships so we had killer outfits and boppin igloos. so we get inside and he’s like “take off ur clothes” and im like “k” so we strip down to our bare penguin ass and then he says “like my pencil?” and that stupid winking emoticon that you could choose out of the like 10 offered and i never forgot that